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  1. I'll try the daniel k drivers.


    But otherwise, how's the XPlosion?


    I had the opposite experience with Xplosion, nothing but problems. But the latest driver release ( http://www.auzentech.com/site/download/updates.php ) fixed all the problems. They must have hired someone smart on the software driver side. It no longer mutes the microphone when starting BF2. The mic level is still low for this expensive piece of equipment, but I can live with that.

  2. DEAL IS DEAD!!!!





    Price: $29.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping


    Product Description (no CS:S)


    The Orange Box delivers five innovative games from Valve, creators of the Half-Life franchise, in one box. The Orange Box includes Half-Life 2: Episode Two, PortalTM, and Team Fortress 2 in addition to full versions of the award-winning Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One for an engrossing first-person action experience.



    * Five Games, One Box: The Orange Box is the ultimate collection of innovative action games for the console, and an amazing introduction to the Half-Life series for console gamers.

    * Epic Storyline: Half-Life 2: Episode Two takes you deeper into one of the best-known stories in gaming, following the desperate struggle of Gordon Freeman against the mysterious Combine. In this episode, you must leave the confines of City 17 for the first time and face even greater dangers beyond the city walls.

    * Redefining Action: Portal delivers an innovative new action gaming experience. Arming you with a portal gun that lets you create portals from one location to another with the press of a button, Portal will forever change the way that you interact with your environment.

    * World-Class Multiplayer: Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to granddaddy of role-based multiplayer action games. Featuring nine distinct roles Heavy, Spy, Scout, Demoman, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Soldier, and Pyro Team Fortress 2 is one of this year’s most anticipated multiplayer games for any platform.


    * Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

    * ASIN: B000PS2XES

    * Product Dimensions: 2 pounds

    * Media: DVD-ROM

    * Release Date: October 9, 2007

  3. yea it seemed all i needed was a reboot, i just cant figure out what some of my sensors are for example i have no idea what "temp 3" is :lol:


    Please post your output from 'sensors'. I'd post that here for others to see, and if you're having trouble with it, in that forum post at Ubuntu. There is plenty of help and examples on the web on how to 'not' report temps/fans etc that are not valid. I remember that I did have to tune up the formula's to get something approximate to what mbm/bios was reporting. You usually have 3 temps, MB/Sys, CPU, and NB chipset. I'm not running it right now so I can't be for sure. Keep googling and if you find something out that you think is good info, post it here. Thanks.

  4. I don't understand what 'uguru' means.

    The board has a CD of utilities but we tried to install them in another servers and the program seems to corrupt the OS.


    I will try to install it again.


    Disregard what I said, as I tried to select uguru and it doesn't show up in the selection (although I've read somewheres that uguru does work).

    I have no idea how to enable or select it. It's in the .ini files.

  5. I am having problems getting 1024x768 on PClinuxOS. The monitor is a Hansol 701a (17" CRT). I set HorizSync to 30-85 and VertRefresh to 47-160, but the max I can get out of it is 832x624. The GPU is a S3 Virge DX (PCI), this has been driving me nuts, any ideas?


    It's probably not detecting that S3 Virge correctly. It's easy to screw up the X windows totally when playing around with it. Search the web for the real instructions, but in general, you boot into single user mode, run 'xfconfig' from the command line and work from there.

    Then, boot into multi-user mode or run startx from the command line to start X again. Plenty of documentation on the web to get you there.

  6. I'm trying to get the MBM 5 with an Intel SE7520JR2 with double Xeon.

    At first I tried with the wizard, then I found in this blog that the wizard didn't work. I tried then to configure it without the wizard without success.


    Can someone help me with this board?



    I looked at your manual: http://download.intel.com/support/motherbo...0jr2tpsrev1.pdf and can only say,

    Try using the config wizard and the select 'uguru' and see what happens.

    Did the board come with a cd with any 'utilities' or extras?

  7. VisionTek Radeon X1650PRO 256MB 128bit GDDR2 PCI-Ex16 HDCP


    $40 after rebate, free shipping


    rebate linik: http://images10.newegg.com/uploadfilesforn...Nov0407lh15.pdf


    Someone in a pinch (low budget) or needs one for a gaming server, HTC, or whatever.

    These cards have their plus's and minus's. Feel free to post your personal experiences or reviews.



    Brand VisionTek

    Model 900118


    Interface PCI Express x16


    Chipset Manufacturer ATI

    GPU Radeon X1650PRO

    PixelPipelines 12


    Memory Size 256MB

    Memory Interface 128-bit

    Memory Type GDDR2

    3D API

    DirectX DirectX 9

    OpenGL OpenGL 2.0


    HDMI 1

    D-SUB 1

    TV-Out S-Video / Composite Out

    VIVO No


    Tuner None

    RAMDAC 400 MHz

    Max Resolution 2048 x 1536

    Cooler With Fan

    Operating Systems Supported Windows XP/XP Media Center Edition/2000

    System Requirements Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64, AMD Athlon XP or compatible with x16 PCI Express slot

    Installation software requires CD-ROM drive

    DVD playback requires DVD drive

    Correct Chipset drivers

    300 watt or greater power supply

    HDCP Ready Yes

    Packaging Package Contents 900118

    User Manual HDMI Cable S-Video to Composite Cable HDMI to DVI Adapter

    L-P Brackets

  8. When I called evga, they said there is no silver in the compound they use for the core, or anything. I guess i should be ok, with 4 120mm fans on it like dark orb said, and i'll configure the fan settings with riva tuner like i have now. I wonder if I'll have to re-install drivers for the gtx. I think it uses the same ones this card uses. When i go to nvidia's driver page it's got the 8800 series driver listed, and i have the latest one, 163.


    Ok, I'll leave well enough alone. I just like AS5 so much that I'm not comfortable with anything else for thermal compound. It's the best, and i like the best. :rolleyes:


    On the riva tuner thang, I used this guide and it works well if you don't go crazy with the configs:



    I have it run at 100% => 70c, 85% => 68c and 75% => 65c. Works wonders, no games, not bf2/2142, or cs:s lockup at all after using those configs. My vid card runs hot, so having those fan duty cycles config'd really works for me.

  9. Ok figured out the VBAT as well and added the following into the voltage.ini:


    [Winbond W83627THF-A]



    V6=Asus P5N-E SLI

    V6V1=$20*0.016 // CORE0

    V6V2=255 // CORE1

    V6V3=$21*0.016 // 3.3V

    V6V4=$23*0.016*1.68 // 5V

    V6V5=$24*0.016*4 // 12V

    V6V6=255 // -12V

    V6V7=255 // -5V

    V6V8=$28*0.016 // VBAT


    This combined with the sensors mentioned in my previous post seems to have sorted everything. I have attached a screenshot of my dashboard. Temps seem a little high for stock settings with stock fan (approx 53 deg Celsius for the cores idle). I'm still setting things up and haven't even looked at overclocking yet but looks like it might be worth taking off the heatsink and applying some Arctic Silver as I don't know what the shop did when they installed everything but I suspect they used the thermal pad that came with the processor.


    Thanks for the help,




    EDIT: This is on my new system for which I don't have a sig yet, Asus P5NE-SLI, Q6600, 8800GTS, OCZ 2GB memory.


    To make this to work for me, I opened up the voltage.ini file in the MBM5/Data directory (after installing MBM and patch 3 to the correct directory). In the voltage.ini file I searched for [Winbond W83627THF-A] and then changed VT=5 to VT=6 and pasted what Opener said to:

    V6=Asus P5N-E SLI

    V6V1=$20*0.016 // CORE0

    V6V2=255 // CORE1

    V6V3=$21*0.016 // 3.3V

    V6V4=$23*0.016*1.68 // 5V

    V6V5=$24*0.016*4 // 12V

    V6V6=255 // -12V

    V6V7=255 // -5V

    V6V8=$28*0.016 // VBAT


    (edit note: the '255' above means no readings)


    To get VBatt to show up on my P5N-E, I had to do the following:

    In the Settings/Voltages panel, select sensor 8. Change "Should display board sensor" to MBM Fixed. Then change "Voltage Configuration" to 'Asus P5N-E SLI'. Click on Visual, change name to VBatt, and click on Display this voltage in the dashboard screen.


    I changed everything to digital readouts except for CPU usage outputs. I'll see if I can post a pic in a minute, I have to reboot to get the drives to show up in MBM too.


    Thanks Soundx98 and Opener for the info, I couldn't have done it on my own in a million years.

  10. man there is no jumpers on my drives OK.



    I see you've followed this thread for awhile.


    What are the results with NCQ on and off?

    And with read cache on and off?


    You might also look at the latest drivers from nvidia version 686 which includes v6.66 sata raid drivers.


    I don't use raid at all, but no one else seems to be stepping up to the plate, so post pics of your results with the above (4 pics, ncq on/read on, ncq on/read off, ncq off/read off, ncq off/read on), and see what people might say about that.



  11. the drives are st3160815as the drivers 5.10.2600.479


    I understand the pain it gives you to provide information related to YOUR request for help, but,

    Did you do a physical 'eyes-on' jumper check on the hard drives to make sure the are not set for SATA 1 as described in the linked pdf file.


    I'm gonna be gone this afternoon, can someone step in and help this person.



  12. satas dont have jumpers. Drivers are what ever come on da flopy disk so drivers the same on both pics


    Please answer the questions I posted if you want some help. I can't see your system from here. Yes, some sata drives DO have jumpers, and your driver versions may be pertinent to the problem, and yes it's nice to know what model drives you are using. I'm not trying to invade your personal privacy, but these are things we need to know to help you out.


    1. Driver version for ide/sata/raid? Go to device manager to find out.

    2. Jumpers on drive pulled? Some came out of the factory with the jumper on, limiting the drive to Sata1 speeds of 1.5Gbs transfer speed:


    See Chapter/paragraph 3.2

    3. Model number of the drive? such as ST3160215AS or ST3160815AS.. (can usually also find out in device manager)


    Notes for info: Those are Sata II drives that run at 3Gbs, not Sata 3 . The model numbers above have a 78 MB/s maximum sustained data transfer rate (each), so that will help in determining the results you are getting.

  13. Ok what are some of the reasons why my Raid 0 is runing so slooooow?

    For the pro's that will look at what you posted, can you provide the drivers version that you are using for the ide/sata/raid stack and the model numbers of the drives themselves.

    Don't take this as an insult, but are there any jumpers on the HD's that you might have forgotten to pull?:eek:

  14. can you elaborate "grounding/power supply" thing what do you mean??


    If you can remember if you had a weather storm or an electrical outage right before the memory went bad.



    Or if you regularly replace light bulbs around your house quite often, then you might check your house's power lines and grounding. Another clue is if you get shocked near the washer machine and dryer.

    An electrician can help or advise on what to do.

    I'm not talking about static build up from carpet, but the real problems. You can get a tester from the hardware store that you plug into your outlets and test them for proper wiring and grounding. (however, I have no idea how the electrical stuff is done in NZ).


    Edit again, and use MBM to monitor the voltage to your memory, it should stay solid and not flucuate. In MBM, you can log those readings and look for trends.

  15. sorry I should have been more clear, the old girl wont even complete it's POST


    Tried a 512MB Rambo(i know it's crap but it's cheap) DIMM from our media center, the computer booted and is running stable, but slow with only 512mb

    which means the rest of the PC is OK


    Since is my last post i have:

    tried the modules by them self and together, in every possible configuration;

    kind of random but tried a new CMOS battery;

    both failed to solve any thing

    tried the Ballistix's in 2 other computers (an ASUS NF2 -- the media center, and a DFI SLI-D NF4) which also failed to POST with the memory so I'm starting to think the modules might have gone bad like they have for so many of you!


    so what do you think send em back or is there something more i can do??


    Having both go bad at the same time is 'unusual', (I'd probably look at grounding/power supply problems too), but you've done what you could to narrow down the problem.


    My vote:

    Send 'em back. Get an RMA, and please post how the process worked for you and the way you were treated for future crucial buyers to read.

  16. I had followed some thread on neowin forums i found via google which was fruitless. Your approach at first gave me a GRUB error 22 which wasnt a big problem after i disconnected all other drives in my PC and just left the 80 gig hitachi in there. Did fixmbr and fixboot (which ive used before and am quite familar with) again and viola! it works! Looks like im gonna have to format that 40 gig or so partition that ubuntu used to occupy.


    Thanks a bunch man!


    Hopefully you'll take some computer science classes and have to load up linux again!!!

    Linux does have everything you need to get your degree! Open Office, databases, spreadsheets, graphs, audacity for audio, gimp for graphics, etc.


    Good luck at school!!!

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