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  1. Looking for a Socket LGA 1151 CPU cooler for a i7 7700K. Running it at three different speeds during the year; 4.2GHz, 4.5GHz, and 4.8GHz or maybe alittle higher not sure at this point. The voltages are also going to very as well. I was looking at Noctua NH-D15 and NH-D15S, but those are some old cpu coolers. Was wondering if anyone is using anything new and are there any better since those two coolers are top notch cpu coolers even for couple of years now.

  2. So it crashed twice and i've seen some artifacting at the end of the round in BF1. BF1 is not the game to benchmark to be honest. So that +120/+140 on the core was too high since i ran the memory at 8000MHz before without any crashes or artifacting. I'll see how she does in the Winter, was just playing around with it really. Thanks for your help and see you around.

  3. In most of the games that i play it sits around 2010MHz for the most part and will dip down to 1995MHz. But in the game called Control it fluctuates way lower with the overclock. Do you remember the commands to overclock the GPU Core in Afterburner; it takes it through a series of tests, i can't remember what the keys were. The memory should be at it's peak for GDDR6; 8000MHz 16000. Depending on how the temperture is in my room or which game i'm playing the GPU temp will run at different tempertures. What do you think 85c is hot or 90c? Hey i remember you, you've been a member while that other dude was here, i can't remember his username, but i'm sure you remember him too, they let him go because of some issues i heard. Anyhow hope to hear from ya.

  4. The core sits around 1995-2010MHz and the memory i got it at 8000MHz so far. It's GDDR6 so it can't go higher than 16000 which is 8000MHz right? I haven't touched the power limit, it's still set to 100. I haven't changed any voltages or even enabled the voltage settings in Afterburner. The GPU is set to Optimal Power in the nVIDIA Control Panel. So basically i've only added +90 for the core and +1000 for the memory. How far have you guys pushed your None Super RTX 2080?

  5. They did such a wonderful job on this one compared to the previous Far Cry 4. The map is much better, the graphics is more realistic, and the game actually runs great on its first day. 



    Hi all

    i am building a new PC but as i have been out of the loop in PC building for a few years now im just wondering if people think its worth waiting for the next gen from Nvidia rather then getting the GTX 1080 now?

    im happy to wait around 6 months or so.


    also a side Question,

    is AMD worth looking at on the level of the 1080?



    If your going to be gaming on your new PC,.. Radeon RX Vega with High Bandwidth Cache is definitely worth looking at,.. modern open world games today have been optimized for AMD cards, and running these games at ultra settings the RX Vega does very well.


    ya but for the price vega is not worth it. a 1080 can be bought for $650 where a vega goes for $700+ and a 1080 is faster by around 8%


    And the GTX 1080 has way less power consumption compared to the Vega's gpu's. 


  7. So that H55 water cooler is keeping your temps down at stock? That water cooler is for previous generation intel processors not for the 8th generation. I would of went with a 240mm radiator or 360mm. H100i or the H110i/115i. 

  8. Okay, so i was playing around with the front two USB 3.0 ports on my case last night with a USB 3.0 Flash drive and i finally got both ports to recognize the USB properly. Finally! I had to insert it two or three times for it to work. Now i have another machine in a different room that would work the first time you plug these things in, but i guess my case is alittle tricky compared to that system in the other room. But what a relieve after what now several months of thinking there is something wrong with the two front USB ports in my case. 

  9. His room temperture is probably high or something as it sounds like. I use to run Prime95 while trying to figure out how much overclock i should give to my processor, but now and days i just run games and do the usual things i.e. browse the web and etc. Battlefield 1 is a really good game to benchmark your system for stability, because of how much it uses the cpu, almost to nearly 99-100 percent in the game. If it has been several years then i would take that heatsink fan off and clean and reapply some new thermal for sure. Also make sure you dust out your system every once in awhile. Not sure where you live but, i think those idle temps. are alittle high and specially for winter, they should be around 20-25c for idle. I got my i7 7700k overclocked to 4.8GHz with 1.312v and my idles around this time of the year is about 23-25c and peaks at 70-72c at full load and its because of how cold it is and plus i have a watercooling system on my processor. I think that cpu cooler you have is alright for that i5 2500k, i got the same one in my lil' bros system and he has the i5 3570k processor. Last but not least, make sure you pay close attention to what some of these forum members are saying because some of them have had alot of experience with hardware. 

  10. Ended up getting the GTX 1060 6GB... I'll get enough use, and based on what I looked up from benchmarks, it was a worthwhile upgrade. Only thing to consider now is how much I should OC my i5-2500k.. any suggestions? Whats a good starting point? Going from 3.3 to 4.5 seems like a bit much, but I haven't OC'd in a few years..

    Congrats on the new GTX 1060 6GB. I would probably start at 4GHz, then work your way up with the voltage and GHz (4-4.2). Not sure how much you should use at 4GHz either, maybe someone here with the same processor can help you on that or maybe you can look it up elsewhere. 

  11. I would first overclock that processor to at least 4.5GHz. I wouldn't go for a 1060, I would get a 1070 (big difference). No, it's not because I own one, but I think that processor would still bottleneck the video card, but it should give you more settings to go on. i.e: If you are running PUBG at medium settings, it should give you a performance boost that you need to run the game at High or maybe even Ultra settings. Plus the game will probably run at 60fps and if not, alittle higher. Then later down the line, you might want to upgrade the motherboard, cpu, and ram. 

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