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    Electronics in general. PC's, game consoles, audio gear. That sort of stuff.


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    DFI Infinity 975X
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    OCZ DDR2-800 2GB
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    too many HDD's to list (audio, samples and loops storage mainly)
    RME HDSP9652 to a Yamaha 02Rv1 (audio card)
  1. I think probably the biggest deal breaker for me with Windows 7 is the way they implemented some of the new MCE features. I was fine with switching my whole MCE network over to Win7 until last night. My internet connection went down for whatever reason(it's comcast) and all of a sudden, none of my 360's would link to any of the win7 boxes I had set-up. I got some error about how this "game" needs to connect to xboxlive to continue. This isn't a game, it's farking MCE! I was not happy. Further more, the 360's won't link to a MCE win7 box without a hard-drive installed. A memory card might work, but I doubt it. With Vista, a 360 can link up to MCE without a storage device. Not much of the interface has changed between Vista MCE and win7, but having to have a hard-drive AND a working internet connection is pure BS. For me, the jury's still out on Win 7. I have more testing to do... UPDATE Must have been some strange RC anomoly, the 360's WILL connect to the win7 box's MCE features without an internet connection. Now to figure out if a memory card will work instead of a hard-drive.
  2. +1 on that, I'm in for a good story about a monitor dying due to extreme overclocks.
  3. I just bought a Toshiba 32AV502U for my bedroom. It's pretty damn sweet. Now I can watch TV in bed with out getting an eye-strain headache. Man getting old sux.
  4. Hey King, I liked the mix man. Had a nice out-on-the-patio kinda vibe to it. Key changes are tough, they require a bit of fore-thought to pull off well. Making a key change as a half step like in a chromatic scale will have a more subtle effect as opposed to making a full step key change, like changing notes in a chord. Each song is written in a key comprised of multiple notes. When a key change is made out of step with what is already playing, the notes being played won't match up with any existing musical scale, and the resulting overlay between the two tracks will create a "sonic-mud" effect.
  5. Yeah, I like Live for doing remixes in the studio for playing out later, just can't get down with it in the booth. I feel like I'm checking my e-mail on stage. Haven't checked out Serato yet, I hear it's pretty good though. I did a review of the Numark Total Control for American Songwriter a few issues ago, that thing is slick as monkey-crap. I took it with me to a few parties out west before the review to "torture-test" it with some friends that still play a lot. We had a great time jamm'n on that thing all weekend. I've since dumped my CD collection for it and my Powerbook.
  6. Do you remix or use original tunes? People keep trying to talk me into using it for DJing, but I think I'm too old to embrace this new technology sometimes. @King, transitions between songs are pretty smooth. you wouldn't be using MixMeister by chance would you? mix @ 28min no good. too drastic a change in musical genres. Key changes can be a ###### too, gotta be careful of those.
  7. So I read through your other thread with the original mix, what are you using to do your mixes? I was a club/rave DJ for 10+ years before I quit to go work in a studio. Do you want "candy coated" thoughts on it, or constructive?[since you mentioned you wanted to get better at this]
  8. Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking as I read the story.
  9. I dunno, but having 3 has made editing so much easier. Nuendo has 4 configurable mixer windows, and honestly, having a monitor for each one and a few more for plug-ins would be great for mixing. Now that I think about it, those mobo's with 4 video card slots are starting to sound rather appealing. Hmmmm, where the heck would I put 8 monitors?
  10. yes indeed they are. I just picked up a third monitor for my audio workstation this past weekend, and I must say, I don't know how I functioned with just two for so long.
  11. If you really want to experience BF2 in all its sonic glory, get an X-Fi. The game was coded to support a ridiculous amount of audio channels on the X-Fi, something like 256. I had my BF2 rig(thats all I play on the PC) hooked up to a nice sized home theater setup and it was absolutely amazing. Any other audio settings in the game other than off-loading processing to the X-Fi will be running on the CPU, which can cause a lot of audio headaches. My advice to you is save some coin, get an X-Fi and really enjoy your speaker setup.
  12. It's a HAL issue with the device manager. Re-install of the OS will fix it.
  13. I can't imagine a headphone amp would be worth it. I work in pro audio and I've never seen anyone use a portable headphone amp with their iPod. Not to say they don't, just never seen one being used. The marketing jive on the portable headphone amp has some technical truth about the op-amp, but an mp3 is an mp3 no matter how you listen to it.
  14. Devil 07

    Htpc Software

    Media Center. I'm looking into getting a few HDHomeRun's and with MCE topping out at 3 tuners, I may be in the market for something new myself.
  15. If you have the OS boot to the 10ft GUI, a remote will be just fine. Plan on using the pc to surf the web on your TV, a remote won't cut it. If you want to watch pre-recorded TV(DVR type stuff) a tuner card will be needed. Since you are going with a mATX board, have you looked into any of the latest generation of integrated video chipset boards? Might save you a few bucks since you don't plan on doing much with the new build. Spend the bucks you were gonna drop on the vid card and get a second tuner card for recording 2 shows or watching 1 and recording 1.
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