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  1. http://iammosh.bandcamp.com/album/monarchy http://syntheticepiphany.bandcamp.com/album/the-archives Name your own price on the first album - $0.00 to wuteva. Been listening to both of those a lot lately.
  2. Fogel

    Xbox One

    I honestly stopped using my 360 over the last couple years. I play a couple games on it from time to time, but I went nearly a year between actually turning it on. I did just recently cancel XBL Gold too, so now I don't need to waste money on something I barely use. My PS3, on the other hand, sees uses pretty much every day. Movies, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and games get their turn on it. Add in PS+ to basically earn back the $50/yr price in a month and that's about all I really need in terms of consoles. Only reason my 360 got more play time is because that is where my core group of friends play. I will say that I prefer the controller on the 360 more than the PS3 but since the XBone decided bigger is better its going to lose that advantage. Granted I won't know till try both controllers out but so far the PS4 controller looks like it could be better. The features you mention is all a console really needs to provide these days anyway. Even then I still liked it when consoles were purely consoles but having access to Blu-Ray, Amazon Prime, Crunchy Roll, Netflix, etc are nice and don't subtract in any way. The features on the XBone is crap I'm paying extra for that I don't want. I don't need to consolidate my Tivo because I don't have a Tivo. I wonder if the XBone will keep its stupid annoying tile ridden advertisement infested operating system. Nothing about that GUI is friendly. If you want to advertise something, make a separate section for it so I can go there if I want ...not so its my homescreen.
  3. Despite BF3, all previous Battlefield installments were PC only. Out of all my console friends I only know one who played BF3 on the console regularly to a degree. It did not impress many console fans. It gets play but I think mainly from those who are tired of CoD and Halo but still want to play FPS. Console FPS players pretty much buy any and all FPS games (it seems like) and rarely seem to stick to any of them. So I'm sure the sales were decent on it (haven't checked) but BF3 most definitely did not have the same impact on consoles that other FPS games have made. Besides my point was more aimed at the fact Battlefield has always been PC franchise. so alienating your original fanbase in favor of the new kid is just dumb. But then again that's EA. They did that when they created BF3 and pissed off all the hardcore BF2 fans.
  4. Fogel

    Xbox One

    I invested far more time in my XBox 360 than my PS3. I definitely prefer the online segment on XBL more as I find the competition to be more stout. Thooooooooough, no interest in the XBone at this time. In fact, I might even consider the Wii U if the library could grow past Zombie U.
  5. It's possible since consoles are really just specialized computers. People really do need to stop underestimating consoles. That said, this is EA talking. EA is quite notorious for doing and saying stupid things. Also this guy comes across as some suit/marketing agent who heard a few key phrases and decided to parrot them out without really knowing what he is saying. The other problem is like Binky said. Some of these consoles, especially the XBone, are moving away from the key advantage consoles have always had - being a specialized computer. If I didn't look at the XBone and immediately think "Tivo competition", I might even think to myself that maybe it isn't marketing hype. Funny thing is Battlefield is not a popular series on the console, so saying BF4 runs better on console than on the PC (even if true) is pretty damn stupid. I wonder how BF fans feel about that statement. EA = no cred XBone = losing cred Nope, not buying it.
  6. Interesting descriptions. The description on INTP there doesn't seem to fit me as well as the one I saw on Wikipedia even though the theme is the same. Makes me wonder if I took the test wrong now as I'm sure that description is probably better at being a credible source than Wikipedia's. The one on Wikipedia fits me almost perfectly though. Andrew - you scored INTP, if you are still reading this thread which description (Typelogic or Wikipedia) fits you better? I can see where they are coming from fer sure, but I agree... I do think they are making it more complex than it needs to be. Great point on error being built into the test. When I answer these questions I immediately factor out special cases - in Onion's case it would be his fiance. Unless he responds to everyone else just like he respond to his fiance, but typically that isn't how most respond to everyone else. The test is simply asking if you get easily excited or not. If it takes someone or something special to get you excited than the answer is no. Easily Excited = Iron Man/Tony Stark, most sports announcers, radio DJs Not = Captain America, most computer programmers, bikers Most people's internet persona is different then their real one but if I went by Onion's internet persona I would answer the test 'Yes' for him.
  7. Not my test so break it all you want. Say mean things about it all you want. I don't own it so I don't gotta fix it. A lot of the questions weren't cut and dry for me either, like the one you bring up. In fact that one probably made me think the most. When a hot chick asks me to do something, hell yeah I get excited. Or if a friend says we're gonna do something really fun, definitely. But when I thought about it, I just went with what I do 90% of the time. I'm pretty sure if you need a specific situation to say yes than you probably don't get excited much as you can also relate to knowing people who do get excited about "EVERYTHING" ...or what seems like everything. I doubt the test means if you say no that you never get excited at all. That would be pretty silly.
  8. Whoa, another INTP - right on Andrew! I wouldn't have thought you to be a Judger, BP ...though you got a pretty foothold with 56%. I was wondering if you would throw off my guess and be the Extrovert I wasn't predicting so the 11% doesn't surprise me.
  9. Normally I'm not really one for these things but at the same time they're interesting ...mostly I because I seem to fall in the middle somewhere. This one is pretty clear cut though. I looked up what a INTP is since just about everyone on Head-Fi is INTJ and almost no one is INTP ...and damn the description is a little too close to accurate (minus the whole science/philosophy/law/psychology/architecture thing). I though about highlighting the really relevant stuff that struck home (like hating politics, titles, presenting too much info on simple topics, uncomfortable with praise, prefer to work alone, fear of failing and irrelavant social customs), but wow too much. INTP (per Wikipedia)
  10. What kinda of games are you looking to play? I love the old games.
  11. Has anyone here ever used rightstuf.com? Wouldn't mind getting Fairy Tail on Blu-Ray. Cheaper here than on Amazon by $17.
  12. Grats! 2 x 1920x1200 I usually turn 1 off though.
  13. Welp I just watched season 1 and the 4 OVAS between season 1 and 2. Not bad I liked it, I heard season 2 wasn't that impressive but I'll find out once this torrent finishes. They really don't tell you much about the gates and stuff, background information on how everything started. You talking about Darker Than Black there? If you thought IM3 was that good I can only imagine what your thoughts on Avengers would be.
  14. I don't just like the idea I think you did a great job on that bracket! Cool points bro. ++
  15. I love the M60, it is by far my favorite mouse. It glides so smoothly on a Steel Series mat that I like hopping on the PC just game with that mouse. Just like the weight of it, how it glides so well, how the buttons click, the tactile feel of it, and the overall construction of it. Great mouse.
  16. Iron Man 3 Nice - be curious to get someone else's take on it.
  17. Fogel

    Iron Man 3

    Wasn't really on the hotseat to see this but since another friend is organizing this I will be seeing IM3 tonight.
  18. Wow that is a bit surpising. I mean I can kind of see it since not everyone looks for things like that. For example none of friends noticed how grainy most Blu-Ray movies are because they are so sharp ...until I showed 1 or 2 movies that were crystal clear. Now they notice it all the time but before they didn't.
  19. Fogel


    Thanks for bumping this topic! I was trying to remember the name of this game while talking to BP about the new Shinji Mikami game coming out.
  20. joke is old and no longer funny Same with you?
  21. NO VOTE WAS DENIED!!! No Vote clearly won a few categories and you denied him!
  22. I may be a bit of a video quality snob but I'm finding it very hard to switch to TN panels. Every single TN panel I've tried is just so lame in comparison to a IPS panel. Not sure how the OP is not seeing the difference. Though I did use to design webpages for a living so maybe I'm more sensitive to color variances than most people? The OP can try playing a movie on both panels at the same time. If you do want a picture, look for one with pure black, bright colors and gradients. Also one with fine detail as sometimes even if monitors can reproduce color well they sometimes over saturate or smudge. The other thing I notice about TN panels is many times the colors just plain look washed out. The like the difference of a T-Shirt the day you bought it versus many washes later.
  23. Heard lots of good things about Darker Than Black, torrent worthy? I guess it depends on what kind of shows you like, but I would say absolutely. It is getting a little dated by now, but it is very good. It does a good job of just giving you enough information. I still have no clue on the Main Character's true ability, what organization he is a part of, who his real enemies, which organizations are not targets or even if they have ties with any. I would give ya a quick synopsis but honestly when my friend told me it sounded a bit cheesey but its a lot better than I thought it would be. It's more dark and a lot of intrigue compared to many anime which is about action. The action in this show is usually fairly quick and gruesome.
  24. I used to use both of those. As just a gaming headset (communicating thru VOIP) it does quite well. I didn't have to tinker with Vent settings at all. I loved the G500 as well, think I bought 3 total. Two for the two machines and 1 backup. I still use one of them for the laptop. Great mouse. I spilt coke on one of them and even though I no longer use it its not because it doesn't work its because I'm too lazy to take it apart and clean all the stickyness. It actually still works like the day I bought it. Logitech stuff may not look pretty (Razer) but the stuff works and I can appreciate that.
  25. Finished the fight with Laxus on Fairy Tail Finished the fight with Pain on Naruto More episodes of Darker Than Black ...definitely recommend this series
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