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  1. Pure gaming machine. Maybe some multi-media (movies etc.) and 2-D graphics generation. Do you think I need memory with tighter timings to achieve 3.0Ghz? Since the memory is bought and paid for and way past return date its really a loaded question just to see if my OC headroom is low so maybe the 170 is better for my case or if the 165 just plain has more headroom to work with. Kinda curious if the 170 is really the same chip as the 165, just factory overclocked? I could list some monitors but I wanted to see if I left it open if I'd get more suggestions.
  2. Of course you will know more a year from now than you do now. So you're making the best decision with the information you have available to you so you really shouldn't kick yourself. Make the choice you feel more confident with. I'm sure there is one you're leaning towards more, you're just not sure if its the right one - go with it. I got the same dilema, I want to know if its worth the money to go with a Opty 170 over a 165 but so far only 2 people replied to me. At least you got a lot of people helping you with your questions so if all these smart people are going both ways than chances are you can't lose either way. Plus, you know better what you can afford right now as well as what you can afford down the line.
  3. I'm in the same boat. Not sure which monitor to buy. I do know this, if you plan on doing more than basic computing such as Movies, Graphics or Gaming I would not settle for anything less than name brand. You would think as long as there has been TVs and Monitors it would be old hat tech, but when you walk into a computer store with all the TVs/Monitors lined together you will notice the Sonys, Viewsonics, Samsungs long before you can even recognize the brand label on the monitor. Not only is the quality better but they tend to last longer. If you're planning on spending a lot of time on the 'puter I'd spring a few extra bones for the brand name stuff. With the 3 you got up - Viewsonic
  4. I noticed that when I was visiting family in Slovakia. Electronics are so much more expensive there. I think I calculated a PS2 to costing $480 when it costed $199 in the States,.. which is sad b/c as yfital points out, their income is a LOT less on average. Course he is in Israel so its probably a lot different but most likely closer to eastern europe than the US. btw, cool Kenshin sig
  5. My threads don't seem to attract very many people into responding ...not sure why , so I definitely appreciate you taking the time to respond. I kind of got impatient last night and ordered the Raptors since they have a $30 rebate on them. And unlike most rebates, I can actually use it for two purchases instead of just 1. I suppose worse comes to worse I can return the drives. I've always been a bargin bin hunter especially when it came to HDDs so I was gonna try a stab at some high dollar ones for a change. I see you have Raptors, you not pleased with them? And I guess I spoke too soon about not seeing anyone using the Venus core Opteron. I really have no clue about the different models. There does not seem to be much documentation explaining them. None of the review sites I have been to have I readily seen them used in benchmarks. Its always the mainstream 939 stuff. I'm not really married to TT, just heard a lot of good things about both the Big Typhoon and the Armor. So if you know another Fan/HS to try or case, I'm all ears. Other ones I seen recommended are the T-90 or T-120 i think it is. And the Scythe Ninja? (tried searching for it on Newegg, no luck) I have Samsung 940b atm (8ms) but it ghosts way more than I'd like... especially in BF2. And I have to admit I like my parents View Sonic more ...did much better w/ BF2 than my comp did. The 940b is also a little too light in many colors. Not sure if its just the model I got or if the later Samsungs are the same. I was also curious about the Ben Q monitors. Not exactly main stream stuff but seen some flattering reviews on them, just curious from people who actually use them day to day rather than just from a quickie review.
  6. // Start useless chatter... feel free to skip to the end of this chatter bit For those who helped me in my other thread, thank you. I thought about it some more and figured if I am to build a 2nd computer now is the time. Granted this one will be built knowing full well its the last of its kind, there's no hopes of upgrading it down the line since AMD is moving to AM2 and Intel finally came up a good response to AMD, in the name of Core 2. I have no desire to alpha test either, plus I doubt AMD is gonna stand idle while Intel kicks their butt with the Core 2. So its probably going to be a price war and high tech stand off for awhile. Also I got memory and a gpu collecting dust, I might as well put them to use. What I'm tossing my gray matter on is the Opteron. I have to admit that I'm bandwagoning this b/c I never considered this chipset before. I don't even know much about them, I don't even see them used in benchmarks from the major review sites. I got single core now so i want my next to be dual core. People with the chips I thought were good (4400 and 4800) are saying they want the Opterons so hence this thread. // End Chatter So now I'm debating on the 165 and the 170. I don't mind shedding out an extra $69 since I can skip a nite or 2 of drinking or a few nights of going out to eat to compensate. But that doesn't mean I want to spend $69 just to spend it. Its still a lot of money and Ramen CAN get old. If I'm gonna bust my arse to pay for it and skip some entertainment luxuries it better pull its weight if you know what I mean. This is the system I'm thinking of making: Opteron 165 ($327) or 170 ($396) Denmark DFI Lanparty ULTRA-D OCZ Gold Series 2x1GB PC4000 (3-4-4-8 ...going from memory here, HA, I made a sad funny!:eek:) 7800GT eVGA WD 74GB 10,000 RPM 16MB Cache Serial ATA150 (x 2 for Raid 0) OCZ GX700 PSU Thermaltake Big Typhoon Fan/HS Thermaltake Armor Case The RAM and GPU are really the only things that can't let go since they are collecting dust atm and they are the reason I am doing this upgrade. Well not the only. I do kind of want a websurfer/media machine (my current) while I game on the primary. (the one I'm thinking of building) I noticed the two big core chipsets for the Opteron that Newegg offers is the Italy (the HIGH priced stuff) and the Denmark. There were two others (Sledgehammer and Venus) but nobody here seems to use them. 1 - Is the 170 worth the price difference? ...whether you OC or not? (I do plan on trying my hand @ OCing) 2 - From what I've read here its hardware specific but given the info above, does it look like i'll have the ability to OC fairly well? 3 - People seem mixed on TT's stuff. The people who have the Big Typhoon seem happy but should I be looking elsewhere for a Fan/HS? 4 - I know some really hate TT cases and I have to admit that the Tsunami probably wasn't the best case to build my 1st system on since it was a pita to worth with (never did install the firewire ...oh well, not like I need it anyway) but other than that I don't mind it. The doors on the Armor don't look like the best design but I'm rarely changing CDs/DVDs so not really an issue for me. I don't plan on lugging it around so the weight is not an issue either. Other than those things, does anyone see where the Armor might be a bad choice for a case? I DID look at the CM Stackers and while they look far more functional than the Armor, they just look too boring to me. And while 90% of the time I side on the side of functional... sometimes you just need some style too. Course if the inside of mine looked half as cool as Happy_Gamer's than I might re-consider. But I know it won't. I'll be lucky if I can tidy up the wires to look halfway decent. 5 - Thinking I'd go with the 700w PSU since it MIGHT last me till the next system or GPU update. Or will it really be good enough for the AM2 or Core2 and maybe I should just go with the 600w version? The difference is $30 so 30cents per watt for that extra 100w. 6 - Any monitors worth looking at more than others? Ok, more questions than a simple 165 vs 170, but eh. :cool: Since i'll be dumping some hard earned future money & time in this I'm gonna press my luck as much as i can here! (*sniff* So long 939, you'll always carry a soft spot in muh heart)
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    I don't think it does. My System Temp is around 25C and my CPU averages 30C (or 36C under heavy 3D gaming load)... with stock AMD HS/Fan. Was even lower when I lived on the east coast and low elevation (22 Sys Temp, 25 CPU - w/ 30~32C for heavy load) but I noticed my temp went up when I moved to a higher elevation. (5500ft) And since its the 1st computer I ever built you know my wiring looks like a newb did it. I'm happy with the Tsunami, tho I AM eyeing the Armor. I have to say, I think the Termaltakes got some mean looks to them. :cool: A lot of sites keep recommending Lian Lis and CoolerMasters, but... they're soo boring looking. I'll find out about how hard it is to change the PSU in a month or two since I am thinking of upgrading to a Ultra-D motherboard.
  8. I don't know if you saw this thread by Pakmanis or not, but if you hold out till price drops on the AMD chips you can afford that more expensive PSU. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=57459 If you haven't seen it, better check it out before you buy because the price drops are going to be HUGE.
  9. Not only are the price cuts interesting but Intel's answer to AMD with their Core 2 chips. Following that Daily Tech review lead me to a few articles, one of which had links to multiple pre-lim benchmarks. I said in my 1st that I wanted to stick to AMD no matta what, but yooo... what the Core 2 handed to the FX-62 was an overflowing bucket of shame. Think I'll wait till more sites start doing benchmarks, especially Sharky Extreme (i love their benchmark tests the best) before I start making any major decions. So with the combo of both the AMD price cuts and Core 2 I'm thinking I can tough it out with my 3500 a little longer. Where I need your guys' opinion on is whether or not I should buy a new mobo or not for my Current System. (see sig) Option #1: This is the cheap route - Use the eVGA mobo I got for free when I bought my 7800GT (Dec '05) Option #2: This is the expensive route - Buy a DFI Ultra-D board Also in waiting is OCZ Gold 2gb (1x2) Gold series PC4000 which I could probably install on my MSI if flashed the BIOS. (tho I've never done it before) Obviously I would rather have the DFI board than the eVGA board (@work so don't know the model atm) but I'm not sure if its worth the additional cost. I mean I got a mobo not even unpacked sitting and collecting dust, so buying a new one seems like a waste. But the reason I'm thinking of re-organizing my computer is because of my current mobo, which I thought would be a good one. The other question is concerning my PSU. My Tsunami Dream came with a Thermaltake 450w PSU. Should I replace this? If so, I know which one you all would recommend since its plastered... like everywhere. :cool: Also, when I switch the mobo or even flash the bios should I be working off of a formated/clean HDD? Thanks all the help so far and whatever else you all can provide.
  10. Sorry, sometimes I get anxious and lazy. This is good to know. I WAS planning on getting two SATA III drives. Darn good point. I need to keep reminding myself of this. But sometimes it feels like you almost have to be on the bleeding edge just to maintain it though. For example, when I bought my MSI mobo, PCI-e was unused and worthless so I didn't bother spending extra for it. Those are interesting articles, thanks! By the way, are you drooling over the boards or that chick writing about them? Definitely helps my decision process. Especially since I really don't have a whole lot of money to spend right now. In fact, I don't really have the money atm to build the system i was thinking. I just know that if I push myself I can get it. So no reason to break my back just yet and instead just make some minor (hopefully) upgrades to my existing system.
  11. I hate to say this, I mean... I really hate to say this,.. but I have no clue what any of that meant. Does that mean it will only support SATA I and not II or III? :confused: Well if my understanding is correct part of it may be due to the smaller L2 caches because it follows the architecture as the 4200 and 4600. According to Sharky, AMD's goal was to prove switching to AM2 would not lose any performance ground over what the 939s already have. If that is true, than according to the benchmarks posted by both Sharky and Tom's it seems they achieved pretty darn close to that. AMD's next goal is to achieve 65nm with AM2, which would open up even more doors with core speeds. So while not impressive now, AM2 is the future AMD is heading in so it will be.. it will be. Personally I was praying 939 would be the main dog for quite a bit longer but oh well, things change. How would you do that? Don't need a full description (yet ) just an idea. Is it firmware someone is maintaining? Yeah and I suppose DDR2 will go down eventually too. You answered my other question about whether or not DFI currently has an AM2 board. I think you and NEOAethyr have it right, maybe I should just wait. Think I'll try to get my hands on another mobo so I can utilize the parts I got collecting dust. Maybe try learn how to tuck cables away and try to get the inside of my case half as neat looking as some people's cases here. Thanks guys.
  12. Hey there all, as you can see by my post count i'm new to the boards. I'm thinking of buying a DFI board and I'm not sure which one as there seems to be a few decent choices. Unfortunately I do not know enough about computer hardware to easily spot the key differences between the Ultra-D, SLI-DR and Expert boards. Cursory look at the bulletin boards here it seems most prefer the Ultra-D board. Is that because of price, board layout or just because its been out longer? If I went with the Ultra-D board what would be the primary drawback(s)? Looks like it does not support SLI, which is not an issue at the current moment but not sure if it is something I want in the future. Also, do the boards comfortably fit most hardware, such as graphics cards, heatsinks, etc.? I got bit with my current mobo (MSI K8N Neo4 Plat) so now I have some expensive hardware I bought on a wim that I didn't try to install till way past the return date (ya, stupid) that does not work with my current mobo. So with the 3 DFI mobos I mentioned, what tech is missing (or not in significant force) that I could possibly kick myself over later? The system I am thinking of making is: AMD 4400 939 Thermaltake Big Typhoon CL HS OCZ 600W GamerXstream OCZ PC 4000 Gold Series 2GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 NCQ 3Gb/s 160GB x 2 (Raid 0 - newb with Raid configs) Still thinking on Mobo, PSU and Case. I'm also debating on CORSAIR XMS 2GB PC 3200 Unbuffered Dual Channel Kit System Memory Model TWINX2048-3200C2PRO ...2-3-3-6. Though it appears OCZ seems to be the preferred mem of choice for DFI boards so probably no pretty lights and low latency times for me. The only non-DFI board I got on my radar atm is the ASUS A8N. Also I am not sure on socket AM2 yet. It seems to be the direction AMD is moving in so going with 4400 939 might not make the most sense from that perspective. Looking at benchmarks from both Sharky Extreme and Tom's Hardware there is minor performance differences between the two cores. AM2 seems to do better at multi-media and (of course) memory based tasks while 939 is better at gaming for most games ...sometimes the 940 won over the 939. So I'm not too concerned from that perspective. Though going with the AM2 platform will definitely mean a more expensive system. Not only are the CPUs more but so is DDR2 and the mobos. Supposedly the Thermaltake Typhoon Heatsink will support both 939 and AM2. Obviously if I go AM2, neither of the 3 boards will work, but if I stick with 939 which board will fit my needs best? I may ask to be pointed in the right direction but I don't mind doing the research needed to make the board work. I only use my computer for gaming. (BF2, EQ2, DDO are the ones I spend most time on lately mostly b/c I don't have as much free time as i used to) The other question is - is it worth waiting on AM2 to make a more significant presence before making these significant purchases? Other than wanting to stick with AMD for obvious reasons, I'm not hard pressed on anything else so I'm definitely up for suggestions. Oh, and if I didn't make it clear I'm a newb to hardware who's trying his best,.. but in the end, still a newb.
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