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  1. Uh, the Sunbeam that we keep recommending is like $10, why not just get that?

    Since I've got the 'resellers rating' coupon from them, I'm in! Thanks, Dylan


    (if you get a reply email from SVC after shipping your items, it might ask you to rate them at resellers.com . If you do rate them and send an email to SVC, you can get a 10 percent coupon from them good on your next order)

  2. please remember to use the links in my sig for SVC.com as they do benefit DFI-Street (they help pay the hosting costs for this site which eats up a lot of bandwidth...)


    I need to piggy back on this one, does anyone have any thoughts about this one:




    Do to family concerns, I'm now on a tight budget despite my sig.

  3. BF2 all the way, no game comes close to it, driving, flying, shooting and blwing S**t up,

    what more can you ask :D


    there are really dumb people in BF2, the game seems to bring the worst out in people.

    finding a server has Zero problems there are 1000's of them.


    the squad thing can be ruined if you dont stick together I never join a squad unless they are of the same rank as me or higher, and I never get in a plane or chopper with a private doing the flying...lol.


    I just can't master the 'attack chopper'. And I need to really find the 'areo brake' key!!!


    Being SF is so 'pleasing' to blow S**t up!!!


    I know what one of the previous posters was saying about waiting an hour for a server. When the game first came out, if you pressed the 'PLay Now' button, yes, you did wait forever.

    But really, anyone with a head on their shoulders knows to go to the 'multiplayer' button on the top row of the menu.



    For Branjo:





  4. What about these, any experience:








    I'm thinking of using 2 of these on my external radiator water cooling system I'm building. Looks like the globalwin has better specs???

  5. Sweet deal, double what I was gonna do for $45 with the Hitatchi.


    Anyone have any thoughts on this drive? If its not bad, I'm gonna pick up two, basically double what I was gonna get for 10 bucks more.


    Just bring your buddy, front him/her the cash, so you can get two rebates, as it is usually only one rebate per household. Meaning two rebates for you and two for your buddy to give back to you.

  6. I am building a new rig for my daughter. The parts that matter for this question are the Ultra-D mobo with Karajian audio module, and an Asus Vento 3600 case.


    I want to enable the front audio outputs on the case. The Vento has an audio cable with a connector that perfectly matches the pins on the Karajian. The only problem is that the wire is about three inches too short to reach the module.


    I am not at all fond of the idea of cutting the cable to splice in an extra length of wires. There are just too many wires to play with. Even if I get it right, it will look like crap and can easily come undone in any case.


    Has anyone ever seen an extension cable for something like this. I would really like to enable the front ports if at all possible.

    I have no idea where you might find one, but I know that with shrink wrap on the individual wire wraps and then a larger shrink wrap over the splice points will look professional if you are careful. Move each splice point about 3/4 inches down from the last one, then, when you slide over the larger shrink wrap, you wont have a big bulge there.

    Plus, you will be able to route the wires behind the motherboard out of the way (hidden). Be proud of your mod's, that you are a step above the sea of noobs that can't fathom your ingenuity or ability to overcome obstacles. Go forth and solder, mod, cut, paste, glue, drill, whatever it takes to make it right!!!


    (in any case, I hope what you are plugging in from the case has the wires in the right positions for it to work.)

  7. I am looking at purchasing this sound card "Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS" and after reading reviews I've noticed that it does not support front mic. input to it - my question is - taken this into consideration as well......would this sound card be a big improvement in sound quality over the alredy great karajan sound which i find to be very nice..



    im plannning on pairing this up with a Logitech Z-2300 200 watts RMS 2.1 Speaker system




    sound card - http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16829102178

    speakers - http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16836121122



    For an alternative selection, there is a rebate on this one:

    AuzenTech XPlosion 7.1 7.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card - Retail, about 96 bucks after rebate.


  8. Yes I did. I also set the USB jumpers. No go.


    It's really annoying as I have a case which has to be opened to power on.


    Regards, Partizan


    OK, I've visited this again, and I can restart my computer from 'standby' with my usb keyboard or my usb mouse.

    Anything under devices/HID, turn on the Power Management/bring computer out of standby.

    Check devices/Keyboards/HID Keyboard Device, and devices/Mice and other pointing devices/HID-compliant mice, turn it on there also.

    I've got a saitek gamer usb keyboard and a logitech mx510 usb mouse and both work to bring my DFI Lanparty motherboard out of standby.


    Search on the web for your particular keyboard and see if there is anything, also an email to support at the keyboard maker might help.

    I just wanted to post that yes it is possible at least for the usb keyboard and/or the usb mouse to wake up the DFI board from standby.

    My keyboard and mouse are plugged directly into the motherboard's usb connections, and I haven't tested the equipment using a powered hub.

  9. Well, I convinced my mom to go ahead and get a graphics card under $100 and I'm just wondering what you think.


    This card looks the most promising.



    So does this:



    I prefer PCIe but AGP will work as well (goofy mobo). Any additions or comments?




    XFX PVT42EUDE3 6800 XTreme 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail


    * Model #: PVT42EUDE3

    * Item #: N82E16814150130

    # in Stock

    # $35.00 Mail-In Rebate

    # $5.46 Three Day Shipping (Not available in HI, AK and PR)

  10. You mean APIC ;)


    Mung3r, is that a clean install of windows or a previous version that was installed on another board? ...



    How did you know to even ask this question? Was there something specific that your head locked on? I like to know how people zero in on problems, it helps me think.



    I take it for granted that when you are doing a new build, you do a new OS install. I've done the mobo swap a couple of times, one successfully (same chipset), and one a disaster, from intel to via, argh.



  11. Well its hard to describe the sound... its just a really annoying buzzing-eeee type of sound. Sometimes it just continues playing the audio but the whole system freezes and i have to reboot my pc to solve it.


    Ive done everything i could do to test my ram: changed ram slots (it didnt work with the orange slots) updated my bios, ran memtest overnight etc


    I still have the problem and im quite sad as i really got the dfi mobo cus of the oc features it has :(


    Look at this search, http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls=GGG...f+death&spell=1


    Can any others step in with any ideas of what might help, I think xrez has done all that he can, other than moving it to the 3rd slot.

    edit: yes, after reading some more, try that 3rd slot as suggested.

  12. I've searched the forums and have seen a number of posts about this issue, without any resolutions.


    My system will not wake from an XP Shutdown, sleep, or hibernation from a keypress from my USB keyboard.


    BIOS settings are set to wake from any key. Jumpers are set to power the USB ports from the 5vSTB. Fortron power supply meets the power requirements.


    What exactly needs to be done to get a USB keyboard to wake up this system?

    I've never done it, but in XP under device manager, click on your Keyboard, HID keyboard, go to properties, power management, and click on 'Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby' .

    In your BIOS, I'm pretty sure you need S1&S3 enabled via bios Power Management Setup screen/ACPI Suspend Type.

    Having a wireless keyboard really shouldn't make a difference.



    EDIT: Having a wireless keyboard does matter, I found this at O'Reilly:

    "Wireless devices support several different channels, so you probably need to synchronize the keyboard and mouse. The steps vary with each manufacturer, but for kits like the Logitech Cordless MX Duo, you simply press the Connect button on the receiver, and then press the corresponding Connect button on the mouse and keyboard. Violà!"



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