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  1. I come to the site often during the day and have had no problems at all. I am using IE8 and also have "Ignore Font Sizes" ticked in the "Accessibility" menu and I use very large sizes, your page is very good and does not fall apart like some others.
  2. You have more chance of being hit in the butt with a supersonic cheese!
  3. Go into the BIOS and turn off the System Fan alarm setting. Or plug a fan into the System Fan header.
  4. I am coming up on the big 6 0 and the first game I plqyed was text based on an expensive 286 with THREE meg of ram on an 18 inch long add in board with 108 256k plug in chips on it. I cant believe I actuallly did graphics on that computer.
  5. The new dark blue text on the review site is almost impossible to read. anyone else have this problem?
  6. There is a board for people who are ill and disabled, although it is in the UK all are welcome. I am sure he would find people to chat too and some that would be interested in his experiences as well. The BBC "Ouch" forums are at this address; http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbouch/ Make a post after signing on in the "New to Ouch" message board.
  7. I have read a few compliants about AVG 8 slowing things down.
  8. 50c is no problem for a prescott, my p4 has an alarm set at 60c and I hit it often without any slowdown at all. 50c is only 122f. I do not think the cpu is slowing you down IMHO.
  9. Dont let windows look for the driver, after the list I gave you above (do it again) "No not at this time" Next "Install from a list or specific location" Next "Dont search I will choose the driver to install" Next If you have a driver disk click "Have disk" If you do not have a driver disk UNTICK "Show compatible Hardware" Scroll down to your monitor manufacturer and choose the correct one from the box on the right.
  10. You have to chose a MONITOR driver that supports that res. R click the screen and chose properties. Click the settings tab. Click advanced. Click the monitor tab. Click properties. Click the driver tab. Click the driver update button.
  11. I was being very general and have to admit I havent been out much in the past 15 years so the americanisms (lol) have probably become more mainstream here. When you read the above again think of someone evacuated from london during the war (my English wife was). Yes I am an old sod! Southhampton!, I am near Eastbourne, near Beachy Head where all the oldies drag there ailing carcases to the edge of the nation and hurl themselves off.
  12. US..........................UK Pants....................Trousers Fanny....................Bum Bum.......................Hobo Panties...................Knickers Dump.....................Tip Tip........................Gratuity Check.....................Bill (in restaurant) Knock me up............Make me pregnant Cookie....................Biscuit Bathroom................Loo Thats just a few, I will add more later. I was born in the Bronx and lived in NY for about 40 years, now I live in the UK. I am fully fluent in both English and American, and yes there is a difference. Do not be fooled by my first name, I am male and was named after a famous NY heavywheight fighter Tami Mauriello.
  13. Things you MUST eat! A soft pretzel from a street vendor. A hot dog from nathans or a street vendor (with American mustard its very mild). An orange Julius drink. Pizza (Italian sausage and pepperoni you will thank me). A good deli sandwich or "Wedge" (see above posts). Any Italian pastries. A Burger at a diner NOT Mickey D's (beef there is better imo). Carvel soft Ice cream. A twinkie or two (banana flavour if possible). A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Can you tell I miss it? (the food only)
  14. Circle line cruise around the island. Grand Central Station. Ground Zero. Empire State Building. UN (east side). Central Park (DAYTIME ONLY). Do not carry a lot of cash. Don't "flash" cash. Be careful with your camera.
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