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  1. I would probably go with the eVGA 240 AIO since these 8700K processors run hot as the 7700K. Besides that Corsair H60 is way outdated and wouldn't do so good with your new processor.
  2. That case you listed is really nice, it supports up to 10 fans which I thought was crazy good. I don't even think I can fit that many fans in my case. Both of those PSU's are solid, but I personally would go with PC Power & Cooling, since it's been in the market for a very long long time. And in regards to the 144Hz monitor, you would more likely have to purchase an expensive video card to really get frames that high up in games. Anyhow good luck with your build and do let us know how it goes.
  3. I've been using the latest NVidia driver 387.92 for my GTX 1070 and I haven't had any issues with two new games I've been playing this week.
  4. That deal is a steal for sure. If you are going to purchase a 144Hz monitor then you'll need a high performance video card. That 760 is not going to cut it, so you'll need to upgrade that down the road. That CPU,RAM, and MOBO you have listed in your post is great and you'll notice a great improvement over your DFI setup for sure. What you want to do is research in the games you want to play, see how they are benchmarked, which video cards are playing them at high frames per second in the benchmarks, and buy the card that fits the need for 144Hz monitor. Now i'm not sure which resolution you are planning to get with that monitor, but if you are going higher than 1080p then my best bet would be either a 1080 Ti or one of those Vega 64 cards. Cause in order to achieve that high of a frame you'll need muscle behind it. I know for a fact that the GTX 1070 isn't going to cut it for every game at 144Hz, and that's why my monitor is only 1080p 60Hz. If I were you I would go on ebay and look around for your video card when you do plan on buying it. I built my whole previous system from buying stuff I needed from ebay. I would bet anyone here they would tell you to get a 1080 Ti when it comes to 144Hz monitor. Also for a PSU, make sure you buy good quality, and at least an 850W. I hope that I have answered most of your questions, and good luck.
  5. Wouldn't a 8700K greatly improve the frames per second on his 1080 Ti compared to an Ryzen 1700? He also does need higher frame rates since his monitor supports it. Plus he can further overclock the 8700K compared to the Ryzen 1700. I would sell the 1700 and go with a 8700K.
  6. That is sure a nice beautiful setup, kind of makes me want to reinstall my Sound Blaster Z and setup my Logitech 5.1 speakers.
  7. Logitech is one of the main brands I hear about for PC speakers, so I guess you are good. Kind of makes me want to setup my old Logitech 5.1 speakers, but i'll need to reinstall my Sound Blaster Z, hehe. Been using a Razer Headset for a year now, so. Anyhow good luck with your new toy and let us know how it sounds.
  8. You could always download or purchase a recovery tool to recover what you have on that hard drive.
  9. Are you referring to DFI Street (later renamed DIY Street after Angry's falling out with the LanParty team)? Yes, that was the site we were on before this one until we merged. So long ago....
  10. I came in here when we merged from another website, can't recall what it was called. Do any of you guys remember that merge?
  11. Isn't it useful if you are running alot of video cards and harddrives?
  12. Welcome to the forum, you got a nice build going. Have fun with it and hopefully that 1050ti isn't giving you any problems with your gaming at 1080p resolution.
  13. I'm not sure why you chose intel processor if you are doing video editing and such. I would of went with a Ryzen processor for all that.
  14. Doesn't overclocking the BLCK effect other hardware that aren't meant to be overclocked?
  15. When a harddrive runs tasks like that it usually lags the system.
  16. Usually the first boot or during installation it would take that long to update hardware and to boot to Windows. Sounds like your laptop was looping hardware installation or something.
  17. Yeah, the game looks gorgeous, hopefully they don't downgrade any of it when retail comes out.
  18. Yeah it took like a month for him to get $100 haha. I suspect whoever bought it just flipped it on ebay. No, he wanted to either Crossfire it with his other 290 or setup another pc with it and it took way more then a month to sell, i was actually going to close the thread, but hey it sold.
  19. The video card is one of the most important components of the pc, i wouldn't cut corners with the power cables if i were you.
  20. They should of made a November release instead of next year.
  21. The one with copper would most likely cool the processor better for the HSF. That RX 580 is a nice card, but i doubt it would do you much with 144hz even at 1080P. At least for the most AAA games out there. Good luck with your build.
  22. There should be an advance section where you can go in and change FSB and such.
  23. Only $100 and even simpler way of payment with Paypal, bump.
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