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  1. Thank you, definately something to consider. Is there any specific brands that i should look in to? There is another question i have. I made my HTPC going to sleep all the time and enabled the NIC's option to awake on lan. So when i try to browse the HTPC from my rig its waking up and i can transfer files and make some order not living the room, what i did before with help of USB flash drive. Now the thing is, that if i just browse the HTPC and not doing any file transfer its going back to sleep again as i wanted. But if i transfer files or watch movie, after i done the HTPC never goes to sleep again. Any ideas whats causing it to stay awake?
  2. Ok, finally, i think i made it. I went to the Realtek site and checked if there is new drivers for my Rig's nic. I had the 6.227 version and i saw that there were new drivers stated 6.300. So i downloaded them and checked the speeds again and what a surprise. Now i have constant sending and recieving speeds from HTPC to Rig and back of 11 MB/s !!! 100 Mbps cap of my router is 12.5 MB/s, so i miss only 1.5 MB/s of speed being full. So i guess its normal right? Should i hunt the full speed or let it rest?
  3. Ok, there's been some progress, i'm sleepless ofcourse. :-) On the Ultra-D, my HTPC, there is another NIC onboard, Marvell Yukon. So i disabled the Nforce NIC, downloadded latest drivers for Marvell and what a difference... Now i copy from Rig to HTPC with 8 MB/s instead of only 3 before and from HTPC to rig i got 11 MB/s instead of 8 before .8-11 its 64-88 Mbps on the 100 Mbps router, my recieve getting close. Still, i don't understand why send and recieve have 3 MB/s difference. uneedav8: HTPC runing with Vista SP1 and Rig with Vista SP2. I am planning to run same OS on both. Differential Compression feature i Vlited, so it dosn't exist. Should i leave it and then enable/disable to see difference?
  4. Hey guys, need little help over here. Lately i connected my HTPC and main rig to a network trough router. Now, when i try to copy files from rig to htpc, i choose large ones, i got speed of 3 MB/s. But when i copy from htpc back, i got 8-9 MB/s. Are those speeds normal and why there is difference? My htpc based on DFI Ultra-D mb with integrated Nforce Network Controller, latest drivers,160 gb wd hdd My rig based on Gigabyte EP45-DS3R mb with integrated Realtek Network Controller, latest drivers,2 hdds in raid, Both controllers stated 10/100/1000 mbps. Router, Siemens ADSL2+Wlan 10/100 Both pcs connected wit Cat5e cables to router and both have Vista Ultimate x64. Tryed lot of things, setting auto, full half duplex on both, diabled enabled flow control, nothing seems to improve. Those speeds i have really slow, aren't they?
  5. I just couldn't let it go and finally... found what was affecting the uTorrent. In my Advanced Appearence Settings, the font for "Message Box" was different than the Vista's defaults, seems like i had changed it a long ago when installed Vista. Little things like these... So if you would like different font and size inside the uTorrent to your like, then change it in the Message Box and restart uTorrent.
  6. Guys, hi there! Have any of you using utorrent 1.8.1 on Vista? If so , when you moved to 1.8.1 did you notice the UI fonts became large? Now i see much less on screen because of large fonts. I read forums there, but its not helpful, some say that the font used same as OS default fonts, wich is not true.When i compare to my explorer and folders fonts, they are much smaller. Played with appearence settings on vista, without help, changing DPI affects everything but the uTorrent. When i move back to 1.7.7 evverything back to normal. Anyone had something fimiliar with this version?
  7. You were right, by overclocking my CPU to 3 Ghz i broke the 15K line.
  8. I just got suspecious about 3Dmark06. Ofcourse i have a huge improvement in games. In FarCry 2 bench. using Small ranch, with everything to high and ultra high ,on 1280x1024 resolution and with AA x 8 i got 45 fps average. When with 8800 GTS with same settings but AA x2 i had 35 FPS average. Huge difference.
  9. Hey guys! Same rig, with 8800 GTS i had 12600 , now with 260 Core 216 i got 12700 ,100 pts improvement? Sounds real?
  10. If somebody interested in this, so, its been a month already, since i upgraded to 8 GB of ram and disabled the page file. Since i had running 3Dmarks, Super Pi, Memtest, Priming over night with 25.6 version and actually trying to tight the ram timings and of course playing games like Crysis, Stalker without a single crash. Seems like with all that ram, Vista doesn't need page file anymore. Also, i'm constantly check the Event viewer with hope to see some errors due to the page file being disabled and nothing. Just an update on my rig behaves.
  11. I had fixed this with runinmg Vista's startup repair tool. Actually it took me 2 boots and 2 times to run the tool and all was fixed.
  12. Here we go : Free Vista Dreamscene Videos
  13. Hey guys, is there any secret society for Dreamscene downloads? Mind to hook me up?
  14. Hey Smyth , whats up bro? Thanks again, you always have a solution, don't ya? Ok, i had in mind to find this icon-prefix-control inside the Vista itself and not to install additional utilities, but seems its absent. I'm also found something interesting, check this out: http://www.frameworkx.com/download.aspx?a=83&m=84 Vista Shortcut Manager, and its 64 bit utility, nice, it also removes the "Shortcut to" prefix and its doing it all without touching registry.
  15. Yes, guys, its recent release and it is integrated. Ok, now i find another interesting thing in Vista. From Xp days you all know the trick to remove the shortcut arrow from the icons, right? We did it by removing IsShortcut string from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile or with some other tweaking utility wich was removing it. Well, removing this string also works in Vista but its screw up the Game Explorer function. I couldn't run my games from Games Explorer and always got the "file doesn't not have the file associated bla bla bla" error until i retured that string back. Is there any other safe way to remove the arrow from the icons? And about the previous post, it was actually necessary to bump up the MCH Core voltage, even tho it is suggested to increase voltage to nortbridge even with 2x2Gb sticks.
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