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  1. I need some help choosing a HD.

    I notice on ppl's sigs they have a SATA, PATA and IDE.

    What do they mean, and what should I get.

    Bare in mind I'm a college student, playing PC games and just need to store music and stuff. No photo editing or anything like that.

    But I plan on configuring them in a RAID 0.

    Thanks in advance.


    Seagates have 5 year warranties.

    You can usually find them on the cheap at outpost.com . Usually have 50 to 60 dollar rebates.

    See Outpost 300 GB PATA for $99 bucks after rebate with free shipping . However that rebate expired a day ago, but deals like that spring up every month there.

  2. I've been thinking of getting one of these, both are using CH-5 I believe. But have heard a number of people not being able to get dual channel to go etc etc with these memories. Anyone here that's had any positive experiences with DFI NF4 *D mobos? Details would be helpful.


    BTW, I'm using DFI NF4 Ultra-D but obviously any expericens SLI-D, SLI-DR and NF4-D will all be fine since they're the same thing!




    I tried the KHX3200AK2 for 3 days, and then again recently for 2 hours, using all sorts of settings, and no-go unless I severly divided the memory down to uselessness. Locked up the machine alot, rarely would get to Memtest, and when it did, errors galore. And the SPD doesn't autodetect worth a damn. Now, sure these chips would work on anything else, but not if you're going to overclock. They barely do what they are rated for. I made a lot of purchasing mistakes prior to finding the forum, and the HyperX's were one of the worst mistakes I've made. I've got some 106 dollar Geils that are doing just fine, until I can afford the 'real' stuff the pros are using here.

  3. why did you pumpo that much voltage into your mobo?

    That is per da 'GUIDE'., ref post #3 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823

    Although I kept my CPU voltage as low (1.4v at 104%, so 1.44v resulting in a 52c at 100% on both cores) as I could to keep the heat down.

    I guess I could lower the voltage to 1.6v on the chipset and see what happens, I'll do that in a couple weeks after I do some more mods.

  4. i guess what I was trying to say is that if you 'do it that way', ref http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12960 post #4 and #5, you will automatically know what is the max your memory will do, and that will in turn force you to do the correct divider.


    you find your CPU can do 2500Mhz through O/C testing by the Guide

    you find your memory can do 240Mhz through O/C testing by the Guide


    So, you try to find the right divider, you first use a 'simple' CPU multi, such as 250 x 10x giving you a 2500Mhz CPU. 250 is now your base, so 250 using a 1/1 divider, would be running your memory at 250Mhz, that's a no-go as it's 10Mhz over your mem max. Using a 10/9 divider would give you a 225Mhz, and that's OK. But it's not close to your memory's max.

    This is where you fiddle with the multi to see if there is a better combination. There is no guess work, you use the divider that gets you closest to the max your memory will run. OK, we'll try 277 x 9 multi (still equals 2493Mhz, now 277 is your base you're working with. 277 using a 1/1 is out of the question, now try 10/9, and you get 249Mhz, still too high. A 6/5 gives you 230, which is 5Mhz higher than the 225Mhz, not bad.


    There are multiple combinations, but math, forces you to take the correct path.

    The clue here is to use the guide to find your CPU's max, then your Memory's max, and then finally, use the math to find the right 'multi/divider' combo that gets the most out the cash you spent. Gotta love math.

  5. I just got some of this patriot pdc2g3200llx and am currently testing. W/O much tweaking and noticing that this is the bh stuff and not the ce-6 stuff (i heard ce-6 is better according to posts by gasper) I am able to get 240x11 running a divider of 5/6 on my memory with stock memory settings cas 2-3-2-5. Everything else in DRAM settings at optimized defaults. Primed for about an hour but am stable so far while playing games for over 3 hours. Going to prime/memtest and report back.


    My question is, is that not my memory is running at ddr 3000(188x2), because of the 5/6 divider. Am I suffering with performance because of this?


    240x11 vcore 1.40 110%

    5/6 divider


    I upgraded from 2x512 ocz stuff(in sig), but even with lower DRAM speed, my games are over twice as smooth. Only thing that looks bad is memory benchmarks.


    I cant seem to get any other decent config working w/o running the 5/6 divider.


    Let me know what u guys think.



    I know you've been around and I'm a noob, but what was the result after doing http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12960 post #4 and #5 ? That will tell you what the real multiplier you can get away with. I'm extremely interested, as my next step will be 1GB sticks also.

  6. Post back here your reduced temps! Good Luck!


    55c before, 51c at 1.70v 4820rpms after cleaning and putting new goo on chipset. Left square pad, as I think it protects the resister pads on the chipset if you rock it too much, just a guess on my part.

    Really need everyone to state the voltage you got your chipset at, so others can see the 'very' real effect those voltages have on the chipset.

  7. Looky what I found, http://forums.amd.com/lofiversion/index.php/t53168.html . It seems GB boards are having the same problem (but not all boards).

    RGone, Angry, can we open up a job with DFI or do I have to do that manually?


    RGone came to the rescue on this one. After a bunch of emails back and forth comparing notes, multiple installs of XP, One of the things that didn't show up until comparing notes (*See atch pic) was the difference between my device manager output and his. My CPU was being detected as a MPS multiprocessor PC (who woulda thunk it), and his was correctly being reported as a ACPI Multiprocessor PC (see pic). I remembered how to 'manually' select the processor type (HAL) in the old win2k days, you hit F5 during the 'F6 scsi driver' part of the XP install and select the correct HAL, but when I did it in XP, I only saw 2 items. RGone had to walk me through it (you hit the up arrow when the 2 items show up) and low and behold, there's a selection for ACPI Multiprocessor PC. Do I know why my CPU was being incorrectly detected, no. But were we able to fix it, yes. So, after manually selecting the correct CPU (HAL), the XP install finished, and I was able to install the 6.66 drivers and the SATA controllers all showed up as they should. Hats off to RGone for the help. I've also attached a pic of my MBM with all the goodies active and running 2 instances of P95 for 12 hours (a beautiful thing to behold), also, I've fixed my sig to reflect current conservative overclock specs).

  8. i tried booting from my cd but it won't boot. only thing i can do is get the windows xp screen to appear if i open it in windows and then the only option i can do that would resemble starting from scratch would be reinstalling windows. is there anyway i can wipe everything clean?


    When your XP cd install gets to the 'select which partition' part, just delete the existing one (where you installed XP), and reinstall a new partition on that drive. If you reinstall on the same drive, you'll end up with a C:windows and a C:windows.0 or something like that.

  9. Yes, I've used the disk management (see post 1) and no joy there either, have not done the other thing in the recovery console, will check that later this afternoon and see what happens.


    Looky what I found, http://forums.amd.com/lofiversion/index.php/t53168.html . It seems GB boards are having the same problem (but not all boards).

    RGone, Angry, can we open up a job with DFI or do I have to do that manually?

  10. Have you use the Control Panel>Admin Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management to check whether the drive is detected but not "activated"?


    There was once I reinstall Windows and "lost" a HDD in Windows. Later found out the drive using the above way and make it active back. Luckily all data is in tact. :)


    Yes, I've used the disk management (see post 1) and no joy there either, have not done the other thing in the recovery console, will check that later this afternoon and see what happens.

  11. Ok, I'll try that tomorrow. I'd be glad to use MS drivers, but the drives don't show up there either, just the controllers with greyed out stuff, can't select anything.


    Done, no change, no joy. Still the same. Sata drives are detected, even got Smart working, now detected as sata 3 & 4. Still same pics as above.

    Used different cables too. Nothing from Seagate as far as software, the only thing I found was >137GB reg patch, not much else.

  12. OK, but it still doesn't say wether or not sata is enabled in bios, the post screen will show your drives wether sata is enabled or not.

    I'm sorry, but you are wrong. When the sata controllers are 'not enabled' in the bios, nothing is detected. The only time sata drives are detected in the bios is when the sata controllers are 'enabled'. At least with my bios 623-3 that is true. It might be different for others.


    Please see 2nd pic for what I think is the problem, 'this installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your vendor.'


    I'm surprised that one of the mod's haven't look at this yet or have an answer, does it mean my CPU or the ide processor? Does anyone with a 4400x2 CPU have this problem with XP sp2 or is it just me?

  13. I would try your LDT on Auto and run some benchs and see what happens, I prefer it on Auto as do a few others on here. Another thought would be to go buy an Aftermarket HSF which will lower those temps by about 10-15C or so. Anything aftermakrket is going to be a HUGE jump from Stock. Even if it is just for now until you get water, because you will be lengthening the life of your CPU dramatically.


    I bet turning the LDT to Auto will increase some of those benches. I have gotten 6289 on '05 with my Leadtek btw. Does that AOpen card really have 512MB of RAM on it? if so what is stock memory speed?? just curious.



    Stock speed for the vid is 400/1100, http://global.aopen.com.tw/products/vga/Ae...ltra-DVD512.htm , I've got it at 436Mhz/1.12GHz right now at 52C, I need to work on that too. Yes, it does have 512MB and my BF2 is beautiful! Worth the money, hmm, I don't think so, I'm sure all the 256MB 6800U/GT owners are perfectly happy.


    I've since lowered the voltage to 1.4 on the CPU w/110% (1.52v) percent to cool off a little. I've ordered up the Freezer 64 (I saw your sig) for $35.40 including UPS shipping at http://epowerhousepc.com/product_info.php?...01e384c65c81330 , which was the best Out The Door price. We'll see what happens after it gets here. I didn't mess with the LDT, it's on 4 right now, I'll try 'auto' after the cooler get's here. Plus, MBM was showing the wrong CPU fan speed, (it's actually around 3000rpms), the wrong power fan speed, and chipset fan speed. Oh well, I adjusted them, all are now close to correct, but the chipset fan speed is off by about a 1000.


    So, right now, I'm putting things on hold until then. I really wish I could have gotten the HyperX memory to work, I'll try it now that I've got a 'working' knowledge of memory settings (I'll bring the CPC to disable first) and use RGones basic (lax) mem setttings prior to installation of them. (The hyperx i have is a slightly lesser model of what is on this site, Kingston-KHX3200AK2_1G,

    Thanks for the help.

  14. Hi,

    I got everything working almost. I have one normal PATA on ide0. I have 2 Seagate 300GB 7200.8 SATA drives hooked up to SATA 1 & 2 in a NON-raid setup, with RAID disabled on bios.

    The drives are detected fine by the bios. I use the AMD 6.53 or the latest 6.66 drivers, and they 'look' like the drivers install fine, but I don't get the sata stuff in the device manager after reboot. See pics. (pic 1 never changes). I've tried manually installing the drivers and I get the 2nd pic.

    'Drive Manager' doesn't see the sata driver either.

    What gives? The second picture/driver says it's not compatible with my rig???


    Thanks for any hints or help.


    EDIT: Please tell me I don't have to uninstall my video drivers, could that be it, I just saw the hint at AMD???

  15. I read this guide like 6 times, twice I had to go to sleep because I was so damn confused. However, after using the 'initial M/B setup' guide elsewhere, I jumped in.

    Set the LDT to 1.4v and CPU vid to 1.425 w/110% to 1.52v w/LDT multi to 3.

    Was able to get 235Mhz HTT at 11 multi for 2585Mhz (wow all the way from 2200 X 10m).

    Then did the memory 200Mhz/2.5-4-4-8 and was able to top out at 225Mhz/2.5-3-3-7.

    The CPU temps floated in the range 55 to 60c with the retail sink/fan.

    With your guide in hand, the best I could come up with (to not overrun the memory) was 258Mhz with a 10multi for 2580Mhz and and a 5/06 memory devider for a mem speed of 215Mhz.

    (Note: My memory was finicky, if I pushed the 3-3-7 down too much, It would not post, I had to take the battery out and short the connectors to get the beast to reboot.)

    (Second Note: My kingston hyperX would not boot windows safely at all in this machine, I had to switch to the geils I had laying around).

    My monster kicked in a 5959 mark score on the 3Dmark05 test. No one came close unless they were running SLI and then they got 9000's.


    Thanks to 'RGone' for the help with the bios chip! I'm happy. And thanks for the guide 'ThunDa' and all who contribute to it. All the questions people asked helped my figure out my own situation. I also have been mostly an intel guy with some athlon experience, but never O/C'd anything like this. Having a cpu fan run at 6000 rpms has its downside, I think I'll be exploring water cooling soon.


    One question, do I put the LDT back to 4 or leave it at 3? My brain kinda froze at that point.




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