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  1. Other: Beyerdynamic ...I don't like headsets Logitech: Using a Razer Black Widow right now though... no Razer product has impressed me, waiting for a keyboard to impress me Corsair: M60 ...love this mouse, especially on a Steel Series mouse pad
  2. I guess it really depends on what you are trying to show. Are you trying to teach techniques or are you simply trying to convey your philosophy on martial arts? If its techniques, video is best. If it is simply your opinion on things than possibly article. If you are a confident writer, you can try submitting to the martial arts magazines out there. Most of those articles are written by the community submitted to the magazine. If you are finding it very hard to describe actions than start off with a video and go from there.
  3. I like how it looks like Waco has 3 of the chains. I mean, CONGRATS!
  4. Give me a chance, i was only introduced to them last summer. About the only time i watch movies is with my gf... and there have been too many other movies on her must see list. Even my old co-workers who do not like ANY super hero movie saw and liked Avengers. It's time to take a stand on the GF. I'm not too crazy on the first Thor. Majority of the people love the Ironman movies and hate Captain America. The first Ironman I liked, second was kinda meh ...but I actually like Captain America more than both of them. Guess I liked the small kid everyone overlooks getting his chance and rising above people's expectations of him. I can also appreciate his outlook on many of the scenarios he is put in. In many movies when the small kid grows he gets the stereotypical ego (Spiderman for example). Rogers/Cap is simply business as usual in the battlefield and humble outside of it. I thought I would like him the least because I always thought the whole shield and dorky outfit didn't fit. I also have to admit that I liked Hayley Atwell's role in the movie. I thought she stood out more than Natalie did in Thor. Though I wouldn't recommend Captain America to anyone because I think that it fits my personality more than it being a good movie. All in all its probably just mediocre.
  5. Implying you can ever delete an account More like implying its not good to put your information on the internet because once its there ...it's there! Now the joke is, "What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas... till it hits Facebook."
  6. Well YAH! ty! Yeah double cheeseburger, large chips and an apple crumble please? If we are sticking with the meme theme, it is... I can has cheezburger?
  7. Again, I say have him try it first. ComputerEd thinks its an upgrade from XP. I'm still running XP on my C2D machine and I wouldn't put Win8 on any of my machines despite being tired of XP. Its better if he can get a more personal interaction with Win8 where functionality isn't locked but at the very least have him go to Best Buy or something and have him play around with it. The difference between Win7 and Win8 is pretty much purely about the interface and none of us here can tell you what your friend will like.
  8. Ya but when it comes to video games I have no patience, I WANTS IT NAO! He's been quiet for almost 3yrs so he's had time to prepare a grand entrance. :tongue:
  9. They have the best goat cheese I've had in Slovakia... soo good! My favorite sandwich cheese is Harvati.
  10. But sometimes in-game movies use the game engine so that could have been a possibility as well. Despite the low interest in live action trailers I'm still interested in this title and seeing more come from it.
  11. Fogel

    PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    Figured that would happen. MS doesn't stand for that nonsense. NextXBox here I come! Buh bye XBox, it was a pleasure doing business wit ya! PEACE!
  12. Huh? Tech 5 was already used in RAGE, so it's not "new" anymore. I know, that was just poor wording on my part. I'm looking forward to seeing new improved uses of it. Just as there are always improvements to the Unreal Engine despite being around forever and a day. Tech 5 is still new as far as engines go and its use in a survival/horror game is exciting to me. Live action trailer less so.
  13. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html :tongue: I can haz alot?
  14. Live action trailers??? I thought from the Twitter Feed Teasers we would see the new Tech 5 in the Reveal Trailer.
  15. Well there is a poll right next to your topic where you can see what everyone on the forums think. To answer the question directly I say he should try it out before he buys. Win8 is not the typical O/S upgrade. Opinions of it aside, its a lateral move. It's neither an upgrade nor a downgrade but people have extreme opinions of it. Very few people have a middle of the road view on it. I would say AZNguyen is probably the closest to that. From a pure logical perspective the industry views it as an epic fail so Microsoft is already saying, "don't forget about Windows 9 coming down the pike". That's not to say it will lose support (because it won't), its just that W9 may be pushed a bit faster than originally planned. Though one thing in favor of Win8 is that I know they are tossing around the idea of making the Upgrade version only available to Win8 users to further entice people to try Win8 now. I personally prefer full versions that way if I have to reformat I don't have to worry about installing two O/S on top of each other or using funky stop mid-install and resume tricks. But really have him try it out first. He might love it, but there is an equal chance he might flat out hate it as all get out.
  16. The "I just bought" thread has almost 500 pages. Maybe it is 999! YOU DUNNO! On a Jeep forum I go to there is a thread with almost 5000 pages lol But different forums! Maybe the Mods/Admin of OCC know what happens if THESE forums go past 999 (or 9999) pages which is why they curtail all long threads! Whip out the tinfoil hats if you vote Yes to this poll! The forums on Amazon go to 9999 and no more. In fact the people on there purposely make stupid topics just to see if they can get 9999 pages. PS: I'm just inacting some Friday boredom. I actually agree with Onion.
  17. Well you are the only one I know of baking laptops. :tongue: (points IVI to his very own thread topic)
  18. The "I just bought" thread has almost 500 pages. Maybe it is 999! YOU DUNNO!
  19. Maybe the forums will implode if a thread goes past 99 pages! YOU DUNNO!
  20. I think Nvidia just senses that you don't like them IVI. Much like cats know I don't like them. Most I'm sure, but everyone still likes calling him IVI. Besides who does L337 internet speak these days. Even Onion gave up his L337_P1MP name. Besides IVI calls himself IVI. You probably haven't realized it yet, but the internet has been reformatted. :tongue:
  21. That reminds me, what was that game that looked like it would be just like that? There was a rusty elevator gate in the beginning and you are some normal guy walking by SWAT members slain all over. Then it shows the character running away from something down a hallway, he hides under a bed and the zombie or whatever it was looks under the bed and spots him. That one looked really intense. Not sure if you played it, but I tried Zombie U at a friends house for about 20 minutes and it was really pretty good. It was definitely more survival as you start off with no weapon and even when you find a weapon it takes multiple hits with a baseball bat just to take out one zombie who is stuck in a window. So running is your best bet. It takes the notion you are normal with no fighting skills what so ever who is in the middle of a zombie apocolypse, rather than some warrior plowing through zombies like they're nothing. Shame the Wii U has no other good games because that one definitely looked like it would be a good game.
  22. ha ha hah We called it BP! I can't view the link from here but the URL says it all. I guessed the genre, you guessed the creator. That trailer was obviously showing off some new tech, though I couldn't figure out what it was. Should be fun to see more of this Tech 5 stuff!
  23. Good possibility BP! Trailer did give me that survival/horror game feel. No idea, but I don't see why it wouldn't. If there is a key code you can enter that code into Steam to claim a game. Best way to find out is to ask Gamestop how the download works and if a keycode is provided.
  24. Who is Tonight? hahaha No Vote's brother, duh!
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