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  1. Has anyone got 5.1 audio working on linux?

    Yes, and believe it or not, out of the box on CentOS, my 5.1 USB audio headset in Doom3 native, actually gives me 5.1 of positional audio that is just plain SCAREY!!! That's from me, a 48 year old guy. Does it sound the same on my XP OS, no it does not. Apparently the USBAUDIO modules in linux are really built right.

    When I play a DVD with 5.1 through the ALC850 coax, I do get 5.1, but it was a real pain. Each application (about 4) has different setups to get that darn 5.1 working. Sometimes, it's /dev/dsp1, sometimes it's /dev/snd/put-archiac-sounding-device-name-here . Documentation for ALSA blows chunks. If you do get sound working out of the box, DON'T touch it, you will only break it beyond fixing, and nothing you will do, short of a reinstall, will fix it. I have over 12 years of linux experience, and sound has been a thorn in my side (along with trying to ATI video drivers to go 'accelerated').


    If I were to reload this box, I would put Ubuntu on it. Very up to date, and very user friendly once you figure out how to do 'updates'.

  2. Thank you to whoever made this sticky.




    I use Eraser, free, to clear my harddrive of stuff I don't want to be found, ever, after I delete it:



    It also integrates into the menu bar in XP, so that when you right click on a file, you can 'erase' it. It also has automated features to either completely erase a drive (like nuke), or write patterns to empty space (or 0's, which is good for compressed backups on linux).

    I've been using it for a couple years, just be carefull with the settings.

  3. Good idea! Now assuming I do get a refund...




    I swapped the vid cards into another motherboard, tested them one at a time and got the same garbled ascii screaming across my screen. Do you mean maybe the motherboard was responsible for frying my cards? It's possible I suppose. I have no way of knowing that except I've been using this ATI Radeon for over a year now on the same mobo with no problems. Unless SLi is the issue...


    That is just scarey that both went out like that at the same time, but stranger things have happened. I would really suspect my P/S, but that's just my opinion. It's nice you're getting a refund, maybe 'they' have seen this problem before and are OK with giving the refund.

  4. Cheap case at radioshack, just $9.99 after mir

    (thanks happy)




    Has 120mm fan mount and 80mm fan mount. That's a plus for people on a budget. See SVC for fans!


    Ordered one for my sons computer, his was stolen out of his house. The build is on! Nothing special, just bang for buck parts, and this case is the start.




    Anyone confirm the 120mm, RS says it has a 120mm fan, but http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=373002 shows it as two 80mm. Oh well. We'll see won't we.

  5. No Longer Available, but the RETAIL PACK IS $280






    AMD 4800 X2 939 OEM (no fan) $250 Free Ship newegg.com


    OK, I looked at my upgrade costs for the E6600 system:

    E6600 CPU 323.00

    Antec NEO HE550 psu 110.00

    Thermalright SI-120 cpu cooler 50.00

    Thermalright HR-05 chipset cooler 20.00

    2GB DDR2 800Mhz 230.00

    DFI Infinity 975X/G 194.09

    Total: 927.09


    And I just don't have that kinda cash around right now. So I went with upgrading my 4400 to the 4800. I had another few other reasons, I had orinally bought a 4400X2 with a weak core on it (when I started O/Cing after joining DFI-streets) and the weak core stopped O/Cing quite a bit (perfectly fine at stock setting), along with my G.Skill ain't that great either. I will be turning in the G.Skill for a warranty replacement as they don't even do 'stock' speeds.


    So, this will carry me over for another year, and I'll shop around for good prices my list above. I think the 4800 will O/C to 2.8 or better, and should make me even happier than with my 4400 (I have no complaints really, runs BF2 and everything else I do with it).


    This way I will save up some cash along the way (and still be happy). I will be ebaying the 4400 to recoup some cost (over 600 bucks for that bad boy when new).


    Anyways, I wanted to post this deal for ya, as it doesn't show up on the front page of new egg unless you search for processors. Remember, no fan included, 939. The AM2 OEM verison is also on sale for same price.

  6. I just found this in a thread on another site - Monarch's latest Reseller rating:




    (Read the note at the top of the page..)


    They were also banned from some shopping sites because of other 'improprieties'. When the order goes right (rare), all is well. But when a customer needs help or order tracking, you are in the twilight zone. I've never ordered from them, because it seems everytime I'm ready to pull the trigger, I find it cheaper somewhere else. (except for their great sales that I always miss).



    if you have short attention span, this thread/post is not for you.




    More on this subject as it happens!


    Hi All,

    How do I break out of my 'Intel Hater' suit. It's almost as bad as my 'MS Hater' suit.

    I think that making the point that yes, I'm still using a DFI board is a good thing, but I get a bad taste in my mouth when thinking about putting an intel in my computer.


    Help me get past this huge stone wall in my way! :confused:


    EDIT: BTW, great thread!!!


    Edit for spelling above: DFI Bad, to DFI board.... How silly of me.

  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103544


    Free Ship, no tax outside CA, $289


    Brand AMD

    Series Athlon 64 X2

    Model ADA4800CDBOX

    CPU Socket Type

    CPU Socket Type Socket 939

    Tech Spec

    Core Toledo

    Multi-Core Dual-Core

    Name Athlon 64 X2 4800+

    Operating Frequency 2.4GHz

    HT 2000MHz

    L1 Cache 128KB+128KB

    L2 Cache 2 x 1MB

    Process Type 90 nm

    Vista Ready Yes

    64 bit Support Yes

    Hyper-Transport Support Yes

    Virtualization Technology Support No

    Multimedia Instruction MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, 3DNOW! Professional

    Voltage 1.30 V/1.35 V

    Cooling Device Heatsink and Fan included

  9. ok creative has given me nothing but headaches on my ultra-D, is there another brand of hardware soundcard that works well with dfi and sounds good? the audigy causes constant hard locking in games with my system specs and the x-fi i have causes the same problem. I'ts getting frustrating enough for me to drop money and get another card and put creative behind me all together



    Auzentech HDA Digital X-Plosion 7.1 DTS Connect Certified PCI Sound Card, Model No. BGI-HDAXP-D




    There are usually some rebates, so if you want, you can wait a little and get it aroud 90 bucks, but even at 130, it's a keeper.

  10. thanx a lot cuoficr!



    do u have any other recommendation?

    it would be much appreciated!

    I use the logitech golf ball, otherwise known as the Logitech Pro 4000, but that model is old, they have a new one which should even be better. None are really good via the Internet, but sure work well on a corporate WAN.



    and here: http://www.supergooddeal.com/Logitech_Quic.../lt-pro5000.htm





  11. is there any special process to install a straight swop or do i have to do anything to prepare b4 i swop the cpu

    Just before I swop, I get naked and with hot candle wa.... no, that's another forum...


    If you are swapping one dual core for another, you should be OK. You can get some problems when going from a single core to a dual core (HAL), but other than that, swapping should go OK.

  12. thanks ppl and kf but i think ill go for the 4800 as im not after the best oc i suppose if i wanted to tinker my new chip would do fine but i just usually run things stock and if i want a kick up the pants coolbits help ok in my games

    Please post when you get it installed and tuned up (O/C'd). I'd like to know.

  13. http://shop4.outpost.com/product/4799749?s...CH:MAIN_RSLT_PG


    $130 including shipping (about .33 cents per GB) This is not the best deal, but anything around .25-.33 per GB is good enough for me when I'm shopping.




    * 7200 RPM

    * 16MB BUFFER



    * REGULAR PRICE:$209.99


    Documentation: http://www.seagate.com/cda/products/discsa...081,718,00.html

  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814143054


    For those on a tight budget: $81 after rebate/shipping plus tax in CA

    Order now as New Egg changes prices, usually up, when people start ordering alot of an item.


    Note: 128Mb memory I/F and 128MB onboard.


    3D Fuzion 3DFR76256GSE Geforce 7600GS 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail




    Brand 3D Fuzion

    Model 3DFR76256GSE


    Interface PCI Express x16


    Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA

    GPU Geforce 7600GS

    Core clock 400MHz

    PixelPipelines 12


    Memory Size 256MB

    Memory Interface 128-bit

    Memory Type GDDR2 EDITED to Highlight

    3D API

    DirectX DirectX 9

    OpenGL OpenGL 2.0


    D-SUB 1

    DVI 1

    TV-Out HDTV Out

    VIVO No


    Vista Ready Yes

    Tuner None

    RAMDAC 400 MHz

    Max Resolution Maximum Analog Resolution at 32-bit color: [email protected]

    Maximum Digital Resolution at 32-bit color: [email protected] (Supports up to [email protected] digital with reduced blanking.)

    SLI Supported Yes

    Cooler Heatsink and Fan

    Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000/XP

    System Requirements CPU with processor speed of 1GHz of higher

    256MB of RAM

    Microsoft Windows XP

    CD or DVD-ROM drive

    35MB available hard disk space

    (50MB for full installation)

    A 350W PCI Express compliant system power supply

    A PCI Express compliant motherboard

    A vacant x16 PCI Express slot

    NOTE: For two GeForce 7600 GS-based graphics cards running in NVIDIA SLI configurations, a minimum 400W system power supply (with 12V rating of 22A) is recommended. Visit www.slizone.com for more information.


    Features NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU ready

    Dual Link DVI-I

    Superscalar GPU architecture

    NVIDIA CineFX 4.0 engine

    NVIDIA Ultrashadow II

    High Speed DDR2 memory interface

    Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 support

    NVIDIA nView multi-display technology


    Package Contents DVI Adapter

    Driver CD

    HDTV Cable

  15. I was browsing and found all these chipset heatsinks at my favorite store... prices seem to be very competitive, and the variety of heatsinks there I haven't found elsewhere.







    They have the Evercool VC-RE, but listed at the GPU heatsink section:




    $8.95 at our favorite shop:


  16. I have a Fujifilm Camera now.

    I am looking to buy a new camera, one that starts up quick for sphere of the moment photos; it also needs to have manual shutter speed options. The camera I have now, does not work will in the dark, ie you can not see what you are taking a photo of (on the screen) when the room is dark.

    Can anyone please recommend any small digital camera's that fit my needs (if the camera came with a rechargeable battery that would be great but it is not a necessity.) Also, I am looking for one that is not to expensive.


    Thank you



    See if there is something here that you might like:


  17. Just curious I have my Eopert up and running and all is well but I'm getting ready too formatt have not done that yet, wanted to see how it all went before I zapped my drives Please advise could use you guys imput on this one ! Never heard of loading DIRECT X befoer chipset drivers in my life!!!! Is this true?

    You've got it right, load chipset drivers right after install of OS. Or, slipstream the drivers into your xp setup and be done with it. Direct X can wait. I think it's like this, pro's can correct me:

    Load OS

    Load chipset

    Load video

    Load audio

    Load DirectX and whatever else you want.


    Also, you can slipstream all of that into your XP disk if you want to take the time. I'm might try it in a month or two, I'm busy right now and don't have the time. But I'm NEVER going to use vista, so I might as well fix/hack my XP install disc now. It'll be good until I go Linux 100 percent.


    Here's the link that is so hard to find: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...vers+slipstream on slipstreaming.

  18. I can ASSURE you it was NOT FUNNY to me! That piece of 1/2" steel pipe, (or rather, what was left of it) has cost me a LOT of $$$. Even after the Electrical power providers sub contractor came out and replaced the meter base itself (all of the insulation was melted OFF of one of the hot leg wire back about 12 inches, they missed THAT!) I only found it when I noticed that the ground wire from the meter base was smaller than #4, aka not up to code, and when I went to replace it, found THAT at the other end of it. I now have an honest to god copper clad ground rod, times 2 installed in the ground.


    SIDEBAR! I am an industrial mechanical/electrical technician by trade. If anyone who reads thinks they should mess with that stuff, rather than hire a PROFESSIONAL, DON'T! aka DO NOT!


    I've pounded many a' rod into the ground while doing tactical comms in the USAF. I still would hire a professional to do it and just 'watch'. Remember, there is only 'one' ground, you do not daisy chain them. All ground straps go to the one grounding rod.

    (there are of course many methods in a tactical environment, but the key is to have only one main ground that the whole 'house' ties into).

    Do not think you can run a 20 amp circuit to your computer room and then 'ground' it separately somewhere outside. That's not the way it works and that's why you should have a certified pro do it.

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