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  1. Bump for a spectacular deal. If i had the money and didn't have a 1070 this would of been bought by now.
  2. Bump for a $100 mid-range GPU and an easy way of making the payment with PayPal.
  3. bump. Only 100 bucks for a r9 290 none x 4GB memory.
  4. Bump for a nice price drop. I've added a Paypal account as well.
  5. Bump for a nice mid-range GPU price.
  6. @xenkw0n He would need a better cpu, ram, motherboard, and PSU to use the R9 290 4GB none x version. From a GTX 460 to a R9 290 is a massive upgrade for sure.
  7. Or what he could do is add more memory, and buy my video card.
  8. Sounds good, i'll keep you posted. The Vram is mirrored not doubled so your crossfire setup would be 290 + 390 4GB total. So i was wrong about it being doubled before.
  9. We can cross ship, you send the money order/gram and i'll send you the GPU, and also send each other the tracking number. Now, if anything goes wrong then you'll need a better PSU and i'll send you the money back while you reship the gpu back as well. Unless you want to keep it and get a better PSU. How does that sound? I know these 290's/390's need alot of watts, they sure ain't like the 970/980 gpus. Note:The R9 290 takes a 8pin and 6pin.
  10. That motherboard is pretty sweet, it has a built-in water cooling setup, so you just buy the watercooler and can easily hook it up. That video card should last him a year with ULTRA settings games. Most of these dev's use previous game engines and hardly modify anything. Like the Call of duty series. That processor isn't bad but i'd get the i7 7700K, some games do use more cores, not sure which games he plays. I would get him a M.2 hard drive instead of SATA, if your motherboard supports it then get it, it's really fast compared to SATA hard drives. I left you a pic below regarding the hard drive. https://www.custompcreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/plextor-m6e-pcie-x2-m2-ssd-now-available.jpg
  11. Nevermind the only usb 3.1 there is, is on the back i/o, only 3.0/2.0 for front panel. 1 x USB 3.0 connector(s) support(s) additional 2 USB 3.0 port(s) (19-pin)
  12. I know these new motherboards have back panel i/o 3.1 usb, but does it still have the 3.0 front panel connector on the motherboard or 3.1? Has anyone upgraded their front panel case with usb 3.1 yet or there is no need too?
  13. How do i go about replacing the front panel USB 3.0 to USB 3.1 after upgrading motherboards that no longer support USB 3.0? The female connector on my old motherboard that supports USB 3.0 had 20 pins. Does the USB 3.1 have 20 pins? Would a front panel usb 3.0 be compatible with a female i/o internal usb 3.1? Anyone?
  14. If you pair the R9 290 i have for sell, your 8GB memory on your 390 will still be 8GB combined (i think), but the speed for the core and memory will revert to the 290. You'll have to make sure that OCZ 750W PSU can handle the cards in crossfire. Let me know because i already have a box for it to ship. Thanks in advance.
  15. It's the none X 4GB version. I could have it shipped as soon as i find myself a customer. Bump again!
  16. Honestly, buying this r9 290 back in 2014 i'm losing a good amount of money on it that i could literally use for the new system purchase, bump for a great price. Thanks^
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