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  1. there is a 4 pin connector??? isn't that only for pentium boards??




    locate the P4 plugin, and get your board running properly. more and more AMD boards use this feature now.


    without it, your 12v rail will read very low...oh, you already know that, makes note to himself to go stand in a corner and stare at the walls for awhile.........



  2. depending on the stepping of your CPU, it will report differently, as much as a 20*c difference. many report idle temps in the 30's, and i have seen many that report the 50+ figure..............


    my unit is cooled by an XP-120 w/Delta 100CFM fan (120mm) and i run about 54*c idle and around 60*c loaded. the bios fix doesn't work on some steppings, at least completely, i did get a minor drop w/the 9/14 beta...........................


    i gave up worrying about it cause everything is working right, nary a problem. i have done the finger test whilst running, and everything is nice to the touch.





  3. One problem is that a few users are clamoring for us to tighten up to make our boards, at stock/default, perform like the MSI (I use MSI as it is the 'most compared' board to ours for some reason).




    to help with clocking, it seems to me that users who don't clock could tightened quite a few settings within the bios and w/the a64 tweaker, thus making the board scream pretty good with the cpu running factory specs.


    just my take.


    and damn fine board, if you ask me.



  4. the CPU still works, i guess they got the thermal shutdown working properly.


    in previous incarnations of the AMD chips, by just turning on your system without a heatsink...............you couldn't pull the plug fast enough, CPU burnage right away.


    you have some catching up to do with the clocking, read, search, play, and in about a week or less you will have figured out a lot, including how to get a higher HTT/FSB.


    if you haven't found the ram dividers yet......................then when the good cooler comes, vcore adjustments and so on.


    good luck, it is going to be a fast ride.





  5. the actual outputs with a multimeter, the low 12 volt rail is your culprit, the vid card you are using runs with a 12v molex...................................with voltages in the 10.5 range, i can see all sorts of weird behavior.


    if what you say is true with the other parts working fine in other setups, then i would have to say the voltage regulator or some other part is not allowing the full 12v to course through the MB, and it just may need exchanging.


    check the bios voltage readout with the other PS, if the 12v line is low like the other one, motherboard for sure. i would be checking the readouts with each PS running in the system, just check it at a four pin molex, at least you will get the 12/5 from that, the 3.3 is metered from the FAT orange wire in the 20pin MB power feed.



  6. cooler.


    thermalright 948U or XP-120 (yes, they both fit the board)


    Swiftech stuffs are very good.


    If Alpha is still in business, they made great sinks in the past, leading edge at the time.


    did you leave it on until thermal shutdown occured??????


    hopefully............................it still works when the parts arrive.





  7. Oh yeah... I just want to get the machine running, it only runs for about 90 seconds with no heat sync






    Never fire up a cpu without at least a heatsink, you can fry one in mere fractions of a second.


    In fact, I am surprised it still runs, and you prolly have done some major damage to the cpu already.



  8. the system, or have you overclocked/played with this OS install, and now there is a delay????


    sometimes the boot sector can get semi hosed with really aggressive OC attempts, leading to the delay you describe.


    have you checked for viri recently? done a spyware check?


    i would do the above right away, prolly won't fix it.


    have you tried a system restore to a previous point?, it is a nice little feature. the only drawback is if your restore doesn't go back far enough to give you a clean slate.


    hope this helps.



  9. would love to have this issue fixed along with OCZ DDR Booster >3.6v vdimm no reboot/boot issue fixed




    known problem and a limitation/safety feature of the motherboard. sooner or later someone will come up with a vsense mod, then you can fry your memory with all the volts you want/need.


    the temps thing is what needs attention, all over the map depending on the CPU. my temps idle @55*c with an xp-120 and 100cfm Delta 120mm, and over 60*c under load.


    i have been air cooling, pelt cooling and phase cooling for years, made or invented some very strange stuffs, this high temp readout problem needs some attention.


    i have gotten used to it, never had any problems running max overclock, so................





  10. it fits, but it is tight around the p4 MB plugin. the plug must be out on initial install, then with a small amount of effort, the P4 plugin slips into place.


    i got a 7*c drop from the stock heatsink w/delta 80mm screamer. running with a 100CFM Delta 120 (very quiet compared to an 80mm screamer).


    i still think the bios detects the temps a bit high, but who am i to complain, this little 2800+ in doing a cool 9x280 (2520+). it is benchable at this setting and it is also game playable.


    it certainly helps with MB component cooling and dimm cooling, the heatsink allows for a lot of air to circulate down and around everything, including those pesky hot caps and other stuffs near the back of the board by the CPU.


    not bad, two screws and back together, left MB in the case, it was very easy.


    whether it is better than the 948U series is the question, without a doubt it is lighter and the 120mm Delta 100CFM is much quieter.


    i don't have a 948U to test against it, maybe someone else with a similar setup can report their temps.


    now running 9x283 (2547+), 1.61/1.64vre (fluctuates). still benchable and game playable.




  11. Im using 9/12 bios at the moment. Flased to 9/14 yesteday but it didn't do that well.




    explain a bit more, did you actually flash the bios to 9/14??? or did you have problems flashing?


    i say this cause your post is a bit confusing, since you say you are using the 9/12 now.


    that cpu of yours is called a Newcastle, FYI.


    as you are finding out, other components have an effect on clockage too, in your case it appears your previous board clocked better than the DFI presently.


    wondering as i exit if maybe the ram.....................





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