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  1. Attached is my installed Accellero S2 on my 8800gts 512mb. Dropped temps 30 C on load from 83 C to 53 C. Pretty impressive considering the 8800GTS 512 stock cooler is no slouch...........
  2. Might want to check these out. I have them as my 7.1 setup in my large computer room with hardwood floors ( <- this is a BIG factor for SQ). http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cf...tnumber=309-400 Now before you scoff, read this review: http://theaudiocritic.com/blog/index.php?o...37&blogId=1 These were designed by Ian Paisley (audio engineer extraordinaire) and I can agree with the review above. They sound fantastic! I have very discerning ears and this setup sounds almost as good as my Grado SR225 headphones (bold statement). I am using a Dayton 10" subwoofer crossed at 150 Hz with this system on a Denon 7.1 amp fed through my PC with a bluegears soundcard. What amazed me most about the sound of these speakers is the uniformity of the soundstage wherever you go in the room. Awesome to listen to when cooking or cleaning (constantly moving). Pair them with these speaker stands, http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cf...tnumber=240-814, and you're looking at a 7.1 setup (without subs or amp) in the $200 price range that will blow most supposedly high-end surround systems out of the water. Just make sure that your sub can achieve a good response up to 180Hz in order to compensate for the speakers lack of bass. Finally a Sharpie will get rid of the XBOX logo quite nicely. Also, make sure that you position the speakers correctly because the Parts Express picture shows them 90 degrees the wrong orientation. And no, I don't work for parts express, I just like the free shipping on orders over $100.........
  3. I think we are all in agreement that graphics don't make a good video game so I see no reason to beat a dead horse. I need to clarify what I meant by "crash". No, the video game industry will never disappear in total and everyone will be out of a job. Video games are here to stay. Thats a fact. A housing market crash doesn't means that everyone is now living in the streets thereafter. My apologies if this was not clear. But there is no way it can keep going on forever like it is right now, by promising a new console every 3-5 years that can render graphics in (x+1) improvements and everyone is going to keep on buying it in increasing quantities. Microsoft and Sony cut each others throats, lose billions for every console they release every three years. Pfff, big deal you say, Microsoft and Sony have lots of money, who cares? Their shareholders do. Pretty soon they're gonna start asking why Nintendo can turn a profit and you clowns can't at video games. And the answer "But our consoles can render noise hair at 10000000fps!" won't cut the mustard for the next 30 years. You cite the fact that the video game industry is bigger than the movie industry in dollars and it is also younger so its continued growth for years is inevitable. I have several issues with that. First off, the video game industry considers all consoles / hardware (at $400-$600 a pop + accessories) as part of their revenue figures. The movie industry considers box office gross, movie rentals/sales and associated industries only (sue me if I missed a key subcategory here). If the movie industry considered all necessary hardware to play it at home in that figure (a very convincing argument could be made for it) like big screen televisions, DVD players, home theater components, surround sound speakers, home theater installation / support the number would either beat or close the gap substantially. To be fair, a lot of this revenue could also go towards the video game industry, because my big screen LCD purchase was primarily focused around it doubling as a computer monitor. I also disagree the movie industry began in the 1920's. The human interest in storytelling and drama FAR predates the 1920's and is a naturally occurring phenomenon in all human societies since time began. Movies, TV, motion pictures of any sort are merely an evolved form of this oldest form of storytelling and dramatic form. It has yet to be proved that imitating Les Claypool and rocking out to Guitar Heroes with your buddy will become a permanent part of the human psyche, but I could be wrong. Again to be fair, video games are also using storytelling to sell as well. Also if Hollywood pulled their heads out of their asses and made movies that people actually wanted to see more often, their numbers would grow exponentially, but thats another story altogether. Also, I would consider TV to be part of the movie industry in that it more closely follows the human dramatic form than video games. And there is no doubt whatsoever as to what is or will forever be a larger industry, TV+Movies or video games. Why? Following your deeply cynical view of human beings in general (i.e., stupid monkeys) they are also lazy monkeys. And for vast swaths of these lazy monkeys, no video game will ever substitute for cuddling up on their couches with their loved ones and being mindlessly entertained by TV or Movies that require no interaction / effort whatsoever when they get off work. Sure YOU and I may play vids all the time, but I was perfectly clear in my earlier comment that the people like you and I who superclock $160 CPU's to NASA speeds are a fringe and hardcore segment of the video game market. You also admit that Sony and Microsoft is heavily subsidizing the "more graphics power = more sales" growth of the video game industry at the same time because they have lots of money. Well that REAL money is coming from sources outside the video game industry (MS Office, Alarm Clock Radios, etc.) so its not a good indicator of the long term health of the industry. I'm sure RIM could afford to give every human being on the planet a pink phone for a $1 and unlimited calling for $5 , but I would be hesitant to call this new growth of the pink phone market an indicator of its long term health. Ah, you say, they make the money on the games! But that comes back to my whole argument that if you're a game maker in the next 2-3 years, are you going to invest the millions in re-inventing the wheel by creating a whole new game engine to render characters nose-hairs following some Microsoft / Sony . contest for market share? Or are you going to use a very good and realistic game engine to create a fun and innovative game that doesn't revolve around how many polygons it calculates? Nintendo gambled the Wii on the latter and thats why it makes money and Microsoft and Sony lose money catering to people like the readers of this forum and high school children who are not indicative of the video game market at large. And as long as Sony and Microsoft continue this trend of beating each others hardware, Nintendo will be laughing all the way to the bank. My whole point of my earlier comments that caused issues was this: (1) How much more can graphics get better compared to Crysis and Unreal3 on full DX10 settings? I am sure it CAN get better but it will be incrementally smaller and smaller and most likely not worth the effort of coders. Crytek and UT3 will not be here in 3 years thats for damn sure. The real breakthroughs in video games will be in new and better AI and games with hordes of bad guys working together, etc. The graphics requirements will require new and better graphics cards for sure, but because they have to render MORE objects, not just the same objects in increasing and stupid detail. That was my point in my" two years from now " comment. Will grass on Unreal 2k20 look THAT much better than the grass on Crysis?? Whats the point? Games that innovate will sell much more than pretty games in the years to come. Developers will learn this or go bankrupt. (2) The Western world with all the disposable income you mention is getting smaller and smaller. There is no more certain truth in the universe than demography. If you want a million 20 year old video game consumers 20 years from now, you better have a million babies today. Currently its not happening. Check some unbiased stats on the birthrates of core video game markets like Europe, Japan and China. In fact, don't. Enjoy your hair. World population growth is primarily concentrated in poor and Islamic parts of the world. Unless the Hadith starts allowing CPU overclocking and peasant farmers in India, Africa and Peru start deciding to blow $600 of their cash on Sony's new PS16 that can render birdcrap on a cars window, I don't see big headway into this market. The rich market is getting old and unlike you and Branjo, a lot of them simply stopped playing games because they don't have the time, not the social acceptance of it. And there is increasingly fewer and fewer people being born to replace them. Sure you may turn some adults onto gaming but are they lifelong consumers Angry? Next 20 years they're gonna buy EVERY console released at $300-400? Or somebody who sucked at video games because of poor manual dexterity saw guitar heroes and started playing it is going to stick with the game for the next 20 years? Or get bored with it and be a sporadic customer. That was my demographics comment. PS: I spend overall less on vids in my late twenties than I did when I was in high school and college. Its not disposable income. Its lack of time and increasing interest in other parts of my life like work and family. But I guess its just me.
  4. I never said the whole article the guy wrote was right. I was referring to the graphics part showing the changes in graphics over 10-20 years (first page). The Wii was successful because it was a new concept not because it has the best graphics. Same thing with guitar heroes. I wouldn't say Halo 3 has the best graphics (COD4 arguably does) but those are games built on a highly reputable franchise already built around gameplay. However, how much longer will Microsoft and Sony continue to lose money on their systems? Look at Sony's losses on the PSP and PS3. Look at Microsofts losses on the Xbox360. Do you know anyone who hasn't had a 360 fail since they bought it and exchange it under warranty? Also, look at demographic trends in the developped world where in 20-30 years nobody in Europe / Japan / Canada / China / Russia under 20 will know what a brother or sister or cousin is? Are you going to play video games your whole life Angry? I certainly hope Microsoft and Sony isn't banking on us buying their newest system every 3 years until we die. Bungie and EA isn't making money on the Middle East with fertility rates of 7.1. The plain fact is that our generation was the video game generation and many of us just don't have the time to play video games anymore. The readers of this forum are a hardcore element. But so many of my friends have gotten marrried, had kids and no longer play vids at all. This is not just my friends too. So what you're saying in light of the demographic collapse of most of the developed world, the steady loss of their most loyal customers, the video game industry is going to keep growing exponentially AND on top of that they are going to make video games with Beowulf type graphics with all the necessary overhead that goes with that? Oh I'm sure someone CAN do that but I'm sure their investors will give reason to pause when they can invest (more wisely in my opinion) in a game like Guitar Heroes 4 or Wii sports pack that will make much more money. If graphics are so important then why does guitar heroes and Wii sports pack outsell so many other games with infinitely better graphics? I'll agree with you that the latest and greatest will always be bought, but that does not mean the best graphics will automatically be the latest and greatest thing to buy. Madden football outsells every game EVER reviewed on this forum not because of its graphics. Somebody just changes the numbers on the jerseys, updates a few stats and BAM millions fly off the shelf every year. Starcraft sold 13 million copies and was never THAT pretty to look at. There will never be an end to this argument. But in two years time from this date, look at the top selling FPS and compare it to the Crytek or Unreal3 engine currently on FULL settings and tell me what the difference will be.
  5. I guess my system does not play the game at 60 Hz but it certainly is good enough for me. I would agree that HL2 was a much more EFFICIENTLY coded program but there is no doubt that Crytek is a much more AMBITIOUS software program. I really don't see that much work left in making games have better graphics past this. I agree with Mr. Wong here on http://www.pointlesswasteoftime.com/games/crash.html the graphics front. Oh sure, they'll make games that look better and better, but those steps will become incrementally smaller and smaller. From the little I know about Cryteks engine in "true" DX10 (remember I cheated - custom config XP settings) there are many things held back in this engine right now because our meager systems can't handle it. I don't see game developers spending $10+ million on top of normal game development costs on future games just to put hair on peoples noses like in Beowulf. Especially when the people who would be impressed with that stuff would most likely buy the damn game anyway if it was creative and inspired and looked as good as Crysis currently on full AA full DX10 details on a 10800GTX SLI ultra in years hence. I'm sure someone will pipe in here and say "better graphics is always better!" To that I propose a hypothetical question, in two years what game would you buy? Assuming you all had superclocked gaming machines of the time, as is your wont...... (1) A FPS that actually has state of the art actual 3d object arm and nose hair on all their monsters / characters but due to the immense new graphics requirements can only put 2-3 baddies on screen at once and only play at 20-30 fps until yet another graphics card came out? OR (2) A FPS using the Crytek engine (DX10 + Full AA + Very High settings) some developer makes a true "Doom" or "Dawn of the Dead" type game where you are fighting armies (100+ ) of baddies at a time all easily handled by your watercooled and superclocked Core20Extreme Processors? However, the nose hair is "merely" texturized........ I know where my money will go. But maybe I'm crazy.......
  6. Hear hear. I had so much fun playing this game. The only level that was kinda iffy was the flying level. But still, the best video game for the computer I've played in years. Homeworld 2 was the last game of this caliber in my most humble opinion. Glad someone else enjoyed this truly epic game.
  7. I can't see how you guys with 8800gtx can barely run this game. My meek system in my sig plays the game great. I used the DX10 config enabler ("custom" settings) and set everything to very high. I play it on a 47" Westinghouse 47lvm1 in 1980 x 1080 resolution in a 7.1 sound setup. AA is off. Aside from the ground breaking graphics that I won't bore you by re-hashing here. I think the game is magnificent. Why you ask? SOUND: :eek2: Best part of the game hands down. Thats right I said it. The precision rifle is the most satisfying rifle sound to grace a video game since the mauser in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Its SOUNDS like it would really, really hurt. Bad. For you naysayers, tell me the initial tank battle doesn't rock balls with the sound of the tank shells blowing up around you in surround sound glory? My neighbors were pissed and I love it. Even better, the level where you have to go in and take out the AA guns in the harbor and how the atmospheric game-theme music gets progressively louder as more and more . hits the fan with F15's flying overhead? Top notch video game design folks. This one is an epic. No doubt about it.
  8. Just bought a 8800gt through Best Buy with that 10% coupon racket going on. Came to $270 with tax. Still more than early releases but I was this close to buying a 8800gts for $400 like 4 weeks ago. In case you folks care, here's what it did to my system in 3dmark05 (ceteris paribus): 7900gto 10926 8800gt 17192 I'm thinking about getting a 3870 instead because my computer is a HTPC and I've always thought ATI images look better. Its just my opinion of course. Also I have faith in Angry's diagnostic about the "complex" driver situation because of Microsoft. Also this 8800gt is similar to the 6800gt in that its a great heat engine.:eek2: But she flies now......
  9. My e4300 runs warm at 3.3 GHz but not hot. 30C idle 50C load (1.425v) with Ultra 120. I didn't lap it or anything. In fact, when comparing to other system components, its the coolest thing in my rig. My memory, chipset and GPU run sizzlin with uber-airflow in my case. Thats where my worries lie......
  10. I have the Razer Deathadder. Way better than my old MX-510 which I was fond of. Love the rubberized texture of the mouse and fits my hand perfectly. No issues with the software, although to be honest I leave it at default settings 24/7.
  11. Played Starcraft a bit and was impressed, but never was a big fan of RTS until Age of Mythology. Seriously that game to me and my friends was like frickin' heroin. The best hook in that game was the music. It continuously changed throughout an entire MP LAN game and the best and most catchy music always came in at that first real "battle contact" part of the game. Where you both have medium size / medium upgraded units and are sending out attack parties. I liked Age of Mythology better than Starcraft because one Godlike player couldn't take out everybody within 5 minutes with a Zerg rush. All you Starcraft players know just what I'm talking about. I'm just not that fast and I like building cities and stuff. Building is fun. :angel: The best level on Myth was Jotunheim where you would have two teams of four and the only way through was a narrow canyon where uber-cool and uber-gigantic battles would occur. Oh man it was fun. A masterpiece. Another great thing about Starcraft was that it was probably the most well balanced game between races (in the hands of experienced players of course) considering they all played very differently. I play Rome:Total War a lot now because I like the "pause" function. I'm an old man. I just cant use a mouse as fast as all you kids can in Starcraft-like games. But I'm pretty sure Starcraft II will absolutely be a masterpiece. How can it not be? It has such a reputation that even if it sucks, millions will still buy it AND love it based on nostalgia alone. Check out this article, its hilarious and has a great write-up of Starcraft. http://www.pointlesswasteoftime.com/games/2010.html
  12. Very interesting article Thraxz. Well written. I completely agree based on my "non-Excel-chart" analysis of my old system compared to my new. My old Venice 3200 2.5GHZ DFI Lanparty 2x512mb OCZ was only marginally slower than my current rig on virtually all games. Personal favs like Rome:Total War and HL2 unchanged. The only exception was Q4 which was like playing a new game after the change. I upgraded for different reasons than the all too common 3dMark penis contest, but I am still to this day completely impressed with how kickass a rig that Venice system was. My buddy who I sold it to uses a 19" monitor (with my old 6800gt card) so he is still maxing out all his games with it. I used a 7900GTO for both rigs. On a related note for all those buying bigger monitors because of Thraxz, my buddy (different guy than Venice rig mentioned above) just bought a 37" 1080p LCD monitor/TV and it just blows away my 24" DELL 2405PW in picture quality and color. $1000 shipped. Shouldn't have bought the DELL. I would not recommend it if it didn't look simply fantastic as a computer monitor. Food for thought..... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16824112174
  13. good point. But HALO has enormous worlds / levels and it was programmed efficiently.
  14. This is wishful thinking I know guys so please spare me the smart-alecky answers to this. I DO know sinister economics are at play here. The game developers need to make better use of the existing hardware technology rather than counting on new beefier video card to overcome their sloppy programming. Can any of you reasonably state that STALKER looks THAT much better than Half Life 2: Lost Coast considering the almost obscenely different hardware requirements? Really? That much? Valve / Source is good code. STALKER, I'm not that impressed. Quake 4 is another piece of software that really uses smart coding with the hardware; it obviously takes advantage of dual core CPU's. With STALKER again, I'm not so sure...... Hands down the best graphics on any video game I have ever seen, is Gears of War for the Xbox 360 on 1080i. My jaw hit the floor when I played it on my friends TV (which is arguably awesome). Tom Clancy: Las Vegas, STALKER, are not even close. Not even in the same league. I played STALKER and Las Vegas (Xbox 360 as well) on my friends 8800gtx SLI system so please do not mock my system, I know its not state of the art, and not the system where I formulated my conclusion. And yes I know the 360 is much more sophisticated piece of hardware than anything created here by parts bought off newegg. There is no question that the Gears of War programming team wrote their code to optimize the hardware. So its not too unreasonable to expect that Ubisoft et al. can do the same with Crysis, Unreal Tournament 2k7, etc. Before you say that XBOX 360 is highly standardized so its easier to code for, how much different is ATI and nVidia's hardware from each other? Even if it is light years apart (which I doubt), please remember that Valve and ID had no problems optimizing their games for it. The existing hardware now can do much more than we think. The nVidia / ATI shareholders would rather us not to know this. I think my argument can be summed up by comparing HALO for the XBOX and the PC to show difference in how programming affects performance more than hardware.
  15. I have an e4300 and a Thermalright Ultra 120 with a Yate Loon fan. (with AS5 of course) See my sig for overclock and voltages: Idle 30-34C Load 56-58C I recommend this heatsink. Its a big momma thats for damn sure, but its way quieter than my old xp-90c and 92mm fan. Plus it cools great. And you don't need to buy the bracket adapter for the ultra that you will need to buy separately if you buy the xp 120. Its also the same price. Food for thought.
  16. Actually I'm a Canadian born and raised. Live here for work. Baltimore's got great seafood although I spend most of my time in DC because my girlfriend lives in Bethesda.
  17. In all probability Justin, I'd stick with your current sys and get a 8800gtx. Like I said, my friends system with an opty, dfi board 2x1gb ram and 8800gtx is a beauty. I don't want you to spend all this money on a Intel rig only to be disappointed. I hope I explained my choices sufficiently to you; it wasn't all about performance gains as silly as that may sound.
  18. Good point Kingfisher. Thats the curse of overclocking; it always leaves you wanting more....... I'm not a fanboy of DFI or anything, I was just thoroughly impressed with my last board. That DFI nf4 UT with the 6-06 BIOS was a total rock. I also agree, with the exception of Quake 4, Rome and Company of Heroes you really can't tell the difference between the old sys and the new. CS Source, Half Life and FEAR are marginally better at best. Doom 3 showed no improvement at all (very surprising to me). To be honest, I like strategy games like Civ 4, Space Empires and Galciv II the best (thats my favorite part of Rome: Total War is the main map part of game. The tactical battle scenes while fun are not the best part of the game). A new computer was not really needed. Basically my main reason for getting a whole new sys was to: (1) Get rid of my dusty BFG 6800GT for $$; it was just sitting on my shelf. (2) Get two gigs of dual channel ram; the ddr 500 2x1gb were getting ludicrously expensive meaning upgrading my old rig was not worth the trouble. Also I had no guarantee my venice would stay at a 250 HTT overclock with 2 gigs of ram; its not an opty. (3) Try a RAID 0 setup and a 100% SATA system (no IDE) with the availability of the new SATA dvd-drives. Yeah I know RAID is not all its cracked up to be but I like the fact I can copy and paste Gigabytes of data almost instantaneously. Also I was on a NWN2 binge and that game has ridiculously unnecessary load times with a single hard drive. (4) Thrill of adventure with something new; ie. give Intel a try (5) Have a quieter system overall; silence is golden. I've always been a AMD supporter; but I thought I should try Intel for once. My friend has an Opty 165 with an 8800GTX and playing his comp feels much smoother so I'll be the first to admit graphics cards are everything in games. As I said before, probably the best buy of the bunch was the Bluegears sound card. Sounds absolutely magical with my Grado Labs Sr-60 headphones. I also wanted to try the alternative to Creative Labs for reason (4) above. Finally, my friend made the cash offer for the computer and I sold it to him near instantly meaning I did not have a computer during the research stage of a new system. I was in withdrawal and needed a system stat. I heard good things about the e4300, Angry Games recommended the DS3 board and power supply ( I respect his opinion on these matters as gospel as he is far more knowledgeable than I on matters of OC'ing) and OCZ has always had great products and customer support. I pulled the trigger on short notice. In hindsight I would've gotten the e6300, P5n deluxe (bandwidth performance of a 500+ FSB is noticeable in most games I have heard) and g.Skill to get a 3.5 Ghz overclock easy without having to mod my motherboard. Also I would have had matrix RAID (I did not research RAID sufficiently before my purchase) and a future SLI option. However, I find with SLI that by the time you need to get a SLI setup to keep up with new games, theres a new single card on the market that pwns a SLI setup anyway.
  19. Same video card; 7900GTO. My old rig was basically: DFI Lanparty NF4-UT Venice 3200 @ 2.5 Ghz OCZ Plat. Rev. 2 1:1 250 Mhz 2.5-3-3-7 2x512mb However, I'm sure most of the performance gain was due to the addition of 2x1gb sticks (2gb ram). FPS aren't really that much better (although the Bluegears sound card is definitely a phenomenal improvement over the Audigy) with the exception of Quake 4. Quake 4 either loves the core duo or the extra ram, but it certainly is a noticeable improvement. Like I said earlier, Rome: Total War and Company of Heroes just purr right now. I was really happy with my old rig, I just had a chance to sell it to a friend (with case, HD, DVD-Ram, etc.) with my old 6800GT for $600. That means I got rid of my old vid card and made the sys in my sig for a $600 extra (that includes the Razer Deathadder, case fans, cpu cooler, etc.) There's no question that if the DFI 965P was out, I would have gone with that. I also wanted to try out the Intel chips and finally break 3GHZ; my venice was not up to the task.....
  20. Never meant it as a criticism of others or their overclocking abilities. My apologies, King. Reading Anandtech and OCforums you certainly were not alone with frustrations over cold boot. I just happened to get the Rev 3.3 f10 version that in all probability had most of these wrinkles ironed out. Regarding the 'feature' crack; I just find it hard to believe that the BIOS would not intentionally do what I mentioned above were it not designed by Gigabyte to do that intentionally. I would agree the ASUS P5N is definitely a superior motherboard; and has proven to OC faster than the Gigabyte clock for clock. I just have had numerous previous bad experiences with ASUS products and had never tried Gigabyte before. Best $110 ever spent imo. If Justin is getting a e6600 and not using RAID I see little reason to get the ASUS. However, if you decide on the ASUS P5N Deluxe, I hope you get the e6320 (April 22nd - Real Conroe) and some G.Skill HZ ($169) for an easy and ungodly 100% OC on air. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=11549 Do whatever you want Justin. I'm just telling you there's a reason these DS3's are flying off the shelf.
  21. I'd like to throw in my $0.02. I agree with Raiderfan. The Gigabyte board I have has been rock solid. I had a minor driver glitch with my sound card, but everything else has been running smoothly once I got that fixed. I only have the DS3 but I think the DQ6 is worth it because of the Intel Matrix Raid and heatpipe technology. I had to "mod" my motherboard by putting on an aftermarket NB cooler. You won't have to do that with the DQ6. I wan't sure the mod was necessary but I did it the moment I bought my board just to be sure it would not slow me down. Alot of people do awesome with stock heatsink. I just love modding things. Its fun. Incredibly easy to Overclock. It makes OC'ing the DFI Lanparty NF4 UT @ Venice 3200+ look like rocket science. Then again, some people like the challenge and complexity of overclocking the A64. I did not. I like to max out my chip and get back to gaming. The Venice / DFI / OCZ Plat Rev.2 caused more than one gray hair on my head, thats for sure. This took me 30minutes to get to the overclock in my sig (before Orthos testing). Anyway, I have a OCDB entry for my system combination and you could probably get a higher overclock if you bought better ram. My OCZ will not budge past 925 MHz no matter what. Damn Kingfisher, he took the last of the good OCZ chips! :mad: I definitely notice a performance increase in all aspects; especially games. The most pronounced difference I notice is games like Rome: Total War (arguably the coolest game ever made) or RTS like Supreme Commander or Company of Heroes. Night and Day man I 'm telling you. Also my rig now is much quieter than the DFI one because the VC-RE was very audible even with a fan controller. Finally, people have complained about the cold boot issue with the DS3. Maybe I have been lucky, but I really love the Gigabyte's mechanism (the cold boot) for correcting blunders with bad BIOS settings during overclock. Basically, what happens is if you screw up your BIOS during an OC (I did it a few times) the system cold boots once, shuts down and automatically re-boots back in the CPU's default setting. Only once did it cold boot twice in a row where I had to physically power off the PSU to get it to boot into BIOS for corrective measures. It does this by changing the BIOS setting "CPU HOST CONTROL" to "DISABLE" on a cold boot whereby it still keeps the BIOS settings you made in the background that will only "reactivate" when you set the CPU HOST CONTROL to ENABLE again (enable allows overclocking). No CMOS jumpers. No battery removal. Fully automated. I like it; especially when you're tinkering with a system already strapped into your case where battery removal is easier said than done. Now some people have had recurring cold boot problems, but I am being 100% honest with you: I really like the Gigabyte "cold-boot" system for OC mistakes and it has not been a problem for me. Much preferred to CMOS jumpers because I have big meat hooks for hands. Don't know about the DQ6; maybe Raider can help you there.
  22. EUREKA!!!!! SOLVED MY PROBLEM!!!! (sorry for caps guys but I am really that excited) Anyway, go to the Gigabyte ds3 rev3.3 website and click on the SATA2 windows driver. You'll notice that it says that the file is 3.0mb but when you click on the America download option the file is only 2.3mb. When you install this file it does nothing. Therefore, if you download the driver from EUROPE you get the full 3.0mb driver. Install that b**ch and smooth sailing boys. No more noise under high southbridge loads. WOOHOOO! Hat tip to Glenn over at Anandtech for solving the problem. http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.as...MVIEWTMP=Linear (scroll halfway down) I don't know him, but he's a genius. I joined the forum just to PM him how awesome he is. You should too technodanvan.
  23. Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Rev3.3, F10 BIOS OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2-800 Platinum Rev. 2 Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 Allendale 1.8GHz 2MB L2 eVGA 7900GTO 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI-E 16x 93.71 drivers 670 / 1350 2 x Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s RAID 0 LITE-ON Black 20X DVD+R SATA CORSAIR CMPSU-620HX ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 620W Power Supply Thermalright Ultra-120 CPU Cooling Heatsink ========== [b]MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.)[/b] [color=green] Robust Graphics Booster............. - Auto CPU Clock Ratio..................... - 9x CPU Host Clock Control.............. - Enabled CPU Host Frequency (Mhz)............ - 370 PCI Express Frequency (Mhz)......... - Auto C.I.A.2............................. - Disabled System Memory Multiplier (SPD)...... - 2.5 Memory Frequency (Mhz).............. - 925 High Speed DRAM DLL Settings........ - Option 1 DRAM Timing Selectable (SPD)........ - Auto CAS Latency Time.................... - Auto DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay............. - Auto DRAM RAS# Precharge................. - Auto Precharge Delay (tRAS).............. - Auto ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD)............. - Auto Bank Write to READ Delay............ - Auto Write to Precharch Delay............ - Auto Refresh to ACT Delay................ - 0 (Auto) Read to Precharge Delay............. - Auto Memory Performance Enhance.......... - Normal System Voltage Control.............. - Manual DDR2 OverVoltage Control............ - +0.3v PCI-E OverVoltage Control........... - Normal FSB OverVoltage Control............. - +0.1v (G)MCH OverVoltage Control.......... - +0.1v CPU Voltage Control................. - 1.4250v Normal CPU Vcore.................... - 1.3250v [/color] ========== Orthos (dual-prime95), 2x CPU-Z, 3dMark2001SE: http://img513.imageshack.us/my.php?image=s...icial800lo9.jpg 3dMark2003: http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3...gcroppedgm6.jpg 3dMark2005: http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3...gcroppedma0.jpg 3dMark2006: http://img381.imageshack.us/my.php?image=3...gcroppedot1.jpg Aquamark 3d: http://img443.imageshack.us/my.php?image=a...officialpo8.jpg Short description: 370x9 @ 3.33Ghz 1.425v 5-5-5-15 @ 2.1v
  24. To Angry, I used the driver from the Gigabyte website. I think it is the GBB363 Raid driver. The "purple" slots on the motherboard. There is no other RAID option because the ICH8 does not support it. It game me a choice when I popped in the floppy for windows XP install and I used the JM363 one because of something I read on another forum. There was no GBB363 option at that point. However, I'll level with you: I'm not a RAID expert. This is my first rig with RAID. It runs fast enough, although I made the boneheaded move of setting my stripe to 128k. Too late now. Maybe next install........ Any advice on the sound problem would be a godsend. I find it hard to believe that Intel would drop the ball on this...... sound cards should not be an afterthought.
  25. Probably an issue already beaten to death, but perhaps you can help me. Whenever a high load is placed on either my hard drives or SATA DVD drive (i.e. installing something), if an mp3 is playing in the background the sound skips and stutters. I suspect its the RAID 0 / or CD rom hogging all the bandwidth of my southbridge. It does not affect gaming whatsoever, just mp3 playback during high southbridge loads (winamp, media player, etc.). Do you guys know of any fixes? Any way of telling my motherboard or Windows to give the soundcard the priority? Its not a Bluegears driver issue because the card sounds awesome otherwise and I heard X-Fi owners are having similar problems. Thanks for your time.
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