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  1. Four posts in a row? Am i going to be banned? OH OH. Okay, this is the last one....The killer clowns was worth watching several times. Anyhow about this Avator, it's just not any avator, it's my other half. WATCH OUT! Daaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......
  2. Hey what's up dude? Yeah i know, i'm working on the life part.....
  3. Dude the Killer Clowns was the $|-||zn|T.
  4. Actually, this is the first time that i'm using this Avator.
  5. Yeah, earlier this week i did receive run into this news, but just didn't know which PSU he was running. I've must of just read over it, but maybe he got a good one of the batch?
  6. The GT200 series are suppose to be released on June 17th? I thought there would first be reviews before any of this.....
  7. HEY HEY! First, a moment of silence....RIP Van....i remember. Dude how is that SICK system of yours? The sigs here aren't so much as strict like it was on the streets. So i don't know what people are running.
  8. Doesn't matter, that's a GOOD DEAL. Nice find bro...really....
  9. Maybe it's me but i just can't seem to understand the information you posted about the problem. When did you start using Firefox? Did the problem start before or after the firefox installation? Is it doing it only when you use Firefox or on other applications as well? Can you take a picture with a DC? When you notice the screen corruption what do you normally do (i.e. Hold the power button until shutdown, close laptop for hibernation?) Which drivers are you using for your IG? Firefox version? Is the screen corruption occurring consequetively or it varies?
  10. I was just being sarcastic! Maybe i should of used some sort of expression towards the end, yeah? Now what i meant by using the word "spit" was to speak not literal. Hey at least we got a conversation going, let's see how far this goes....
  11. You know who you are. Doesn't matter if you hate me, dislike me, or don't give two $|-|!t$ about me. Come in here and spit....miss you guys.... Nobody in My Friends list, ZERO New Messages, makes me feel like a decaying member........
  12. Salmonella? So um...what's going on with this tomato issue? Just another population control by our lovely gov't? Anyone.....
  13. Here are some good info. on the up coming HD 4000 series...now i'm not sure if this is true or not.... First off AMD/ATI are not even going to touch the performance from nVIDIA, so i highly doubt the fact that these new HD 4000 cards will come close to the new GT200 series.... http://www.tweaktown.com/news/9665/amd_rad...aked/index.html http://www.tweaktown.com/news/9676/amazon_...site/index.html
  14. I don't know what it is but i just love CLOWNS!
  15. Hey look i got my posts back....he he he he....oh hey this is something new i'm still trying to get use to it.
  16. This game is to be release on Q4 2008 and will not only be S1CK, but the AI is going to be mind blowing. I was watching a preview of the game and what to expect. They had the actual creators of the game presenting scenes of the zombie shooting, blood, and gore features. It was not only awesome but creepy as well. Check it out.... http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/left4dea...ag=tabs;summary
  17. Everyone knows that 3DMark series benchmarks don't mean $|||T, its all about the FPS....
  18. I would like to see A BLONDE kissing an LCD Monitor!
  19. So your Internet wasn't stable to begin with since you've mentioned, "The internet light on the router occasionally go out"? The WAN or the LAN light? Have you setup your system straight to the modem or you've been using the router since the ISP installation? Contacted Comcast? Cable or DSL?
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