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  1. setup as you and tried the chipset cooler. about my only complaint is the placement of the AGP, makes using the PCI slot under the AGP useless, and the little chipset interference problem. since i am running with a tt cooler on the vid card, i can use either the micro cool unit or the swifty 159 unit (presently on there), close, but clears the vid card. things are a little tight in this region. like with all things, there is always room for improvement. still a heck of a board. baldy
  2. regarding the Seagates, i was visiting AMDmb.com and found another DFI a64 user that is having problems with a Seagate, wouldn't allow install, lots of errors, removed Seagate, all is well. it was not the primary drive, but used as a slave. now i know this is not scientific, only two reports of Seagates not liking the new DFI, but it is curious none the least since it is the same manu, and may indicate a possible compatibility problem...................... baldy:D
  3. too, but the board has the yellow UV plugins. you probably got a different box, one that obviously shelved in view of DFI's decision not to go with the CMOS reloaded option. i haven't had a spit of problems with mine, even flashed the board already with one of the beta bios's. i believe your board is the real deal though. fire her up and get to clocking. baldy:D
  4. sounds good. anyway, you may have to play with the secondary ide config, sometimes the burner's work better with the Master setting. in the 'old' days, there were some setups that the CD roms would not work unless they were on the primary as a slave (Packard Hell for one), put them on the secondary ide, no findee CD rom. baldy
  5. "Maxtor 120gb Master on pri. ide Seagate 200gb Slave on pri. ide Liteon 52 x CDRW master on sec. ide NEC 3500 DVD burner slave on sec. ide" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. i separate HD's and opticals. ide 1, primary HD and DVD/CD-rom ide 2, secondary HD, burner. with ide 2, you may want to change the order to burner as master (many systems just like it that way anyway) and HD as slave. i have had problems with Seagates in the past, usually it was the jumper config, much like the WD's, sometimes the CS jumper setting is what takes to make the marraige work properly. and, it appears the common denominator here is the pesky seagate drive, not the motherboard. i am sure you can work this out. good luck. baldy:D
  6. first of all, why are you worried about the onboard Lan???? sounds like you want to bench, not use a network. you can get around this little annoyance by just disabling the onboard lan and sticking in a $10 NIC and be done with it. i do that anyway normally as clocking seems to make the onboard lan on many boards act strangely, thus my NIC suggestion. just a thought baldy
  7. at first, i was totally bummed with the new DFI A64 board, but after several CMOS clearages, some diligent research, a little help from OPPainter @Extreme, and a new beta bios............. it rocks..................... seems some of them need a little spanking to post the first time:nod: running today @8.5x289, who knows what tomorrow will bring. this is with the stock retail cooler............ still in the discovery stages, working with previous OS install from the NF2 board. thining of OS reinstall to start fresh......... baldy
  8. issue with the new UT board. if you don't change it from the shipped bios, you WILL experience PROBLEMS with rebooting if you have turned off CPU throttling. i spent a few anxious hours playing, then, bingo, installed one of the newer bios's, walla, now i can use the bios anyway i see fit. so, to each his own. BTW, i have NEVER had a problem with ANY of the BETA's or MODDED bios' going back to the Intinity, but, as Angry states, use it at your own risk. baldy
  9. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AUX is actually your CPU temps. USe the ITE Smart Guardian that came in the CD, it reports it properly. baldy
  10. with the bios as many have related and changing anything required a CMOS clearage. the beta bios' have cleared that up. happy with my 2800+ so far, 2.6 gig max (285FSB), STOCK COOLER (retail). have to figure out how to attach to my Prommie........... the board rocks so far. baldy
  11. is actually the CPU temp in the Everest home edition. i have the new DFI and the ITE Smart Guardian has it right. i guess since this is my first post here, i will be considered a rookie.................... baldy
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