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  1. You were so cpu bottleneck with that processor, I had a Q6600 along with the R9 290 that i'm selling and i had it on HIGH settings for the first Watch dog game, when i upgraded to i7 2700k that i just sold, i went Ultra on watch dogs game. Almost 50 FPS higher and the minimum fps also improved. Now i'm going from an i7 2700k to an i7 7700k, wondering how much performance i can get out of this 1070 for my video card. The i7 2700k was overclocked to 4.5GHz, so not a whole lot as going from Q6600 to i7 2700K. Let me know if you want to do crossfire with an r9 290, it should work with a 390 in Windows 10.
  2. I lowered the prices to robbery status. To be honest i don't feel like putting the components back into the case, so it must sell! BUMP!
  3. Is that what happened with Ryzen? Now how do i delete this thread, i'll just try overclocking it higher and of course keeping these parts longer.
  4. I cut the prices down pretty good. Not sure why not sellin'. Bump.
  5. I have brought the total price down again, bump.
  6. Z170 boards are far less cheaper than Z270. I'm curious if they will support the new 8th generation Intel chips or not since they support 7th Kaby Lake cpu's. Anybody know?
  7. CPU,MOTHERBOARD, AND RAM SOLD TO ir_cow. GPU SOLD TO Silas13013 Please close this thread
  8. Dynamic

    Mafia 3

    The game looked really good in E3, but when it came out they downgraded it.
  9. They should of given the person purchasing this product the option to go from second person view to first person view like they did on Fallout 4.
  10. I have a water cooling setup, so it doesn't come close to 60c. I'm using HWinfo64 instead of anything else to see what the temps are. Not sure if this application is accurate or not. Is real temp monitor better? Anyhow there is something wrong with the motherboard and the bios update since it doesn't recognize the speed of memory correctly or to adjust system fans other than the two that i can see i.e. sysfan1 and sysfan2. So you are playing 1080P games and haven't noticed any changes between going from 4.5GHz to 4.7GHz?
  11. Is anyone else having issues finding system fans 3 and 4 in the bios for the MSI Z77A-G45 Motherboards? I have the lastest bios version 2.C0/2.12 and also it does not detect my memory properly only 2133MHz and not 2400MHz. I have XMP enabled but it only goes to 2133MHz. So is there any benefits going from 4.5GHz to 4.7GHz? Only giving it around 1.315v @4.5GHz.
  12. If you know why this thread is not going to last than why don't you tell them what you know. If you think you're a god is because you have either actually figured out the hidden truth to life or you're just another FRAUD. Don't insult me because i know what you're exactly here for "Get his mommy". You want to hear something NEGITIVE? Coming on to this forum is nothing but a WASTE, reason: You idiots think this . that you have infront of you is all there is in this world because you haven't understood what is really out there for you to grasp. Reason why you can't understand what i'm saying is because you're actually ASLEEP, don't have the slidest clue of what is actually happening or has been for years now. There are WASTES everywhere, and not just in this forum. DONE!
  13. Don't think about how much pain, hate, jealousy, etc you have felt in your life from another, but think about it from the other point of view. Like why has that happened to me and has it actually happened to someone else and did they actually felt the way i'm feeling right now or did. I know you have to do what you have to do to survive with the world that is headed the way its headed but really think about this one. They are trying to replaced LOVE with HATE, laughter with anger, etc. You can have money to stay on your feet, buy whatever you want, go anywhere you want, but what are you actually feeling. You feel good when that new video card comes out and you just want/need to buy it to play that new "CRYSIS 2" game or get that 240Hz so that the frames stay smooth at High Definition, but are you actually happy or just being entertained? The things that outrages me the most is saying that people have mental illness because they see, hear, feel, smell, and taste (YES SENSES) things that a "NORMAL" person doesn't. The things that outrages me the most is that color, religion, race, . is the way it is because that's how they have made it. So if he looks different even though one of his race just robbed me, ALL OF THEM ARE LIKE HIM. There are good and bad in everything. This can get very complex if you want it, but i know many of you understand what i'm saying and many of you probably HATE me the most, but i assure you things will get better.....
  14. Yeah, but how much do we actually know about the process that it takes going from a baby to a man or growth? I mean think about it, the mind is not science but they still think they can figure out how to help the "MENTALLY ILL" with medication right? Another thing that is odd to me is how the "NEWS" puts everything together to show "US" what is going on with each and everything that they put up on the boards for us.
  15. There are no laws against "messing with human DNA", i mean think about it there are so many variables involved in such act and we are not only talking about one location. How many places around this world have labs with human DNA and who are actually in there doing what exactly? You are way behind my friend....
  16. No, i don't think his training partner was possessed by the "Devil" but from a demon.
  17. Worrying about the U.S. Gov't doing whatever they want with your internet should be the LAST THING ON YOUR MIND.
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