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  1. ok this is how my home network is configured


    cable in, splitters (about 3) for the cable tv (we have a big house, we are getting an amp for it soon), modem (surfboard from comcast), linksys BEFSX41 router, then a TRENDnet TEG-S80TXE switch


    I have gone into my router before and allowed the ports for utorrent



    ok im using zone alarm free version


    and I disabled windows firewall



    My speedstream router is a PITA. When I'm done doing Bit Torrents (using high ports) and uPNP, I sometimes have to reboot the router to get it back to normal . In addition to that, Battlefield series has its own problems. I have better luck when I 'reboot' the router, and reboot my box. When I do that, I can play for hours and hours.

  2. Thanks to all for your input.:)


    As long as it doesn't cost me more dinero (money), I guess I'll give it a try. I'll get good off-line, then, go for the gusto on-line.


    I think you will be surprised at the level of difficulty of the game (in a good way). There are some sites to show you have to get through the hard parts, and let me tell you, some parts are not intuitive at all. But it is fun.

  3. my biggest problem with bf2 is that I cannot connect to servers. Even the master server times out


    I have played a few rounds (like 1.5-32) before crashing


    Vietnam CTD


    DC wont load maps, it CTD. 2142 wont connect to master server


    Your system has a problem that you should open in another thread. It sounds like you have either a network problem, firewall, or ISP problem. I'd clear my equipment first (memtest, lan drivers), then look at your firewall/proxys. Open another thread somewhere if you need more help.


    (generically, I usually have to reboot my box prior to playing BF2, or else I lose my server connections, it is probably my cheapass speedstream router that is causing all the problems in my home network)

  4. I haven't contacted newegg yet or crucial either. Because I am nervous but not confident enough to tell that they are really freaking bastards.


    I was so anxious after reading about 75pages of discussions here, so I came back home from school early--Its friday... I find myself being impatient, but oh well, this must be done quick to avoid any long-term problems like RMAing 4-5 times unnecessarily.


    The model batch number is CL11156X.4C, and of course these are z53 not L55. And, it is TD1 not TD. So, it is supposedly to have fixed those scary problems reported in this post. Then why is this happening?


    Ok, I figured out that 754 memory controller on palermo may not be as efficient as 939, and the chipset on my crap nf3 764 board may not be as good as advanced models to cope with the large amount of 2G memory. So, I decided to test each stick individually to see if less number of modules can help to lessen the symptoms. There is also a higher chance of one module may have gone bad since last few days.


    I put one of them into memtest86 before I head to school this moring. The setting as far as my board allows was 3-4-4-8,1T,[email protected] So, my sempron was working at 2.0G 250FSB 1:1 HTT multi 3 and a CPU multiplier of 8x-fixed. When I am back after 4 hours or so to check it out, it was OK.


    Now, I set it to 240FSB, 3-4-4-8, 1T 2.6v to see if FSB other than 250 so underclocking can work when a single 1G memory is used. It passed the 1st sweep in memtest86 so far...... This never happened when both sticks were put together, btw.


    I'll test overclocking the stick to about 260-270ish with 2.6v soon for an hour of memtest86 (although I know this isnt enough but time is running out). If these short tests are sucessful, I'll replace the current 1G with the other one to see if it performs likewise.


    If they work fine individually and over- and underclocks well, I have no choice but to blame the combo of palermo and old design of cheap Abit nf3 board. And, I may have to keep these ballistix for now until they wear out its reliability someday. I can think of what I should then once if that happens. For now, I just hope each stick work separately.:sad:


    I know you are in panic mode, but I bought mine AFTER reading 'most' of this thread. So, don't think you did something bad. I can only tell you mine are working fine, and I haven't even really tried to OC them yet. Good luck on your tests, you are doing the right thing by individually testing them.

  5. ok, my psu and vid card came today i installed them both and stilling having the problem, but that is to be expected because i haven't installed my ram yet, that will come tomorrow


    but... i was still fooling with it and found that even with the ram and video card unplugged it still just flashes the fourth led, until i do a cmos clear and then it will beep, indicating that the ram is missing.


    And I'm pretty sure RGone will tell you that if you are getting a beep with no memory installed, the M/B is OK 99 percent of the time.


    My motherboard would not beep with no memory, and it was a M/B problem.

    512KBx2 will get you running, but your friend will not be happy playing BF2.

    You could try using the loose memory settings to get it to boot, but that would defeat the purpose of the build. Try 3-4-4-8 with 2T 5/6 and see if that get's you there. My initial build was trying to do the kingston hyperx, what a disaster that was. I feel your pain, but the suggestion to get new memory is the right one. You'll see tomorrow (I hope, as nothing is 100 percent in this world except death and taxes).

  6. MSI 7900 GTX PCI-E 512MB DDR3 Card w/Dual DVI Free Ship $299 after $80 rebate





    Product spec pages:




    I don't know anyone that actually has a MSI 7900GTX, so comments welcome. The new 8800 series is putting price pressure on the 7900 series. I would recommend you wait if possible, but if need one now, I think this is a good deal at this moment in time.

  7. I'd swear that's the same guy that's got 'em on eBay - same picture. They're going for $60.00 (that's his reserve) plus $16 shipping. I've been really tempted but I don't like the no returns/no warranty idea either. On the other hand, since the egg wants $143-148 a guy could get 2 of the cheap ones if something went wrong. And like AG says there's lotsa good help right here. Somebody make up my mind:confused:


    If you can call them up and get a clarification on what exactly: "ITEM CONDITION: Factory Sealed: New, Factory Sealed." means, then, I'd probably go for it.


    Ask them what factory it came from?

    New? like all the parts are there, the audio modules, cables, m/b back panel, etc.


    If they can answer that, I'd probably go for it.

  8. for all BF2 players we will be playing a marathon gaming session on saturday please feel free to add your preferred kick off time, in GMT format as well pls




    That way, you guys don't have to stay up too late. And please guys, adjust your mics to not 'come on' (voice activation in Xfire) so much, it will reduce the echo in conference calls.:eek:

  9. Since the thread is getting some action, I've edited the current price as of 29 Dec 06:



    $81.99 3 Business Day Shipping $5.69




    AuzenTech XPlosion 7.1 Channels, 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card - Retail


    Original Price: $114.99

    Instant Savings: -$40.00




    3 Business Day Shipping $5.69

    (Not available in HI, AK and PR)


    Outside of CA USA, 81 bucks, no tax.


    (I had to pay CA USA tax, so it was 86 for me).


    Sale is due to new card coming out: http://www.driverheaven.net/showthread.php?t=119630

    Drivers: http://www.auzentech.com/site/download/mannuals.php

    Op-Amp thread (applies to Xplo): http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums.../m/368004071831

    So, if you want to upgade your op-amps:

    Replacing Your Operational Amplifier s(OPAMPs)


    Note that if you drive an external receiver through the digital S/PDIF output, this sound card upgrade is not for you. But if you drive multi-channel speakers directly from the analog outputs of the Auzentech X-Mystique and X-Plosion sound cards, this upgrade can make the analog signal stronger and clearer. Recordings have greater detail and accuracy and expansion and separation will be improved in the soundstage.


    For this sound card upgrade we recommend the Texas Instruments / Burr Brown OPA2134PA. You will need six in total to upgrade the OPAMPs on your X-Mystique or X-Plosion card. Visit http://www.digikey.com/ to purchase your OPAMPs. Search for OPA2134PA at digikey.

  10. Ok I just got some of these not the tracer kind. But anyhow I went into bios to change timings and wouldnt boot back up. Wouldnt get past 2 led light on the board. Put some older ocz mem in booted right up. I put the setting at 250 3,4,4,8 timings I only was really able to run it at 240 with 3338 o and both were at 2.6 volts. It was the first day I had it didnt get a chance to even run mem test that was what i was going to do when it locked up. Anyone have any ideas? Also when it was running it wasnt stable locked up twice in about 10 min. Any ideas?



    not sure of date code of bios will look at when i get home

    Yes, start from scratch, just like when you first built it, follow the overclockers guide and go from there. I would open a new thread though if no one helps ya here.

  11. Woohoo, I'll buy the TD1s then! From Newegg directly, $219,00 (no mail rebate for me). Hope this RAM will run ate 250MHz without a problem, that's all I need (maybe 260MHz).

    What about the new heatspreader (10th aniverssary)? It looks cool, those it improve the cooling? I doubt!

    Thanks guys! I'll keep posting info about my memory so you could compare too.


    You should be able to boot right up with stock settings and go to 260 with ease. I didn't even try hard (see signature), just waiting till December for some time to work on it.

  12. Hey, Travis I have been looking at some of the Senheisers on NewEgg not much of a selection for gaming headsets from senheiser at least and their wesite seems to be partially down. But I stumbled across these and they are teamspeak certified but the only downside is they are force feedback but you never know you may be into it....https://edimensional.com/product_info.php?c...&products_id=30


    I wont even state that they are close in comparison to Senheiser but you never know check it out!


    I have a pair of these in the house. They do give you positional audio for that extra gaming edge to know where your bad guys are.

    My CS:S playing people say, "Good Deal".

  13. #21 is your memory clock

    #22 is your core clock

    #23 is for 2nd Card in SLI Memory

    #24 is for 2nd Card in SLI Core

    #25 is your GPU Temp

    #26 is for 2nd Card in SLI GPU Temp


    I don't think _xhp_'s program will read the GPU Ambient


    So you can uncheck 23, 24,and 26 telling them NOT to display in the Dashboard.

    If you click on the little padlock on the right side it will "unlock". Then you can move the sensors around where ever you wish. Then click and "lock' the little padlock and you can move the whole dashboard around again.


    And I believe on your board Everest is displaying PWMIC as motherboard and the Chipset as CPU #1


    Hope that helps :)



    I've finally got all my readings right. I went into dashboard settings, System Info, clicked on sysinfo at bottom and was able to get all my temps from my hard drives (sata and pata) and vid gpu . Thanks for this great thread!!! (even got the ctrl-alt-m thingy to work.)

    Here's my png to prove it can be done, running at 100 percent:


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