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  1. I recently started having problems with my isp (Comcast). First it appears that when I run trace routes to various ip addresses my route no matter where the site is goes from Chicago to Boston to Chicago and then off to where ever the site is. Even when tracing a Chicago based server the route is still through Boston. This clearly has increased my ping but Comcast say that how the interenet works (BS I say). Then I notice that I have packet losses ranging for 10-50% along the route and that has had an even bigger affect on the quaility of the connection. To make matters even more interesting is that when I run speed tests the results range from 22,000 kbps to 4,000 kbps to the same sites within moments of each other. Comcast says its me, I say BS since all of my PCs have the same results even when directly connect to the cable modem. This sucks since Comcast has just said there is nothing they can do since it's my equipment that is not working right. What BS. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. The picture is of your DVI output from your video card.
  3. We have two Samsung 226BW and have used three different GPUs (8800GTS 320 OC, 8800 GTS 640 and a 9800GTX 512). It is very hard to see the difference between these cards except for the results in benchmarking tests. The move from 19" to 22" should be nothing at all.
  4. Still playing with the GPU OCing. Got the core up to 810, shadders 2028 and memory at stock 1100. Benched marked 13425, which is my best so far. I also update the MOB BOIS to the latest version. Now I just wish they would fix the bug in the GPU driver that won't control the fan correctly. The question I have is what should I leave the shadders linked and what kind of increase in memory should I be trying? I am not "seeing" any real difference in game play since I am not really used to this new system which has better performance than the prior rig.
  5. Let me think.... New Rig in Sig #1 (mine) Old Rig in Sig #2 (wifes) Two older Dell P4s one is house server the other is just an unsed PC #3 & 4 Two Dell Latitude laptops #5 & 6 (work machines) One Dell Inspiron Laptop #7 (Daughter's) HP Latop and a 939 Desktop #8 & 9 (Son's Rigs) Way too many for a family of 4.
  6. Wow.... I did know about all the drama here. I came here about a year ago when I built my first rig and was using the DFI site for help. Some how I got here and found the information easy to find and useful as well as folks that are willing to help out. I have been coming back to continue to learn more about my hobby that seems to be getting out of hand lately. I am a real noob on everything about OCing and want to learn from folks that seem to care/enjoy helping. I think that is what I found here, a bunch of PC geeks that like what I like and that get satisfaction from helping others. I am sometimes afraid to ask a stupid question but have learned that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. I play a few online games and know what it costs to run servers, we have 3 for COD4, 1 for Desert Combat, a new one for Fronlines, a Teamspeak server and a web site. So I knew very well what that costs are and its not cheap. If donations are needed, please let me know how to help. I liked to return the favor as I get so much help here that's its worth it to me to help keep the site up. I continue to seek advise here because the users/guests have been there to help me. Except for Banjo who told me too late to buy 2 gig ram sticks instead of 1 gig sticks (Just kidding Banjo) the advice here has made picking hardware much easier. I would never have known what was wrong with a HD in my new rig or how to mod the case to make wiring cleaner. This is work for AG and company. It needs to be fun since they don't get paid and once the fun leaves, so does the desire to work. If we can help, great. I like the easy way (money) since I don't know crap about what I am doing besides what I learn here. I want to think my questions and their answers will help the next guy with his issues, but if not, at least I am getting help and thats why I came here. So how do I make a donation? {edit, found it... helps to try looking at the home page, never been ther until today. Donation made today for $25.00, you should be able to guess which one it is... } and no I don't like the Blackhawks.
  7. I don't want to buy either if there is no real need. I got my latest score on 3DMark06 to 13275 using 750 core for the gpu, 1875 shader clock and 1150 for the memory clock. The rest of the system is stock with the RAM at 5-5-5-15 2T 1066 and the CPU a 3.0. I pushed the GPU up a bit and the score fell 100 points, but it could have been background stuff getting in the way.
  8. LOL... I warned ya that I was going to play with OCing this system. I have just figured out how to get the RAM working at 1066 with 5-5-5-15 2T setting as per the RAM specs. Now I am rerunning the tests to see how the results change from 800 RAM settings. But I have only the basic edition of 3DMark06 and you have to view the rsults online and for some reason that function isn't working on either PC today. Could Futuremark be having issues? It worked fine last night. The other question is; is it worth buying the 19.99 version or is the basic good enough? What about the new one, Vantage? Both are the same price, but I wouldn't want to get the worng one or waste money if having a full version is better/more useful or whatever. The new EVGA program is rather simple to use and only works on GPUs and fans. It's so simple even a complete noob like me can figure it out.
  9. I have Crysis, but I don't know what Assualt habor is or where to get it.
  10. I am trying to OC my GPU as a place to start learning how to OC other components. Why there, simple, EVGA just came out with a new Utility called Precision v1.0 that makes the effort to make the adjustments very simple. Anyway I started with the 9800 GTX at 675 with shaders linked. I took it up to 700 core and shaders of 1825. I then ran 3dmark06 as a way to quickly test stability and temps. I didn't write it down my stock score (12800-12900 I think) but after the OC it was 13011 and it looked fine. the went up to 740 and 1855 with a score of 13046. Not much improvement and at the higher settings I had to run the fan higher to keep temps under 60. At 750 and 1890 the score went up to 13178. Thats where i have stopped for now. What I really don't know is what is a reasonable result? When do you know when to stop? How do you stress test the settings? What about the memory settings? So much to learn and so little money to left over.
  11. That's what I did. Just not sure my my other drives were fine and this one was a problem. Never realised how long it takes to move 250 gig around a home network.
  12. Finally got around to re-installing the HD into the new rig. The Computer management window shows the drive as a Dynamic Foregin drive as Disk 2. There is no drive letter assigned, no file system type or anything. I have copied off all of the files so I am going to try to use the option to convert to a basic disk. It says thatthe data will be lost, but at this point I don't care and have nothing to lose. be back soon with an update.
  13. I tried my best and this is all I could do without buying different IDE cables, a smaller cooler and the PSU mod. I sit have some cleaning up of the cables by the HDs but I think I am good to go.
  14. Ok, got 95% of the build done, just waiting for the second pair of RAM to be RMAed and get my HDD issue figured out. That being said I did run prime95 for 6 hours today with no errors. Temps before (at idle) were CPU 30, GPU 39, System 28. During prime95 the temps topped out at CPU 48, GPU 41 and system 30. these numbers are reported by NVidia Monitior. Everest doesn't yet support the MOB as the reading were crazy... it said my MOB was at 122C, so I have a hard time trusting it just yet. With the tuniq Tower, 3x120 fans and the 200 fan, this case really keeps stuff cool. I used to have heat on my feet from my old rig, now it feels like the a/c is blowing on me. Crysis runs very smooth with everything turned up except AA (set @2) while running in DirectX 9. COD4 is set to max on everything and is smooth as silk as well as Frontlnes FOW. Very happy so far, just want to get the CPU up to 3600 and get the RAM to 1066 from 800 and see if things improve much. I ran 3dmark06 and had a score of 12800 which isn't bad butI has hopping for more, not that it matters, but its nice to see big numbers there. Here's a link to my test set up
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