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  1. Think I will stick with new IP :tongue: Maybe horror or investigation/crime genre!
  2. There isn't a 2013 topic and the music topic in entertainment is 2011 D3Bruts used to create the new year version and then provide a link to the old threads in OP. Whatever happened to that guy anyway? Always liked seeing his input on things.
  3. Happy Birthday Slackass! I'm surprised this was dropped off the sticky list. I just got so accustomed to seeing it. Rarely checked it tho. :tongue:
  4. I want to say I'm guessing a new IP, but man it really could be a lot of things. Though the Broadway tickets would lead me away from Wolfenstein/Doom 4. No good reason why but they just wouldn't be my top guesses. I could see it being Dishonored if Beth's dev team actually worked on the first one. Shoot man, I dunno! I'm going with new IP ...because I'm lazy!
  5. The developers on that Twitter feed denied the accusations it was FO4 that they were working on. /shrug Whatever, support couldn't last forever and they did a good job supporting it.
  6. I will be the lone wolf here. I have two but only keep 1 on because if I'm chatting while I am gaming it is via voice chat and the only time I cared to see the interface is when 20+ people were in the lobby and I didn't recognize all the voices. I don't like to keep too much software when I'm gaming as I'm very sensitive to latency delays. So the only time I actually really like two displays is when I'm doing actual work. If I was still building websites/forums for a living I would be loving both displays. Now I'm just thankful I picked a display with resolution so I can do window mode 1920x1080 gaming on a 1920x1200 monitor. If I do want to run a monitor program the extra 120 pixels is enough to show whatever critical information I want to see. I'm a fan of 16:10 IPS displays, but not really a fan of multi-displays (unless I'm doing work then more the better) at home.
  7. Well it is written by the chick who wrote Twilight so sappy should be expected. There are no movies I am itching to see but I am curious what people think of the ones out right now. Didn't think to try Oblivion so pretty interesting two people already saw it ...though doesn't it open NEXT week? I am curious about Oz. That one may have to be a dollar theater watch though since no one is talking about it. I don't even see the one IVI is talking about. Maybe that one is in the college theater. So even the Aussies are more progressive (on Hollywood movies no less) than we are.
  8. Fogel


    I'm surprised it took an NFL article to enlighten me on this video. Freaking amazing! You can see the heavy soccer/F
  9. Interesting trailer, though the static image lead me to believe it was going to be ALL cgi. Surprised Fairy Tail is on a break, there should be plenty of material since the manga is far ahead of the tv show.
  10. Does the girl come with the holster? That would be like a 2 for 1 deal!
  11. Not a fan of cats but "Colonel Meow" gets props. Still say its a Chimera with lion dna spliced in. Thought the same thing LOL. Wow lab head, shepard body. Cute dogs in this thread, but I have a huge soft spot dogs. Dogs will litterally knock their owners down just to get some pets. Cats hate me tho. Rarely will one come up to me.
  12. First few episodes of Darker Than Black. Much better than I thought it would be. It is fairly dark but its got some nice intrigue going on with it. You know more about the other characters than the main character but it slowly gives you information each episode. Oh I used to watch it when it was on CN. It's good and I can see why it is so popular. I believe it is the most popular manga/show in Japan. I just found myself not really liking any of the characters so when CN did their typical purge (remove all good anime and replace it with sucky homecrew crap) I really didn't miss it to continue it on my own. But just because its not my thing doesn't mean I can't see what makes it popular. I did try though. I agree. My friend says the studio freaked out when the writer for 1P asked for a week off. Evidently he doesn't take days off and says he thinks he can keep writing for another 10 years. Though he says it looks like Naruto and Fairy Tail might be reaching the end though from the storylines he is reading in the manga. If that's true, it should be interesting to see what Shonen Jump replaces them with.
  13. (repeatedly beats machine) Work damn you! Is that a movie reference I should know about? Googling that turns up some place in Talequah. Mayo isn't good nor is the visual reference your perverted mind could take it. And actually Onion, its a really good deli. Not the best but one of the best in town. It's just in an area where hipsters congregate so mostly college hipsters work there. Mostly work force people that eat there though as its too expensive for the typical college kid.
  14. Either way you understood the command, so make me a sandwich!
  15. Thats a cat? It looks like some Ewok Lion Infused Chimera.
  16. What the shit is thread even about then? You just took quotes out of context so no wonder you are bonking yourself on the head. The first comment was in response to someone saying if I drink enough than she will become prettier to me. Whomever said that (too lazy to go look) obviously ignored the whole thread (and the thread title). So I responded that I don't need to be drinking around her as that WOULD ignore the whole point of this thread. The second quotation is completely in line with this whole topic. Not really sure what else to say as it pretty much sums up the topic. Well I figured Waco wouldn't make a sandwich for me even if I invoked the sudo command as sudo commands can still be built with limitations, but if I switched user (specifically to BluePanda) he might! edit: That statement does make more sense now Bowtie.
  17. I will admit, at first I wanted to reply with, "you found Garfield!" The more I looked at him the more angry he looked. He looks like you are treading on his last nerve. If reincarnation is real he looks pissed to be a cat. That cat is probably some ninja when you aren't looking. I wouldn't mess with him if I were you.
  18. Trick will be to find another female with interests in PCs along with your patience, which is like that of Buddha. Ok, which post is the real you, the one above or this one? The wife above and this one, you? Aww, that's where the patience comes from. It obeys commands! sudo su - ./services makefogelasammich lol only you ...though that probably is how most non-techy girls would hear that. DID YOU JUST CALL ME A SUMO?!
  19. I did not get a chance to get to know Dale but it was quite apparant how big of a part he played in this community. Sad times. Best wishes go out to all of his friends and family.
  20. So not the thread you want to see. Wish the best to who ever it is.
  21. Would be nice to consolidate all my books to one device as many take up so much room, but really doesn't bother me much either way. I do not own a kindle but I bought one for my mom and she loves it. She can share books with her friends who also have Kindles so that is pretty cool.
  22. True enough but the hipster + hippie look sure points in the other direction. The grill is a bit off so that keeps throwing me off too. Oh jeeez, I really do not need to be drinking around her because than I will hit it. I am a touchy feely drunk and the things I get away with when I'm drunk kind of amaze me. It's not often a girl will let you cup her on your first conversation with her about a minute in and be perfectly ok with it. drinking = bad Thanks for the posts as well, definitely got the thread moving. ha ha hah There is Phil! Sorry man.
  23. lol you are disturbed, but we'll take you that way and no way else. Touch
  24. Sounds like a winner! No joke! Do people actually worry about these things? Although your comment did remind me of a funny scene in a SkinMax movie I saw as a kid. This rich dude is tagging his maid in the backseat. Shows him going at it for at least 2 minutes straight and then the maid asks, "Se
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