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  1. i use car wire clamps, nothing gets cut or trimmed, the little double horseshoe slides down each side of the wire when the plastic shell havles get closed, making a small slit on each side of the insulation and contacting the wire underneath, when removed, it is virtually invisable.


    clamp, clamp, back and running in a few minutes, having the same color wire for the bridging pigtails (depending on where you put the second PS) is nice.


    i personally don't care about the warranty, so i actually cut and pigtailed one supply to the other (my case is 24" tall, so i can stack them virtually on top on each other). that was then, now i just use a real good HO single PS w/adjustable rails and forget about the hassle...........


    go for it.



  2. sounds to me like maybe you should figure out your raid array first, some bios investigation is needed.


    frankly, i have had problems with raid before, losing one drive, getting it back , losing it again. in the end the OS got so fubared....................


    like one of the early posters stated, you may have a corrupted OS now.


    first, get the raid array working like it was before, then start testing the ram.


    as far as switching from Sata 1/2 to 3/4 for higher FSB clocking purposes, it should have worked IF you adjusted the bios properly...................


    and just be warned, if running a raid config and clocking, you are going to have to compromise a bit to the FSB gods............


    also, there are extensive stickies on this subject contained here, i suggest a thorough reading.


    you are going to have problems with the mixing of the ram, prolly no matter what you do to the ram timings and other settings...........





  3. wiring them to fire at the same time is a snap.


    just bridge one more wire (i think it is the grey wire), and if you properly married the rest, both come on at the same time with the on button.


    you will find that after a while, you will prolly want to get a single PSU, it will be a lot cooler and quieter.....


    i have done this several times...............


    nice cleanup of the case, i wuz a bit worried after seeing the first pic..........



  4. interesting thread. i used to run with Sata Maxtors in raid, always seemed to be a problem sooner or later, usually sooner...........(NF3 NF4)




    handy little tidbit, have avoided sata as boot drives ever since (still running the sata maxtors, but only as storage/extra programs/temp internet drives). Maxtor ide as boot drive..


    guess it is time to change...........



  5. try some different ramski if you have some. maybe a manual setting in the bios in the ram department will help, but my experience has been if it doesn't work at stock settings, then you gots a problem with that particular ram, ..................


    especially given the fact it does the same thing in two different setups, albite, basically the same motherboard (DFI).


    ram can do all sorts of weird stuffs when it is not in a 'happy' place, been there, done that, then changed the ram, was a happy camper.



  6. 'I just use added nic card as a matter of course on any mobo I use.'




    same here. wasn't trying to create a stir, just commenting on the NIC problem. since i do not use any other MB at the time i have no reference other than what i am using presently.


    my guess is Nvidia wouldn't take too well if the realtec chipset was substituted for the onboard.........................hehe.


    whatever, easy problem to overcome..............



  7. i guess the onboard NIC problems just carried over from the NF3 series.


    EVERY DFI NF3 board i have handled the onboard NIC pooped, and it is especially a problem with any type of overclocking.


    get a PCI NIC, stick it in, your problems will go away. it works in my world, a Realtec chip based NIC can be had for around $10.


    you would think that this proplem would have been solved by DFI, i have seen numerous postages alluding to this problem, and the only solution is the PCI insertion.




    otherwise, great MB.



  8. what you are seeing is normal, and i don't think you can change it. in all my setups, USB shares...............................and i believe it is the leading problem with USB 2.0 and large data transfers.......................................


    as far as the USB mousey goes, it just may be a conflict with their drivers and your chipset, rarely does this happen with modern components though but it could be a possibility, have you considered trying a different copperhead unit, just in case there is a problem with the mousey proper????


    i would be highly interested myself if you find a way to switch the IRQ's on the USB.


    good luck.



  9. this prolly is my number 1 complaint with these boards, the onboard ethernet just craps and won't work, especially if the unit is clocked.


    i bypassed it, installed a PCI NIC w/Realtec chipset (about $10), works wonderfully................


    i gave up on the onboard NIC after many failures, seems to work with a fresh install, but goes south almost immediately. same problem with both 250 boards that i have right now.........


    just one of those thangs.....



  10. the unit with power at the time of demise.


    your OS could could have taken a hit with said demise. so could hardware components, MB comes to mind, hard drives, video card, well, i think you get what i am trying to say. sometimes chasing this down can be frustrating.


    also, did you replace it with a unit that can put out enough amps on the 12v leg?


    i am sure you will run this down somehow.


    good luck.


    baldy :tooth:

  11. then getting the Gskill value stuffs will be a crapshoot for sure.


    the prices are set, if you want a $100 gig of ram and fairly decent chance of hitting 240/250 with the right MB, then that is the way to go,


    if, though, you get the Gskill LA or LE stuffs, you will definately be rewarded with more than the 240/250 and will get the 260 with ease. just check my sig.


    sure, it costs more, but there is a REASON.


    there are other TCCD stuffs that will do about the same as Gskills (Patriot comes to mind, and it is a bit cheaper), so you have choices.


    frankly, i would stay away from this cheaper stuffs if you plan on staying with clocking for any period of time. the bug, ya know, it gets you, sooner or later..........hehe.


    baldy :nod:

  12. yup, a biatch when the board is in the case.


    to make it easier, i lay the case on its side, obviously nuded by detachment from cords and wires, and the install goes much easier that way. only takes a couple of minutes to perform the job, takes longer to hook up everything again than the actual swapout.


    frick, a case standing up would be a real hard one.


    baldy :)

  13. boards support wake up with USB devices, some don't, you might be on a board that only supports PS/2 wakeup, but still recognizes USB stuffs.


    the new DFI nForce4-DAGF offering specifically refers to the USB wake up functions as working properly, something that didn't work before.


    just a thought, didn't want you spinning wheels in the sand, getting nowhere.


    have you contacted the MB tech support, or checked the FAQ's at their website yet??


    baldy :nod:

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