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  1. http://www.chiefvalue.com/product/productd...item=35-106-061


    Thermaltake CL-P0114 120mm CPU Cooler with Heatsink - Retail


    Final Price: $37.49 With FREE SHIP.



    Brand Thermaltake

    Model CL-P0114


    Type Fan&Heatsinks

    Fan Size 120mm

    Compatibility Intel P4 LGA775

    P4 478 Prescott FMB1.5

    AMD Athlon 64 / Athlon 64 FX

    Athlon XP up to 3400+

    Sempron up to 3400+

    RPM 1300 ±10% RPM

    Air Flow 54.4 CFM

    Noise Level 16 dBA

    Power Connector 3 Pin

    Color Black & Orange

    Heatsink Material Copper Base & Aluminum Fin (142 Fin)

    Physical Spec

    Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm

    Heatsink Dimensions 122 x 122 x 103mm

    Package Contents

    Package Contents CPU Cooler



  2. Looking for a sub $1500 Gaming laptop. Any recommended?


    Mostly FPS/etc needs great graphics


    I have the Dell e1705 w/7900GS with 1GB of ram.

    Intel® Core™ Duo Proc T2250 (1.73GHz/533MHz/2 X 1MB L2 Cache)


    LCD Panel 17 inch UltraSharp™ Wide Screen UXGA Display with TrueLife™


    Memory FREE!1GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz


    Video Card 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 7900 GS


    Hard Drive 60GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive



    I got it back in July 06. It cost $1076 with a boatload of coupons and sales. It can play anything.

    In fact, if I had known 2 years ago that I could get a lappy with that much power, I would have went with lappy only in my house. Right now I use it for trips using GPS and watching DVDs when camping. The e1705 is the same as the 6400 on the business side.


    You might be able to get buy with this, 15.4" screen: http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/con...c=bndwe1b&s=bsd

    upgrade to the 256mb card (I use Nvidia exclusively due to Linux graphics drivers working really well compared to ATI) and 2GB of ram (do the ram on your own with aftermarket stuff), sell the onboard ram on ebay. Spend the extra $100 on the ultrasharp screen, they are nice. Look on ebay for 'dell coupon' and see what applies.

    Get the 6cell and 9cell battery combo for long DVD movies.

    Get the Bluetooth adapter to sync your phone and headset with the lappy.

  3. THAT's not a bad idea... I had not thought of that.


    Thanks. But then my firewire port on the front of my case would be useless, eh? Or is there a way I could connect the PCI-card to that case port from the inside?


    Some, but not all, add-on PCI firewire cards have a connection on the card to wire up to an internal plug. They will usually say, 2 ext, 1 int. Just check the wiring from the case connection and make sure it meets specs and has the right colors where they are supposed to be.

  4. My girlfriend is about to move out on her own. The computer she uses now needs to stay at the house, so I offered to build her one. We could probably buy one cheaper, but I wanted to see if I could pull off building a cheaper one.


    She'd be running XP pro and doing mostly word and power point stuff. She plays a couple games like gunbound. I have a nice AGP card for her already, so a board with an 8x AGP would be nice, and no DDR2...too expensive.


    Basically, I need to find a cheap mobo, cpu, hdd, and ram.


    For the CPU I was thinking about a prescott, but I'm not sure.


    Any help helps! Thanks guys!


    Stole from deal site:

    Definitely warm with the free shipping. (Unfortunately, not tax free for many of us.)


    Dell Dimension E521

    AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 3800+

    1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz- 2DIMMs

    160GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™

    16X DVD ROM Drive

    NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Integrated Graphics GPU

    Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio


    $399 Shipped.



    Choose "no monitor" to see the $399 price.

    If you're not getting "free shipping" you're likely not clicking on "free 3-5 day shipping"


  5. Since my original thread disappeared, here's another one.


    I am considering an Acer AL1917WAbd Black 19" 5ms DVI Widescreen


    but I am open to any suggestions. Is not having a DVI port a big deal? I have actually never used the DVI port, so I don't know if the picture quality is that much better.


    I want to know what the moron was thinking when he wrote this in the description: "The unit comes with DVI and VGA inputs pre-installed, so multiple monitors can be hooked together for twice the mayhem."


    But back on topic, I've seen lcd's with vga and DVI. The DVI was a little bit better, but you really had to be picky to even notice. I use DVI on my Dell 2005FPW and it's a beautiful thing (1680x1050). Can you wait a little and save up some more cash? The dells are really nice (but even those you have to be sure what you are buying). So are some of the NECs.

    I'm no 'master' on makers like dell, nec, acer, etc, but it really comes down to the 'panel' maker and the electronics driving the thing, and not who's branding it. Search all the forums so you can get a good feel for what you are getting.

    I'm sure others will chime in with some suggestions.

  6. And your post just shows, you don't get it. I'm sorry, I'm not gonna flame you to death or explain it to you. Stop taking it as an insult and try to gain some insight. Not all of it was a finger pointed in your direction. I really do give up and it's not worth hashing over, later.


  7. Don't worry about quoting me with my name included, I'll own all my words wrong or right. You address a point I thought I laid out pretty clearly and very early in my post (though my speechifying skills have always been suspect, I swear to god in person I sound like a stuttering George Bush impression).


    Second and third sentence of my OP unedited except for appending [/b] for boldness..



    My point is completely about personal use only, not posting any misleading results from it. I didn't think I had to be any more clear than i already was (highlighted in bold). In fact I think there should be bold and clear text in the rules stating that every post in this forum by default is in a support capacity as that is what people come here for and you cannot control who reads your posts, and posting timings or OC results that are not Prime stable is antithetical to this forum's support nature, and help no one. I mean if that is what every mod and admin believes and enforces why isn't it said clearly where it counts?


    Game and bench and operate how you chose, post only in a responsible way ie only results and timings proven stable that can help someone, thats my position. A black and white prime for 8 hours or your rig will die attitude.. I just don't understand it, overvolt .05v and your risking your hardware, not priming to a long extent and you really risk alot less.


    I suppose that is the answer to the question that was actually asked, the most likely scenario is that all you are risking is having to reinstall an app or your entire OS. Applying the extra voltage that it takes to get a rig from game stable to prime stable is in all likelyhood much more of a risk to hardware and investment, someone will jump on me if I'm technically wrong about that. Go back to my first post to actually find my personal belief about stability testing, but no, prime stability isn't the gospel unless posting your results is necessary.


    I hate to get into a disagreement about philosophy, but when it prevents someone from having fun with their own equipment in their own way IMO truth is more important than babying someone, or deciding what is best for them instead of informing them to make their own decision. I don't get the point of creating a generation of guys that do what the dude with 1000 posts says instead of finding their own way if they so chose. It's certainly not an opinion worth being vilified over (not referring to myself at all).


    Dammit, I knew I would prattle on and talk too much, if anyone wants a second opinion just PM me or go outside of this support forum for advice.




    I gotta tell ya, you're just not getting it and I'm not going to post 6 paragraphs to show you why you are not getting it.

    I've had more fun with my PC by following the guides, doing the O/Cing, and listening to the pro's, than trying to blow up my PC on my own. Sure, I like to learn things on my own, but quite frankly , if someone that has already burned up a few boards can tell me the 'right' way to do it, I'm in. No one is telling any user what they 'have' to do here (as far as I can see), they are only showing 'the way', the true path to enlightenment. There are many paths, but only a few will get you to the goal. What's the goal, for me, it is to get the most bang for buck for all the cash I've spent on my rig. If might be something different for someone else. I don't overclock to impress anyone, I just do it because I can and it makes me feel good for some reason. Sorta like tuning up an old car. The guides are just that, guides. They provide a useful bucket of information for the newbs and pro's alike. I don't have enough cash to 'fake' an overclock and blow up a X2 cpu. Haphazardly doing a quicky test because the numbers 'look' good, is a real way to blow your cash down the toilet. Wanna have fun and not pay attention to detail, buy a dell and join AOL.


    The reason I think this site is where it is today, is because of its strong adherence to standards and not just 'winging' it. Wild butt guesses, unproven results, dangerous practices just don't cut it. Sure, everyone is here for fun, all of us. But we can't have fun if our rig BSODs or melts down.

  8. It might be a mixing issue. I haven't tried Ubuntu recently and have also taken the karajan module out of my motherboard, but I do remember that the kernel module needed is snd-intel8x0. And probably an asoundrc file would need to be done up as well. Check this link http://www.alsa-project.org the info there should point you in the right direction


    True...and most OC'ers aren't using Linux


    It is nice to see this thread stickied.


    And for you guys and gals using ubuntu and gnome desktop, install the gnome-alsamixer http://packages.debian.org/stable/gnome/gnome-alsamixer and also make sure you have alsa utils loaded too (just 'search' your package installer for 'alsa', it's really the only way to go, you can drag the icon to the top of the desktop panel so it's always there for you to play with.

    I'm pretty sure you are not going to get sound coming from all front/rear/cntr-sub (5.1) unless you have a 5.1 audio source playing, which is true for XP also.

    So, from any DVD player http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/5644 , have a movie going, then you would mess with the settings.

    I also suggest loading up Doom3, as its audio sounds are downright scary and natively use all speakers after setup.

  9. There are new drivers released:



    They made quite a difference in sound, much fuller.

    Also, BF2 now has 5.1 analog audio in all five of my speakers, before it only had it in the front two.

    Now, it's been a while since I've done a fresh install, and maybe that's why the new drivers make such a good difference, but I'm happy and wanted to give a reminder that there are new drivers.

    Have a nice day,


  10. The '-4' is a hidden setting:


    "-4" I think is for forcing a board mismatch to accept flash


    -5 Allow firmware and adapter PCI device ID mismatch.

    -6 Allow firmware and adapter PCI subsystem ID mismatch.



    FYI for others, Please be aware that I'm doing this on a XFX board only and you can BRICK your video card in severe cases. There are sometimes ways to blind boot with the original firmware, Your mileage may vary YMMV.



    As far as I remember, I didn't see any errors. But I was using a different nvflash version. Probably 5.40 doesn't need the -4 setting to force the flash. I would 'think' that a bios update is a 'yes' or 'no' thing, it either works or not. If you show the new bios in your video cards, then the flash took OK.


    I looked at your other ref'd thread, and yes, I would think you would have higher scores. It must be something to do with hardware, the pci-e bus, etc. Probably motherboard or chipset related. You are right to ask others about some SLI scores to compare to, but alot of people just can't afford 2 GTX's and also have test results. I would 'try' to talk to your EVGA maker and also NVIDIA and see if you get any responses. That's alot of money you spent and I would EXPECT top results for that cash.

    NOTE/EDIT: I had to use the '-4' flash setting, because I was flashing from a 8800 GTS to a 8800 GTX, and you were only doing a GTX upgrade.

  11. That's correct downloaded the xxx bios from mkvtech and flashed it with NVflash


    Just flashed my xfx 8800 gts to 8800 gtx XXX. Got over a 1000 increase in 3dmark06 score, from 8300 stock to 9300. Could I have done that just overclocking the stock settings myself (increased stock memory timings to 2000/630 from 1600/500 stock), I don't know. This is a big jump from my 7900GTX score of 6139. I will have to update my sig and O/C database thing now.


    I used nvflash 5.33 so I could flash from windows (as 5.40 won't let me do the dos window in xp) (yeah, I'm lazy sometimes). Remember to backup your rom just in case. When you reboot, you will have to set up the nvidia drivers again. I noticed my temps went up a degree or two since the memory and core are running higher. My chipset has also went up a bit too, about 3 degrees. Nothing comes without a price.

    Also, I think my XFX runs hot, even though I took off the heatsink and applied the goo myself, it (gpu) still runs at 71/72c at idle, and about 84/85 at full load.

    The rom file you will use is (currently for XFX cards) XFX.8800GTX.XXX.PCIe.768MB.Rev.01.rom . Copy it and rename it to 8800.rom prior to running nvflash. Oh, I also had to use the -4 -5 -6 settings for nvflash to install the rom onto the xfx board.


    Wow, 3dmark06 9300 score with just one card. :eek2:

  12. The 12 hr. memtest86 runs were madse pre os install as recommended here in the forum. No errors occurred until memtest for windows was used post os install.


    The latest result is that both sticks running 2 instances have passed 1250% with no errors. Not sure what this means?:confused:


    What program do I need to run the .iso memtest suggested by faheyd?


    You're ok if you ran it from the bios boot. It's the same test, thanks for making that clear as some people couldn't figure it out.


    I've heard of others that have had the same problem where there are memory errors of some kind in windows but not in the boot memtest.

    Others will step in to help at this point I'm sure. I don't know if this is right forum for this type of problem though.

  13. bearskin has already stated that the memory has passed 12+ hours of Memtest86. That is why it is doubtful that the memory itself is faulty. Timings/Voltage that is Memtest86 stable aren't always Windows stable.


    No, he stated he ran it in 'windows' for over 12+ hours.

    Maybe he needs to be very clear with what program he's tested his memory. I would never believe any memtest run in windows as it would then be running on a flawed OS.


    In any case, he needs to do the test from a boot ISO so that there is no question about the memory.

  14. so what good linux games are out?


    Can we expect more games software companies to take up linux over the next few years?






    Doom3 on linux rocks. Quake4 works.





    Pay for below, but worth it if you have something specific that is keeping you from going full linux. Forget about DX10 for now, it's a MS ploy to keep people on M$ products. OpenGL will do whatever you need in a game.



  15. Has anyone used the X1 with the 7900GTX?


    Looking for a comparison to the stock cooler.




    I'm not particularly happy with mine. It is definately more quiet, but the temps are up from stock. Hopefully others will post. Wevspot says he switched out from the X1 to another maker. Search the forums for some posts.

  16. Faheyd,


    I'm not HG, but I've used the Accelero on a 7800GTX and also the AcceleroII on a X1900XT. When I bought each of those they were almost twice the price they are now. I thought they were adequate, but nothing outstanding. At one point I actually removed the fan blower cage and installed a two fan pci slot cooler below the remaining cooling fin/heatpipe assembly. That was a little bit of an improvement.


    When I built this last INF 975X/G rig I chose the Zalman VF900 VGA cooler for my XT, and honestly couldn't be happier. It is quiet, effective and efficient.


    This is faheyd/Zebra-Rake from gamers. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I bought my aero on sale. It doesn't seem to do anything, in fact, the gpu seems to run hotter and I've had to turn down the OC a little. Maybe I'll take it apart again and re-install it. Who knows, I might have not tightened down the screws enough (it was hard to tell 'how' tight to make them.


    See ya on the BF2 side, Game On!

  17. HG,

    I noticed in this build you used the Aero on the vid card. Are you happy with it?

    I'm using an aero on my 7900gtx and am NOT happy with the temps.

    When I'm heavy in BF2 I sometimes see temps of 80c, with a 48c no load temp.


    What are your thoughts? Did I install it wrong? I'm O/C'd right now at what is in my sig below.


    I'll start a new thread if you think that's better.



  18. Great I already ordered it because it took so long for a reply...


    Once again, I may be mis-understanding what you are trying to say :eek: . I don't sit near my computer all day, but did try to help you, and it did take some time to research what you were asking and to determine that you in fact didn't have bluetooth, as it's an option. True it did take over 5 hours for a reply, but it sure was hard to figure out what you were doing with the bluetooth, I'm sure people just read that and stopped cold at that point.

  19. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...2235424&CatId=0


    KEEP COPIES OF ALL REBATE STUFF, You initially apply the rebate online and print out the rebate copy, attach upc and receipt, sign, and mail in. (keep copies of everything, including UPC).


    Product Details:

    Product Description Quantity Price Ext. Price

    OCZ / GameXStream / 700-Watt / ATX / 120mm Fan / SATA Ready / SLI Ready / EPS / Active PFC / Power Supply 1

    Subtotal: $ 129.99


    Order Details:

    Product Total $129.99

    Shipping & Handling $13.60

    Sales Tax (FL, NC, IL residents only) $0.00

    Order Total $143.59


    $109 After $35 rebate .


    I had to get this after my son's P/S blew up, so I'm giving him my enermax and replacing it with this, as I'm running a 7900GTX now and don't want to take any chances.:eek:


    OK, just got mine yesterday, installed easily. The 20+4 pin was weird, I was expecting a straight 24 pin. The LEDs on the fan light up (softly) the inside of my case and make things glow a little bit (cool).

    Deal is still on as far as I know, and it's also available here: http://clubit.com/product_detail_promo.cfm?itemno=CA6276522 for a slightly higher price.


    Always use www.pricegrabber.com and http://www.pricewatch.com/brands/power_sup...echnology-1.htm for comparision shopping. Just for info, I've never found a cheaper price at froogle or cdnet.

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