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  1. My setting are all non OC settings, memory timings are manually set to the default values and i have change my Audigy IRQ to a unique one.


    However i still get crashes whereby when i play a game or watch videos, use MSN chat etc... The screen just hangs and i get a wierd static noise coming from my speakers. Any ideas why im having this problem?


    Start from scratch again and use the build guide. Take the M/B out of the case and test it there first as per the guide:

    http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20832 . After step 10, run memtest overnight.

    Then post your results here. This will give the pro's here (not me) a good starting point. I looked at your previous posts, and your system has been giving you heartburn since you put it together. Sometimes, it just better to start from scratch and build from there.

  2. I do not have the ghosted copy anymore.


    In a bad way arent I ?


    With the IDE drive disconnected, you could try booting from the XP install cd and try doing this http://www.acronis.com/enterprise/company/...-trueimage.html

    Just this part:

    "Once the Windows XP setup loads the remainder of the drivers from the CD, you'll see a screen asking if you want to set up or repair Windows XP. It's important that you do not choose "repair" at this point. The Windows XP installation process actually offers a second repair option, and that's the one we want!


    Next, press ENTER to "set up Windows XP now." Then press F8 to agree to the software license when you're asked. The next screen will offer a second repair option. Select this. Windows will then install on top of itself, leaving all of your customer's data and applications unharmed.


    Note: When you do this, you will lose all previously installed Windows updates. But once the repair install is complete, Windows XP should boot back to the customer's familiar desktop. I highly recommend that you immediately visit Microsoft's Windows Update site to download and install all the patches your customer's system is missing."


    Will this work for you, I have no idea, but it's worth a shot.

  3. I ended up taking this deal (shoulda have done it last night and saved myself $5) thanks for the info, i also read after posting initially about problems with creatives "software". I guess I'll take a look at this driver package you DL from creative, it sounds like you are not recommending using the wizard that im sure the 25 mb DL has.


    Just installed a Audigy 2 ZS Platinum in my brothers win2k intel box. Un-installed the old 5.1 drivers. The new drivers hung up on reboot. Had to reg hack it to fix it. Once again, Creative help emails were worthless. Creative had some program trying to run upon restart that was not working. So I went into the reg and removed that item (can't remember what it was) and all is well. Do like the firewire on the front.

  4. Note/Edit: The coupon might only work for new customers, but try it. In anycase, if the coupon don't work, it costs 69 bucks, not bad.


    Buy.com has Creative Audigy 2 Platinum ZS PCI Retail for $168.99 - $10 off $150 coupon - $100 rebate = $59, shipped free.

    ripped from slickdeals.net


    1. Click here and activate the coupon


    make sure you hit the 'redeem coupon' button

    2. Click here for the sound card or search for SKU 10354635


    3. Add to cart, and checkout. Make sure to select budget shipping (7-9 days)

    4. Send in the $100 rebate


    :P enjoy


    This is $69 without the coupon link which is dead. Just in case you didn't get in on the CircuitCity deal a few days ago.

  5. Im looking to get a dvr for my parents, i dont want to build a HTPC i just want something that they can plug in and use. Ive been looking at tivo but read reviews that say you have pay for the recording service.


    I just want a simple dvr or if someone can debunk to tivo service thing I would appreciate it.


    If you get a HD Satty box (HD10-250) from direct tv, when you subscribe to HD service, they throw in the TIVO stuff for free.


    link for some help on how to deal on purchase of 10-250.

  6. AMD website is the worst support website i never seen, you cant find what you want there, its also so Ugly




    Yes and when you complain over there, your posts get deleted. Plus they are idiots. The adm support site is a direct link from AMD, however whenever the AMD site screws up, they claim they are not a part of AMD support. Amazing, that means AMD has no support for their CPUs.

    5 dollars for anyone that talked to a 'real' person at AMD....


    just joking but I don't think that there are any real support people at AMD.

  7. augh! thats the EXACT hard drive i need to raid with, but the 16mb buffer version! rawr!


    Outpost just had a sale on those 16mb cache drives, but no longer, the only thing I could find was newegg.com again:


    129 plus tax and ship


    Just a note, I doubt you would even notice the cache difference when raiding, but I have no links or such to back that up. I'm sure there would be a difference, just how much and even noticable in everyday use, I don't know.

  8. Seagate 7200.9 300GB 3.5" SATA II $99 shipped, (plus tax for a few states I believe)




    Brand Seagate

    Series Barracuda 7200.9

    Model ST3300822AS

    Interface SATA 3.0Gb/s

    Capacity 300GB

    RPM 7200 RPM

    Cache 8MB

    Average Seek Time 8ms

    Average Write Time 9ms

    Average Latency 4.16ms

    Physical Spec

    Form Factor 3.5"


    Features SATA 3Gb/s with NCQ

    2.8 bels idle, 3.2 bels seek acoustics

    3-D Defense System

    63 Gs operating shock

    350 Gs non-operating shock

    RoHS Compliant

    Manufacturer Warranty 5-Year

  9. ...14.1" XGA / 15" XGA (1024 x 768) TFT LCD display...


    It's either 14.1 or 15", not both, have them verify it. Do not buy unless it's a verified seller and will accept Paypal, do not use wire monies or western union types.

    See what else the seller has sold, feedback, etc.


    P.S. How do you get 480mb of ram?

    128 x 3 = 384

    256 + 256 = 512


    Most lappy's only have 2 mem slots, so I don't know how they got that number. Could 32mb be devoted to graphics, so 2x256 = 512 - 32 = 480 ?


    Note Added after post: http://cgi.ebay.com/Laptop-Notebook-AMD220...1QQcmdZViewItem

    if you are getting something like this, then yes, it's worth it. You may not be able to run Google Earth, but that's about all you 'wont' be able to do. Turning off all un-needed services will help out alot, along with correct cache settings and defragging of the HD.

  10. I have the exact same problem. I tried re-installing Windows with no luck though. I can't force it to select the ACPI Multiprocessor PC HAL -- it always defaults to ACPI PC.


    It says 2 CPUs when it posts, but it only shows the settings for cpu0 in the line after that.


    See this thread on a similar problem that RGone helped me with. Can't tell what bios you got loaded, just make sure it's 6/23 or later.


    "...My CPU was being detected as a MPS multiprocessor PC (who woulda thunk it), and his was correctly being reported as a ACPI Multiprocessor PC (see pic). I remembered how to 'manually' select the processor type (HAL) in the old win2k days, you hit F5 during the 'F6 scsi driver' part of the XP install and select the correct HAL, but when I did it in XP, I only saw 2 items. RGone had to walk me through it (you hit the up arrow when the 2 items show up) and low and behold, there's a selection for ACPI Multiprocessor PC. Do I know why my CPU was being incorrectly detected, no. But were we able to fix it, yes. So, after manually selecting the correct CPU (HAL), the XP install finished, and I was able to install the 6.66 drivers and the SATA controllers all showed up as they should. Hats off to RGone for the help. I've also attached a pic of my MBM with all the goodies active and running 2 instances of P95 for 12 hours (a beautiful thing to behold)..."

  11. Yes, but that also encourages, people to sell coupons, which are free etc, and not meant to be sold really. Makes sense, but I prefer waiting instead of supporting illicit commerce ;).


    I wave my magic wand :angel: and absolve you of any guilt you might feel about illicit coupons.

    And don't worry about the tatoo you've been thinking of getting. Just do it.

  12. Note/Edit: The coupon might only work for new customers, but try it. In anycase, if the coupon don't work, it costs 69 bucks, not bad.


    Buy.com has Creative Audigy 2 Platinum ZS PCI Retail for $168.99 - $10 off $150 coupon - $100 rebate = $59, shipped free.

    ripped from slickdeals.net


    1. Click here and activate the coupon


    make sure you hit the 'redeem coupon' button

    2. Click here for the sound card or search for SKU 10354635


    3. Add to cart, and checkout. Make sure to select budget shipping (7-9 days)

    4. Send in the $100 rebate


    :P enjoy

  13. Ya I been to Slicker, XP etc, its that 30% coupon thats killing me lol, and I refuse to buy a coupon O_O. Guess I'll have to wait unless someone is willing to pass it down.


    Well, the thing is, if it saves you money, do it. If you spend 1 dollar to save 30, you didn't spend one dollar, you just 'saved 29 bucks'. If you spent one dollar on the coupon and didn't use it, then yes, you spent one dollar.


    At least that's what the logic in my head says. Did I take the blue pill or the red one....or did I smoke a joint? I can't remember.

  14. I am currentlly using OCZ Platinum PC3200 512x2. I want to upgrade to 2gb so I want 2x1gb pair. I have been looking at OCZ XTC PC3200 and Patriot and Corsair. What would be the best memory for this board? I do not overclock so I want something that will have LL and run fast if I do bump it up a little with LL settings. I know that some memory isnt very copmpatible with this board so what would be the best for me to get for high end FPS gaming? Thx

    See my other post, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145575

    CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit System Memory - Retail


    * Model #: Twinx2048-3200c2pt

    * Item #: N82E16820145575


    140 bucks after rebate, nice stock timings:

    Cas Latency 2

    Timing 2-3-3-6

  15. CORSAIR XMS Twinx2048-3200c2pt 2GB (2 x 1GB) $140 after rebate

    Free Three Day Shipping

    (Don't forget to select 3-day ship)




    Brand CORSAIR

    Series XMS

    Model Twinx2048-3200c2pt

    Type 184-Pin DDR SDRAM

    Tech Spec

    Capacity 2GB (2 x 1GB)

    Speed DDR 400 (PC 3200)

    Cas Latency 2

    Timing 2-3-3-6

    Voltage 2.75V

    ECC No

    Registered/Unbuffered Unbuffered

    Heat Spreader Yes

    Features Platinum Heat Spreader


    Keep copies of all rebate forms and receipts for validation.

  16. Really sorry to hear that bro.

    Bad Karma from the getgo. Probably would have arrived with concealed damage and been a double nightmare. Get out while you can.



    I eventually had to cancel this order, as they just kept giving me the run around on status and BS answers.


    I ended up ordering the Cooler Master Silver Centurion Aluminum RC-534, which was on sale at SVC for $49.99 and did have the 120mm fan openings for my future water cooling this year.

  17. Try this COUPON code for an extra 5% off.



    Use the coupon code MAXPCMAY with any order to get an additional 5% off our already low prices!


    Cooler Master RC-534 RC-534-SKN1 1 49.99

    Silver Centurion Aluminum Chassis

    Evercool Twinkling VGA and Chipset Cooler EC-VC-RE 1 8.95


    Subtotal 58.94

    Coupon discount -2.95


    Subtotal 55.99

    Shipping 12.97

    Tax 4.62

    Total 73.58



    Note on the case above, this is not the total silver Centurion case, it's the one with silver front and black sides, so I don't know why they called it 'silver', it's really black. 120mm fan mounts on front and rear, comes with one 120mm fan (w/LEDs) which show up on the front side grills. It's not all aluminum either, I believe the exterior is steel, and no side window. I'm going for performance and as low a noise level as possible this time around. I'll be mounting the water cooling radiator on the exterior back mount later this year when budget permits (just got the 7900gtx) and need to have money for summer fun.

  18. Hey peeps, ordered audigy 2 zs platinum on buy.com with the $100 rebate




    I've never dealt with a sound card before, always used onboard. I've never had the speakers to make any use of a sound card... and i stild on't but i plan on purchasing a nice 200-300 watt 5.1 set. I'm currently using karajan module. Do i just need to go into bios and turn off onboard sound? Or do I need to un-install the nvidia audio drivers i installed with the chipset drivers (6.70). I will be putting the sound card in tonight, thought i;d ask for advice a ahead of time... I know best option would be to just re-install windows, but I'm guessing this install shouldnt be that painful (unless i get conflicting drivers fighting each other)





    Nice to have a buy.com distribution warehouse right near by (budget shipping supposed to be 7-9 buisness days, ending up being 1 lol!)


    You can have both running if you want. If you'll be using the audigy all the time, go into the bios and turn off the onboard sound. Then boot with the new sound card in. You should be ok, you don't have to 'uninstall' the old drivers for the onboard sound, they just will not be used.

    Then install the new drivers.

  19. So I went to flash my bios, and i can't do it!!!! I go to run winflash and it says "Onboard BIOS not Award BIOS!" For some reason XP Pro x64 dons't like my floppy drive (i don't know whats up with that) so I always have used winflash. I have never gotten this message and it is really bothering me, help!


    Got this from the 4-26 bios thread: http://www.epox-europe.com/downloads/drive...?product_id=382

    xp64 winflasher halfway down the page.

  20. True True on the fingerpaint, since I will be 'touching my baby' everday when I get up :nod:

    Yes, you are right about the 'inflated' before sale price, ain't that like compusa anyways...

    But, now that I got free ship, the $56 to the door (no tax for me from compusa in CA), it's a good deal after rebate.


    Stay away from CPAP-usa.com .

    My case has been on order since the 16th of Apr 06, I then 'chatted' with their online service:

    5 emails to so-called customer support have yielded no satisfactory responses as to when my order, 16 Apr 06, might get filled. I then went online to their customer support and copied the chat, this is on 25 Apr 06:


    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

    You have been connected to Chris R..

    Chris R.: Hello. How may I assist you?

    Customer: Hi, I want to know if you have VB6000BWS in stock?

    Customer: product number 335941

    Chris R.: Yes.

    Customer: Then I need you to fill my order XX2569713 , that customer support has said was not in stock.

    Chris R.: Ahh, well I'm just going on the information on the website. If the "add to cart" button is there, I generally say it's in stock because 90% of the time it is.

    Chris R.: If customer support said it wasn't in stock, then it's out of stock.

    Customer: hmmmm

    Customer: So, what you said was not true

    Chris R.: I understand that you want this item, but I don't actually have a link to the inventory system.

    Chris R.: Our customer service line does.

    Chris R.: So, if they told you it's not available, then they have the most reliable information.

    Chris R.: Before you told me they said that, my best information was that it was in stock.

    Chris R.: Thank you for correcting me.

    Chris R.: Anything else I can help you with?

    Customer: You kidding..."


    See http://www.resellerratings.com/seller1912.html before ever shopping at crapusa.com

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