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  1. got this for free brand new sealed as i had a prepaid visa i got from a friend not as fast as my wrt54g router and it is very annoying so going to sell it just got it today so it is brand new! version 1.5 latest firmware! asking price is 35 shipped paypal only
  2. bUMP WILLING TO SPLIT EVERYTHING APART new router came in today so no need for the wrt54g no more
  3. I HAVE A pink zune last gen,box zune no headphones bought it for my gf but she never used it as she got a ipod but used the headphones and misplaced it asking is 55 shipped paypal must be confirmed heatware=rud3bwoy
  4. i7 920 D0 4ghz|Corsair 1000 watts psu|Asus Rampage 2 extreme|Corsair 1800 Mhz Dominator 6GB|GTX 295|OCZ VERTEX 250GB SSD/Wd 500 Gb storage|Xfi Platinum sound card|Dell 24 inch Ultra Sharp|Logitech Z5500|Water Cooled|ABS Canyon 695 Case| should be adding another vertex 250 gb drive for raid 0 soon along with the new intel 6 core processors and new gtx series 3.0 ghz i had it at 4.0 ghz but seen no real difference at all in anything i did so was a useless oc idle low 30s and 50 on prime for a few hours.
  5. yea ivy might be buying a windows 7 retail key off me just in case anyone else interested in it let me know so i have a backup buyer
  6. Check pm 32 bit or 64 bit 7 ultimate
  7. http://www.linksysbycisco.com/US/en/products/WUSB54GC the stick is pretty great,i just got my cable back hooked in our new part of the house and i was using that usb stick on my modem on the 3rd floor until cable came,i was getting my max upload speed and down speed on speedtest.net of 20 mbs and hitting 2 mbs downloading off the net
  8. Sorry guys for the late response for some rsn not getting the notify in email the router is rev 3.1
  9. Ok rev V3.1 GUYS MY NEW ROUTER IS COMING IN THIS week wrt54g2 so i won't be needing this one anymore along with the other stuff listed
  10. Ok guys here is the deal I got a few things that must go LINKSYS WRT45G A USB WIRELESS STICK FROM LINKSYS A 256 MB MEMORY CARD FOR 360 IT IS NOT 512 I MADE A MISTAKE TAKE THE ROUTER WITH THE USB STICK FOR 50 SHIPPED IF U LIKE AND GET THE MEMORY CARD FREE http://www.linksysbycisco.com/US/en/products/WUSB54GC that is the usb stick some one asked about the router and the rev if u can tell me how to check the rev ill respond to you
  11. sorry i am all legit ask around here i sell a lot of items here what info u want to know about the router? that usb was only used for 2 months or so it is less than a year old mom got it but never used it. i have no rsn to lie or steal anyones money people can vouch for me here on mother boards 4870x2 gpus and many more items sold
  12. asking is 30 shipped this is 50 in stores http://www.shoplinksys.com/viewproduct.htm...&lid=BuyNow i also have a wireless router for sale linksys wrt54g if you take the stick and need a router ill give u the router for a extra 20 bucks and ill throw in a free xbox 360 256 mb memory card the router is 2 years old the stick is not even a year old paypal only heatware=rud3bwoy
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