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    DFI nF4 Expert (Bios 0406BTA)/ AMD64 3800+X2/4 pipe stock cooler/ 2 x1Gb OCZ5001024ELGE (UCCC) / OCZ GXS600W PSU
    ATi RadeonX800 / 2 x Hitachi 160Gb SATA - RAID0 / WD 800JB
    NEC ND3500 DVD-RW
  1. Blooz1


    My pet peeve is the "holier than thou" folks (like my brother) who put down smoking cigarettes, but will smoke a cigar and smoke marijuana like others smoke cigarettes!
  2. Blooz1

    Lianli Rebuild

    Patience, grasshopper! Cat's a good builder, I'm sure he'll take care of it!
  3. Blooz1

    Hi Y'all From Another Diy "dp"

    Well hi, yall! I'm Blooz1, and I've been a DIY member since 2005. I think it's great of y'all to take us "refugees" in like you are! I think you'll find the DIY crew to be very knowledgable in many areas, and, in general, everyone has a great sense of humor! As for myself, I've been messin' with computers since about 1985. My special interests are O/Cing and case modding, although I haven't had any major projects going for a while due to getting sidetracked by another major interest of mine, guitar playing! I've recently gotten back into playing after a 25 year hiatus, and I'm feeling like I'm learning all over again! I also enjoy reading, and I'm a "classic" movie fan. I'm looking forward to exploring your site, and getting to know new people!