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  1. That is another reason why I won't upgrade to Vista yet, the DRM and all of the other copyrighted bull crap that is integrated in the OS ... I read that it actually dumbs down your hardware in order to play copyrighted material ... now that's just plain crap!
  2. I use a combo of add-ons to make my FF run smoooth ... ADBlock Plus, No-Script and Fasterfox ... all three combined make for the safest, fastest, and ad free browsing experience ... try 'em, you'll like 'um! MMmmmm good!
  3. So you are saying that if you get the OEM, it's tied to one motherboard, but if you get the retail, it has unlimited number of installs? That isn't right if it's true ...
  4. I use IE7 on my "Microsoft Machine." I thought it to be slower than Firefox on my non-MS machine (no IE!) But I have to have at least one rig that uses nothing but MS apps for troubleshooting those poor bastard's machines that have nothing but MS apps on it (Outlook Express, Outlook, etc...) I guess it's okay, but they stole a lot from Mozilla ... I guess they (Bill and company) had to do something to keep up with the Joneses ... LOL
  5. I have been looking at a lot of information regarding the Intel P965 chipset and the different motherboard companies utilizing this revised chip. Another forum site, to remain unspoken of, has a member who has posted some very interesting pics and information, regarding the DFI Infinity P965. Has anyone other than the few over at that other site, seen or heard anything on the new DFI board? It's supposedly a much better board than the 975X/G ... just curious as I haven't been able to find out much more. :confused:
  6. I agree somewhat Tao, but a company (MS) will charge what it feels it can get for whatever (noteworthy: "monopolistic") product they produce. And, if it is the only game in town, such as it will (DirectX 10) be, then the sky is the limit. And as far as gamers are concerned, most, if not all who are on this site, play games to some extent, and eventually, if not all, as Angry posted, will migrate to Vista. That is the sad, but inevitable truth. I for one, will no doubt give it a spin, but not until others far braver than me have taken it around the block a number of times ...
  7. Not to worry, my friend, plenty of room and FYI, here is a pic that shows cable ties on the HR-05 (with cheesy fan) that helps keep any metal to metal contact ... The image WAS resized to 800x600 ... geeez!
  8. AGP is still dying, as evidenced from the top graphic card makers (AMD/ATI and nVidia), as in more PCI-e cards than AGP. Albeit a couple of AGP cards are still available, but not for long ... DX10 is around the corner and up the street ... and unfortunately, Vista will be the only way to taste it ... :sad:
  9. I am using the HR-05 right now, but I am also looking into this Noctua NC-06 ... I have the Noctua NH-U12 for my CPU heatsink and it's doing a fantastic job of keeping things cool ... here's what it looks like ... I do have a fan on the HR-05, but it's left off in this pic ... I'm getting an Evercool Aluminum 70x15mm chrome fan for the HR-05 from SVC to keep things nice and cool ... hopefully some e-tailer in the Lower 48 will get that Noctua NC-06 ... dual heat-pipe and 6 year warranty! Solid copper base and adjustable bracket holder ...now that's not too bad!
  10. Okay, it might be early, but after having seen some pics of this new board, it has really whet my appetite for more information ... I am hoping that someone or more than one, has some kind of definitive information on when this board will be available ... here is a pic (thanks coolaler) of the Infinity P965 ... and link to his full selection of benchies and other pics DFI Infinity P965
  11. Just be careful around Angry ... LOL He speaks his mind and I wouldn't want to get an e-beating from him ...welcome Retro!
  12. I am glad everything is back ... from time to time, I just felt lost without the Street. Travis, whenever you're ready to visit Alaska, let me know ... I'll even get ya tickets to see the Aces when they play in Anchorage, that is if you want to ... I know you don't care for them too much, but what the hell, if it'll keep ya Angry, then I'll do it! Great job, everyone ... AKHandyman
  13. Wevsspot, what case are you using? Is your power supply above the MB? I have the P180 and routing my power connector is a little tight. I would hope that maybe DFI would look at redesigning where that power connector is located. Anyone else concur?
  14. I reseated my HR-05 with a new layer (THIN!) of Arctic Silver 5 and cable-tied an older 60mm fan on it. Temps IMMEDIATELY came down to around [email protected] idle. Around 46 full load. I am seriously looking at water cooling with the Rev 2 board in '07. Any suggestions, anyone?
  15. I had suspected that the ICFX3200 was going to be a tough nut to crack, but now, with the Inconvenient Truth coming out, it looks like I'll just wait for the Rev 2 board of the Infinity and polish up on my E6600 OC'ing skills ... :angel:
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