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  1. Price: $134.99

    Less Rebate:- $35.00

    Final Price: $99.99

    Plus shipping and any tax depending on your state.




    XFX GeForce 6800 Xtreme / 256MB GDDR3 / SLI / PCI Express / Dual DVI / HDTV / Video Card


    I personally hate TD, but hey, if you are on a budget and need a vid card, here it is.


    Absolutely keep copies/scans of ALL rebate documents and receipts.

  2. The case is awesome, have one at my feet. However I would like to caution any of you thinking about getting it, it does weigh about 35lbs... So it's not very portable. It is tempting to get another for a server though... Any of you guys ever buy from zipzoomfly before?


    ZZF is a good place to buy stuff most of the time.



    Any feedback for others about the price of this case, good deal or not?

  3. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=371252


    $150 minus $25 rebate, free shipping, mostly no tax = $125 :angel:


    Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS Full Tower Case w/Side Panel Window (Black) Retail ***Free Shipping***


    * Retail

    * Retaining holes for liquid cooling kits

    * Best choice of liquid cooling case

    * Optimize internal space for installing liquid cooling system

    * Optimized internal space and airflow

    * Minimized noise level

    * Ventilantion opening on top (62% opening ratio)

    * Totally Fanless thermal system validated

    (Fanless CPU/ VGA cooler, fanless PSU, fanless chassis are supported and tested by Thermaltake.)

  4. I honestly don't know what the problem was earlier, cause after I got it prime-stable for 14 hours, I lowered the voltage back to 1.35V from 1.4V, ran prime for 10 hours without any problems. I've just now started running it at 1.325V, and after an hour it's still going strong. I'll keep it running through the day to see what it does, and then I'll lower it again to see how low I can get it.


    Oh yeah, I ran memtest tests 5 and 8, for about 20 passes each, no errors. I would have run the OCCT test Lowboy was talking about, but I don't know what it is or where to find it in the BIOS! D'oh! Stupid me. Please point me in the correct direction if you don't mind! :D


    Thanks for all the help so far guys, much appreciated!


    You really shouldn't be messing with any settings unless you are monitoring your temps as in post #2, that's why I put it there. MBM or similar would have told you your temps are overheating while doing CPU intensive stuff. I admit I didn't see that part about you doing memtest, but it doesn't matter because you never replied to what guides you used to build your rig, you never posted how you are monitoring your system with while you are testing. Just doing prime won't cut it, you have to monitor the system as a whole so you don't blow it up. You're lucking you (edited to include = didn't) didn't burn up your cpu. And that would have really ruined your day.

  5. NOTE/EDIT: See this link from another post: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=49



    Did you use the sticky guide for your build:


    Did you first run memtest to verify memory? There is a whole bunch of answers here below.



    Have you loaded up MBM or something similar to check temps/fans?



    You did NOT enable cool&quiet in the bios?



    Do you have the latest recommended BIOS for the motherboard?


    (beware burning of ISO, making floppy's on an unstable machine.)



    On any machine, I would first run memtest to clear any memory problems that might exist. Follow the guides for using memtest, mainly bring your motherboard down to stock settings, Then move on to other things.

  6. Thanks tasr. I'll take a look at some of the others and see what's what. I'm sure I'll be back with more basic questions.




    Before you go out and buy a new PS, see post 22, http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...?t=44070&page=2 , and get with your IT Dir, and see what happens. Post what LEDs, lights, and beeps/buzzer you get when you pull the memory and power up.



    In any case, my PSU works fine in my sig. (oops, I guess you got a P/S on the way already...)

  7. I'm not a fanboy of Creative anythings. That being said, tests have shown that if you are a hard core gamer, you can gain a few FPS's using an add-on sound card like Creative or Auzentech Pro. I personally would never have a creative card in any of my computers, but I put an Audigy 4 in my son's computer because he is a hard core CS:S player in a league. I also put a Audigy 2 Pro into my brother's computer because he had nothing but a plain jane terrible sound chip in his board (very old).

    On my shopping list is the AuzenTech BGI-HDAXP-D HDA X-PLOSION 7.1 DTS Connect Retail , (on sale now for 80 bucks after rebate) http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...st=pricegrabber

    . As soon as my new roof is put on in Sept, I might get that for myself for Christmas.

    But for me, I play BF2 and some CS:S, and I'm not going to go out and spend over 100 bucks for a soundcard. I am a geek, hooked on computers and I have a great 5.1 sound system, still, the soundcard is at the bottom of the shopping list as far as parts go.

    I would suggest to anyone the same. Sit, wait for an exceptional deal or find the soundcard that really meets specs, and then buy it.


    ALC850 card:


  8. There is something to be said about a case with 120mm fans, and that is you can hear yourself type. My case is pretty small, so I wouldn't really recommend it, but see if you can find a case with 120mm fans and a removeable motherboard tray for cheap. Very hard, but you might come up with something.

  9. Placing my order right now for 2 of these 4800s! at Mwave



    PRICE RAISED to $294:




    AMD ATHLON 64 X2 4800+ (ADA4800CDBOX) DUAL CORE W/1MB X 2 CACHE 90NM (TOLEDO) 64-BIT SOCKET 939 RETAIL BOXED W/COOLING FAN (3 YEARS WARRANTY) (*Limit 2pcs/customer) $294.19



    Still, around $300 with ship, not bad.

  10. Deal is Dead, they raised the price to $224 after getting new stock in. Bastiches.






    ATI All-In-Wonder (AIW) X1900 PCI Express 256MB DDR3 Video Card Retail ***Free Shipping***


    These went out of stock this afternoon at this price, but they should go 'in-stock' tomorrow.


    If you need one of these AIW cards, just click on the link above and then click on the 'back in stock' alert. Word has it that more are on the way tomorrow. Come to think of it, since ATI was bought by AMD, they probably have to flush their warehouses out to make the books look good.

  11. Duuude, I both thank you and hate you @ the same time! Just ordered one to upgrade from my 3500 in current (soon to be outdated) MSI rig. Now I just gotta fight off the temptation to replace that MSI board with DFI ...that temptation is really strong especially since I'd probably have to replace that Corsair XMS ram and definitely that TT 420W psu switching to DFI. I may have to replace that psu anyways.


    That's the problem with going with early mobos in a new cpu design. I thought I would have a good mobo to where I could easily add upgrades on in the future now its just plain holding me back, bah! But darn good price on this cpu, woo!



    Shipping is CHEAP. I'm still visiting the folks since my dad just had his operation so not concerned with delivery time, but only 92 cents to upgrade to FedEx?!??? Damn right I'm on that!


    Ground Service (4-7 day) ($7.82)

    FedEx Express Saver (3 day) ($8.74)

    FedEx 2nd Day Service ($9.56)



    Hey, I both hate and love ME too. I paid over 600 bucks for my 4400 X2 last year. Good luck for all that get in on the deal. This 4800 should last you at least 2 years till you want (not need) to upgrade again. If I had the cash, I'd get in on it too, but I just laid out 400 for a digital camera, and I'm doing a metal panel roof next month, so I am BROKE.



    (edit, make sure you have the right BIOS for that MSI prior to putting in the 4800., just in case).

  12. i just snagged 2x 250GB 16MB 7200RPM Seagate 7200.10 drives for $79 @ newegg ;)


    Coolness, Here's the link for yours: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822148111 (try the coupon below if someone is going to get this)



    The new Deal is this:




    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS (Perpendicular Recording Technology) 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM $94.99 (no cables, etc).




    and use coupon code buybarracuda = $90 with free shipping


    Note for installation: These 7200.10 drives have jumpers on them to either limit to 1.5GB or 3.0GB, see top of drive for instructions.




    Off topic, how's that game in your sig, Titan Quest??

  13. NOTE/EDIT/4AUG06: Free Ship is dead, price is now $89.99, so $90 plus shipping. Limit 2 per customer. Still an OK deal.



    Seagate ST3300622ASRK 300GB SATA Drive Retail Kit $85 Shipped




    * SATA/300

    * 16MB BUFFER

    * 7200 RPM


    * REGULAR PRICE:$149.99


    5 Year Warranty




    Model Number:ST3300622AS

    Capacity:300 GB

    Speed:7200 rpm

    Seek time:N/A ms avg

    Interface:SATA 3Gb/s



    The Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 with SATA 3Gb/s and Native Command Queuing(NCQ)adheres to the SATA 2.5 rev. specification and is the industry's most comprehensive family of 3.5-inch drives, providing leading technology targeted at SATA servers, mainstream and high-performance PCs/workstations, PC gaming systems and media PCs. Backed by an industry-leading unprecedented five-year warranty.


    Features Benefits


    SATA 3Gb/s with NCQ Higher through-put and supports Intel Hyper-Threading for increased performance of SATA servers and workstations supporting intensive applications. NCQ also increases reliability in heavy workloads significantly reducing the drive's mechanical wear.


    16 MB Cache Provides the highest performance with increased data bursting through the interface


    2.8 bels idle, 3.2 bels seek acoustics Super-quiet drive is almost inaudible. Difference between idle and seek can hardly be detected by human ear, making drive operation almost silent.


    3-D Defense System Industry's most comprehensive drive and data protection system


    7,200 RPM Higher performance and data through-put


    63 Gs operating shock Robust product for challenging applications


    350 Gs non-operating shock Top reliability and durability during shipment and integration


    RoHS Compliant Meets or exceeds all current and proposed environmental standards and legislation





    * Best-in-class operating and non-operating shock for excellent reliability

    * Industry's leading combination of capacity, performance and reliability

    * Best-in-class idle and seek acoustics for quiet operation

    * Best-in-class SATA feature set enables advanced platform applications

    * Broadest portfolio of drives - one qualification covers all integrations requirements


    Data Sheet: http://www.seagate.com/cda/products/discsa...085,719,00.html


    Of course this deal comes out after I bought the 320GB Seagate from newegg.com for 105 shipped, oh well.

  14. Deal is dead, the memory stick went out of stock. Gotta be quick on these when they come up. :sad:


    Note, the combo deal is dead, but the NEC 3550a is still on sale.






    For 29 bucks plus shipping/tax (in CA), you get the ND-3550A drive and a free "pqi 512MB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Media Model AE21-5120-0101 - Retail" card.

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