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    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    Please use the Bit Torrent file at http://search.conduit.com/Search.aspx?ctid...tlefield%201.41 so that bandwidth is shared for us low speed users.:eek:
  2. faheyd

    BF2 Problem

    Sparky, My speedstream router is a PITA. When I'm done doing Bit Torrents (using high ports) and uPNP, I sometimes have to reboot the router to get it back to normal . In addition to that, Battlefield series has its own problems. I have better luck when I 'reboot' the router, and reboot my box. When I do that, I can play for hours and hours.
  3. I think you will be surprised at the level of difficulty of the game (in a good way). There are some sites to show you have to get through the hard parts, and let me tell you, some parts are not intuitive at all. But it is fun.
  4. Hey, I went ahead and bought it last night, as it'll be a present for my son.
  5. Do some searches around, if the 36400 costs too much, look at this for $150: http://www.microcenter.com/byos/byos_singl...oduct_id=243149
  6. http://www.gogamer.com/Titan-Quest-DVD-Edi...67&SID=sduidp0t Titan Quest DVD Edition $25.49 Shipped - GoGamer Not my kind of game, but someone may like it. I might get it for my son.
  7. faheyd

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    Your system has a problem that you should open in another thread. It sounds like you have either a network problem, firewall, or ISP problem. I'd clear my equipment first (memtest, lan drivers), then look at your firewall/proxys. Open another thread somewhere if you need more help. (generically, I usually have to reboot my box prior to playing BF2, or else I lose my server connections, it is probably my cheapass speedstream router that is causing all the problems in my home network)
  8. faheyd

    Need new PSU

    Just look at the sticky 2nd from the top in this forum. :eek: But I'm sure you want the current latest from users here. I'm sure 'someone' has some thoughts.
  9. Back in stock and free shipping
  10. http://shop3.outpost.com/product/4893660 Price: $ 302.00 FREE SHIP, tax in some states, like CALI. Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 - BX80557E6600 - Box CPU - Socket LGA775 Intel: FRYS.com #: 4893660 * Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 * Architecture: 65nm, LGA775 * Cache: 4MB L2 Cache * Clock Speed: 2.40GHz * Front Side Bus: 1066MHz Cheapest so far as I can tell.
  11. I know you are in panic mode, but I bought mine AFTER reading 'most' of this thread. So, don't think you did something bad. I can only tell you mine are working fine, and I haven't even really tried to OC them yet. Good luck on your tests, you are doing the right thing by individually testing them.
  12. And I'm pretty sure RGone will tell you that if you are getting a beep with no memory installed, the M/B is OK 99 percent of the time. My motherboard would not beep with no memory, and it was a M/B problem. 512KBx2 will get you running, but your friend will not be happy playing BF2. You could try using the loose memory settings to get it to boot, but that would defeat the purpose of the build. Try 3-4-4-8 with 2T 5/6 and see if that get's you there. My initial build was trying to do the kingston hyperx, what a disaster that was. I feel your pain, but the suggestion to get new memory is the right one. You'll see tomorrow (I hope, as nothing is 100 percent in this world except death and taxes).
  13. MSI 7900 GTX PCI-E 512MB DDR3 Card w/Dual DVI Free Ship $299 after $80 rebate http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=321981 Product spec pages: http://www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec....D512E&class=vga I don't know anyone that actually has a MSI 7900GTX, so comments welcome. The new 8800 series is putting price pressure on the 7900 series. I would recommend you wait if possible, but if need one now, I think this is a good deal at this moment in time.
  14. If you can call them up and get a clarification on what exactly: "ITEM CONDITION: Factory Sealed: New, Factory Sealed." means, then, I'd probably go for it. Ask them what factory it came from? New? like all the parts are there, the audio modules, cables, m/b back panel, etc. If they can answer that, I'd probably go for it.
  15. faheyd

    Bf2 Players Thread

    2200GMT That way, you guys don't have to stay up too late. And please guys, adjust your mics to not 'come on' (voice activation in Xfire) so much, it will reduce the echo in conference calls.:eek:
  16. I don't know why NewEgg doesn't ship up there, it's a huge customer base just waiting to be tapped. EDIT: ncix should lower their prices too, as this is a auzentech flush of the supply channels.
  17. Since the thread is getting some action, I've edited the current price as of 29 Dec 06: $81.99 3 Business Day Shipping $5.69 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16829156001 AuzenTech XPlosion 7.1 Channels, 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card - Retail Original Price: $114.99 Instant Savings: -$40.00 $74.99 3 Business Day Shipping $5.69 (Not available in HI, AK and PR) Outside of CA USA, 81 bucks, no tax. (I had to pay CA USA tax, so it was 86 for me). Sale is due to new card coming out: http://www.driverheaven.net/showthread.php?t=119630 Drivers: http://www.auzentech.com/site/download/mannuals.php Op-Amp thread (applies to Xplo): http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums.../m/368004071831 So, if you want to upgade your op-amps: Replacing Your Operational Amplifier s(OPAMPs) Note that if you drive an external receiver through the digital S/PDIF output, this sound card upgrade is not for you. But if you drive multi-channel speakers directly from the analog outputs of the Auzentech X-Mystique and X-Plosion sound cards, this upgrade can make the analog signal stronger and clearer. Recordings have greater detail and accuracy and expansion and separation will be improved in the soundstage. For this sound card upgrade we recommend the Texas Instruments / Burr Brown OPA2134PA. You will need six in total to upgrade the OPAMPs on your X-Mystique or X-Plosion card. Visit http://www.digikey.com/ to purchase your OPAMPs. Search for OPA2134PA at digikey.
  18. Yes, start from scratch, just like when you first built it, follow the overclockers guide and go from there. I would open a new thread though if no one helps ya here.
  19. You should be able to boot right up with stock settings and go to 260 with ease. I didn't even try hard (see signature), just waiting till December for some time to work on it.
  20. The place for firmware for these babies: http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/ :angel:
  21. I have a pair of these in the house. They do give you positional audio for that extra gaming edge to know where your bad guys are. My CS:S playing people say, "Good Deal".
  22. Soundx98, I've finally got all my readings right. I went into dashboard settings, System Info, clicked on sysinfo at bottom and was able to get all my temps from my hard drives (sata and pata) and vid gpu . Thanks for this great thread!!! (even got the ctrl-alt-m thingy to work.) Here's my png to prove it can be done, running at 100 percent:
  23. From one of my shopping sites: Battlefield 2 (PC) $29.99 Free Shipping Battlefield 2 (PC) Price was:$39.99 You save:-$10.00 http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/productDeta...m_keycode=55209 ALSO at AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Electronic-Arts-Batt...tag2=slickdeals for cheaper, and no tax in most states.
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