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  1. Why not try something more productive, but remember this, what you really think about can actually occur. Even if you do go, why not balance everything out? Why would you go broke from buying all of those things they showcase behind glass windows, or beer after beer, you should by now know how much you can actually drink and from each can you can actually see the difference in your thinking, reasoning, gudging, speech, attitude, mood, and such. Think about it...
  2. You'll need to purchase a wireless adapter for your computer at home. Now these wireless adapters interface come in USB2.0, PCI, and PCI-E.
  3. Well, that motherboard is a 790i chipset which i'm not really that familiar with, but you can either go the FSB route which is to just up the "Front Side Bus" from stock 333 to whatever it will end up stable by 5 increments. Now your processor is a 2.83GHz which i'm guess it has 333 FSB with a 8.5x multiplier. I don't think you can change that multiplier since it's not an "EXTREME EDITION" going up but only down, so more than likely all you need to do is up the FSB and give it a higher vCORE. See i got a p35 board from Gigabyte and all i did was upped the FSB from stock "267" to "333" which is 333x9=2997 (3.0GHz). But now this is with the p35 chipset, i have no idea what the difference between your 790i is compared to my p35. Good Luck... http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/core-2...ock,2146-6.html
  4. That probably is due to the difference in that Asus X58 compared to the MSI G55 motherboards. That could be hardware or driver based, but it should be very easy to figure that out, but you've posted this last month and i'm just surprised nobody has even tried to reply.
  5. I personally do not use Facebook, but you can give this URL a shot... http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/12/08/r...e-facebook-ads/
  6. So i'm assuming that you're running the Asus MBA32-MVP Deluxe, correct? The latest bios that i see on the Asus site is 0701 which was put up @2007. Which bios were you running before the flash? So you're trying to overclock it already? It can run at stock settings correct?
  7. The 8800GT pwns the 4670HD... http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/gaming-...,1699.html?prod[3235]=on&prod[3282]=on
  8. I wouldn't bother purchasing that "Antec 550w PSU" because not only i've seen those PSU's take a dive right out of the box, but they are just not worth installing when it comes to powerup all of your components. Go with OCZ, Corsair, or other named brands.... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817139004
  9. CPU-Z info on to reply: You can either do a printscreen and save it to paint.exe and upload it to http://tinypic.com and use the forum quote and paste it in here, or use the upload function at the bottom right corner of your screen when you're replying. It would be in attachments.
  10. Processor Dragon Age: Origins - More cores, better performance The processor is the most important component for a lag free Dragon Age: Origins experience. The CPU shouldn't just run at least 2.8 GHz but also have four cores. In our test the performance was increased by 29 percent when we replaced our C2D E6600 (dual-core) with the C2Q Q6600 (quad-core) which also runs at 2.4 GHz. Thus we recommend the C2Q Q8400 or the Phenom II X4 940 BE - both processors cost about 150 Euros. Detailed CPU benchmarks will follow as soon as possible. Video Card Dragon Age: Origins - Lower Middle Class GPUs are enough Although the graphics are looking quite good, the game doesn't stress the graphics card too much. For 1280 x 1024 pixels (no FSAA, 16:1 AF) a Geforce 9800 GT or Radeon HD 4770 is enough. Higher settings like 1680 x 1050 with 4x/8x FSAA require a GTS 250 or HS 4870 (512 MiByte). Since the launch file already needs 1.3 GiByte system memory, your system should have 2 GiByte (XP) respectively 4 GiByte (Vista) RAM at least. For Windows 7 you should also have 4 GiByte. 8800GTS or an Radeon HD 3850 with 512 MB http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,698666/...-2009/Practice/ http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,698761/...cores/Practice/
  12. Which previous video card did you have installed on that OS before? So which ATI drivers have you installed so far, 10.2, or 10.3? Why don't you download and install CPU-Z and GPU-Z which will give you better understanding with what you really have in your system as far as CPU, MEMORY, VIDEO CARD goes. Can you also somehow take a screenshot of the crash by PRINTSCREEN or camera and upload it here? ttyl...
  13. You pretty much figured out the hard part, but you're asking for the simple ones? ASUS P6T is a GREAT board, USB3.0 is a fraud. The CPU cooler, PSU, etc that you have listed on your first post are GREAT. Plus i'm sure that 5770 will overclock very well, so you'll notice 10-12% difference in some particular games if you overclock it high enough. Just make sure you get higher revisions on that ASUS motherboard because there is ALOT of reviews out there overclocking the i7 processor with that board that you can just easily look at and do yourself. Good Luck!
  14. Having 4GB of on-board memory on your card is COMPLETELY USELESS. Besides why would you want to go from a 5870 to a 5970, why not go for the next generation ATI when they hit? Doesn't make any sense to me, i guess you have lots of money...
  15. Advantages are being monitors 24/7... lol
  16. What you want to do first is keep an eye on your 2D/3D clocks in whichever utilities you use for your video card and notice if the crash varies or happens at different times. I'm assuming that you're using the 10.3 WHQL drivers for your graphic card. Have you notice any other problems after you have installed that new video card in your system. For example, games, maybe using another browser to stream flash. Which browser and version are you using for the flash video's?
  17. Newegg special on a PSU? You never ever want to take a shortcut on a PSU. The PSU is the heart of the system dude, specially when you crossfire it. I would go with a known brand 1000w PSU, not no $70 special. Think again...
  18. Okay ladies i'm looking at the clock and it says 7:38pm which is Pacific time and still no updates. God forgive you....
  19. Here is your President of the United States of America....
  20. Were you having this particular issue with the previous drivers "190.38" or did it start occuring with the new drivers that you just now installed "196.13"? Why don't you keep "Device Manager" open and when you do hear that sound see if you can notice any devices popping on and off in there to pin point the issue. Does that make any sense? Because this doesn't sound like a video card issue to be completely honest with you.... Personal Note: Why am i not seeing a sig for some of the members here in OCC? Do they expect us to be Psychic, or use our 6th sense? You want us to troubleshoot for you well at least put down what you have in your system.
  21. You've figured me out man, i'm speechless...
  22. What can i say, i don't have alot of patience. "I want the real deal in here answering this" <--- Remember? he he he he
  23. No, i just looked around the web at some reviews here and there and made up my mind, but thanks anyways.
  24. Well, i found what i was looking for, thank you for your help... (Sarcasm)
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