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  1. you wouldnt have to spin in your chair if you put one if these 5' from your desk... http://www.primidi.com/2003/09/25.html#a590 Too bad (as the comments allude to) that the company was a hoax. I would'a sold my cousin for that kind of display...
  2. You could always go for the UV Green tubing http://www.petrastechshop.com/1id3odfeflpv2.html. Its pretty flexible, good bend radius and you don't have to worry about dye's in the liquid causing deposits. I'm using it, and it looks great.
  3. Where can I get a XRLGT-1235000000 5GB VIDEO RAM + 323BBBHZ MEGASUPERCORE CPU to play Crysis? Guess I'll just have to settle for these components...
  4. I told you OCC people that our Fogel was hanging around here! I said to back up the servers in triplicate! The sky is also falling while I'm at it, and oil will be cheaper next week.
  5. Looks like all the movers and shakers are now hiding out here - glad to see everyone!! Someone asked earlier about DIY-Street secrets that should be shared - which members from OCC have dirty laundry that needs to be aired out? Fogel is around? Hope this server is backed up in triplicate...
  6. Mine is sitting at 3.3Ghz/1.41v, had to drop it down from 3.5 due to hotter ambient temps causing unstability. The cores stay around 51degC with 72degF room temps, and thats with water cooling. I think I'd have to pick up a different radiator to get it cooler, but I'm not sure. For my chip, anything beyond a 440FSB*8 would cause a non-boot unfortunately...
  7. Thanks for the welcome! which is more than EllisD could give - not even a 'HI', just a "what the heck have you been?" [where tf have you been?] All I need now is a folding icon, my old post count of 620, and join date of 4-15-2006 and I'll be all set. edit: w t f changes to what the heck? w t f? lol...
  8. Hey now - looks like no one gave me the memo about groups merging/team switching/etc... Thats the only way you could beat me though - switch folding teams and let me go on with the old one looks like the next paycheck will build 3 quads and then we'll see who's laughin! I'm pulling 20-24c indoors, and 52c on both cores is about the limit. And thats with water! I wonder if the e6750 at 3.5Ghz/1.41v has anything to do with that...
  9. Jachyra007

    GTA 4 - ps3 / 360

    ditto. That and that Jack Thom-stickuphisass-pson was bashing it before it was even released. There is a "girls of GTA" video floating around that has several clips from the game involving strippers, and the rhetoric behind Thompson is all the same I know i may not look like the young, pimple faced under 17 kid, but I still got carded for buying this game at Best Buy - anyoen else get the same treatment? Oddly enough, the video clip was put together by the IGN group ( for whatever reason ) and Good'ol Jack-off is using it as ammo. Also found out that he offered his services (again, for whatever reason) to EA inorder to help them take over Take Two. EA of course was quite frank in their reply: I wonder if Jack was the kind of kid that no one picked for their team, thus all this hostility. Perhaps there is a deeper reason behind it - who knows. :eek2:
  10. DDR3 is barely used on a mass market and DDR4 is already rumored to be coming out? Wouldn't that require DDR4 compatibility motherboards? Unless I'm missing something and they are already out, in which case I apologize. I would think that top-end DDR2 would be fine now, unless you wanted to get DDR3 for that extra longevity. It would also depend on what $ you're willing to spend - found Crucial DDR3 2000 2x1 kit for $600 / 2x1 DDR3 1800 for $460 on Newegg. Which would in turn need a mobo that handles FSB500 pretty well, DDR3 boards look to be around $350. If you've got the cash, it would definitely be future proofing it. Otherwise, DDR2 seems to work just as well for much less IMHO.
  11. Jachyra007

    GTA 4 - ps3 / 360

    lol congrats to me, I think thats the first time i touched off an Angry Rant. I would have said it myself, but probably would have forgotten the part about crank-holes...:shake:
  12. Jachyra007

    GTA 4 - ps3 / 360

    The city definitely feels more 'compact' than GTA3, there is always someone walking on the sidewalk or cars going by. Maybe compact isn't the word - busy - perhaps? Police presence seems to be more prevalent as well, can't even fire off my gun w/o cop cars surrounding you. Storyline seems to be ok so far, but they make heavy use of a call phone feature where all the people you meet want to txt you or call you with missions. You also get to keep up relationships by hanging out with them. Along those lines, you can go to bars and drink, with a simulated "drunk" reaction afterward. Camera sways around randomly, your character/friends stumble around, fall and take health damage, driving/walking are much harder for a few minutes. MADD got wind of this feature, and is raising hell. I can understand the "its not a game" viewpoint, but (hopefully) people playing the game have more sense than to drive drunk in real life. You could almost mirror their argument, and say the game provides an educational experience by simulating what drunk driving is like, and how hard it is to control yourself and operate vehicles. Well, almost... I like it so far, but never having owned a GTA copy before (always bummed around on a friends ps2) I'm looking forward to playing it for a while.
  13. must be somewhat common, I have a ultra-D that I believe the lower PCI slots are dead. I'll sell that one if you're really interested in it
  14. That might work out on BC where the ambient temps are what, 50F in the summer? Here it gets around 85F+ with lots of humidity. So anything outgoing would be negated by what gets to come in. I've had a fan blowing out/into the room from the living room, and thats been of marginal help before.
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