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  1. But are you a bad enough dude to save the president? Sorry someone had to!
  2. You definitely went big! Great build, good luck on it!
  3. Think i overlooked that nxzt because in it looks like a cheap factory case but it does have good features for the price.That tt is on my list of candidates. Thanks. No problem, good luck on the build! Great price on that build!
  4. Is this the NZXT case you were looking at? NZXT Source 210 Because I was just about to post that as a suggestion to you lol. This case looks feature rich for $55 (on sale) and its 8.5" wide - Thermaltake Versa N21
  5. Slight update... Finished the build and went the Acer Predator HB271XU. Love it! Once you go 144Hz and G-Sync you don't want to go back. Games are buttery smooth. Every now and then I don't get a picture so I have to unplug it and plug it back in but I'm not sure it is the monitor's fault. I read on both the Asus forums and the Nvidia forums that 970/980 users have experienced Display Port issues on a variety of monitors. It is really annoying though because I'm not entirely sure it is the graphics card's fault either. Every now and then the USB port doesn't work and I have to reboot but this might mean I have two annoying bugs in my new build. When it works though, its great.
  6. @dr_bowtie LOL like the save up money option better but ya that works too. @IVIY Ya I think even the last hold outs for CRTs are starting to come around too.
  7. TN serves a purpose - fastest response times and cheapest to produce. Not for me but they're still made for a reason. Unlike PVA, which Samsung also created in addition to PLS. PVA literally does absolutely nothing better than the other 3 panel types (TN, IPS and VA). It is its own panel type but it has more cons than pros so it is pretty much gone. Far as PLS goes, BP said it right, PLS is just IPS made by Samsung. The technology is so similar that when other companies use Samsung PLS panels many times they just advertise it as IPS. He's also correct in that they can't support a refresh rate over 60Hz currently at least. There are some Korean models that can be OC'd to 100Hz but that is NOT official or supported and the Korean models have their own issues. If you're serious about your monitors it is better to go with a brand name model. Don't get me wrong I would love it if they just plain stopped investing in TN altogether and focused on IPS all the way but they do serve a purpose. Though it really does surprise me how much ground was made on IPS response times. IPS now competes with TN ...BUT you will pay for that as I'm finding in my research. You are going to spend at least $400-500 for an IPS with a good response time and most likely closer to over $700 if you want IPS quality and gaming response times and refresh rates. Not everyone is going to spend that, so here is where TN panels come to play. At some point I will study up on VA panels but I do more research on monitors than any other computer part and it is already taking too much of my time just focusing on IPS.
  8. Fogel

    Skylake or...?

    Awesome, good to hear, thanks!
  9. I love my 4k TV and I haven't pumped one 4k source material through it yet. The reason for loving it is simple, the picture quality is still superior. I don't even tell people I have a 4k TV and soon as I turn it on they all say, "Wow". It is that obvious to people who think I'm just turning on another tv. Everyone says it is a waste of money to buy a 4k TV because of the lack of 4k content. I didn't pick my TV because it was 4k, I picked it because the picture quality destroyed even the best 1080p TVs. Next will be OLED to complement 4k but the technology seems a bit immature still as burn in is still a major issue. Those TVs are beautiful though, but that beauty costs arm and it won't last long taking your leg with it. But was all TVs back in the day so maybe the next couple years OLED will mature enough to become viable. The specs on the one you are looking at look good, 5 HDMI ports is good, so is the 240Hz refresh rate. No display port but you probably won't need it.
  10. That is a high price for a 27". It does check all but 1 box (not a 144Hz refresh rate) though and that 1 box is subjective. Though I don't want to deal with overseas shipping. The shipping cost would be horrendous and returns/repairs worse. Thanks for tracking it down though. It does look like a great monitor. The TFT Central review of the XB270HU was so glowing (they crowned it best gaming monitor) that I'm back to seriously considering the successor. Still wish it was a Dell or LG though. What would make this decision much easier is if the Asus PG279Q didn't have such horrid reviews complaining about the QC. @Waco / BP Good points. All 3 (TN vs IPS vs VA) are so close now it probably doesn't even matter. I still don't know much about VA but I haven't really came across any VA competitors to make me research them yet. I see two listed on that 144hzmonitors.com BP brought up but both are Ultra Wide 1080s. If I do an Ultra Wide it will definitely have more height than 1080. Don't know if you guys check out that TFT Central review I linked in my previous post but looks like the latest IPS panels are competing with TN panels now on Response Times. Before that was IPS' biggest weakness and TN's biggest strong point. That is why they came up with the VA panels, to bridge the gap but looks like the gap is quite small on all 3 like you said.
  11. Fogel

    Skylake or...?

    Sent you a PM ccokeman! LMK please
  12. My current gaming monitor is 1920x1200 and my general purpose machine uses a 1680x1050 ViewSonic (remember those?) so you are far more current than I am. Nothing wrong with TN panels (all panels have their pros/cons), they're the best for gaming. I am just a picture quality whore and I want those better IPS colors. I'm probably going to stick with the big names because every time I have ventured out of my comfort range for monitors I came away disappointed. Plus it will be easier to return than an unbranded Korean monitor would be. I just read a really bad Acer customer service review that reminded me why I buy from Amazon. Sounds like Acer customer service is only good if you're trying to get rid of those aging headache pills. Just read a recent review on that XB271HU where the guy is now waiting on this 4th attempt (backlight issues). Seems like there is always a few horror stories like that on all products but wasn't expecting one like that so soon and paired up with that customer service horror story on another Acer monitor (previous model) it has me wondering if it is going to be bad QC like the Asus ROG Swift. So far most of the reviews are glowing but still seems like a bit of a trend there. Starting to think that maybe I should see what 2016 brings. Maybe the ROG Swift and Predator are just good signs monitors are finally starting to move in the direction I been wanting for years. I dunno, still going to look and maybe I will take a chance but who knows. They came out with eIPS shortly after I bought mine and I wish I had waited. Then the S-IPS monitors came out and yah... same feeling. Bummer LG is only doing FreeSync. Is Dell making a move on either side? Ahh that is the site I found when googling. I really hated their format for ranking monitors but I can see how it would be more beneficial to the majority. It did point in the general direction to some of the monitors I found so it did its job there. They keep saying they will do a review of all the monitors they mention in their guide but when I go to reviews I only see the 1. (looks like Samsung is FreeSync too) Shame, I'm absolutely in love with my Samsung TV. Your link made me check my favorite monitor reviewing site - TFT Central. Looks like he did make a review of the previous Acer model - TFT Central Review of XB270HU. Though he constantly says he isn't going to touch on the difference too much between 60Hz and 144Hz and G-Sync technology he still had a lot of explanation in the review and tested it quite thoroughly and showed the results. Seems like the difference is quite big. That Dell I'm looking at too is listed in this chart that compares monitors on Signal Processing and Response Time. Good to see a large listing of monitors in the comparison. His extremely detailed review also had a very interesting link - BlurBusters. Which basically proves G-Sync provides no perceivable lag unlike V-Sync.
  13. I still call him IVIY! I do it out of fun because now it's a nickname. Besides, IVIY is funner to type than Mythos. Gotta agree with him, go for a bigger SSD. You will want your OS and frequently used programs on it. Not to mention you always want to keep some space free on it. I haven't done any video rendering in a couple years or more but the SSD really improved my rendering times. It was pretty significant. Obviously though, just use it to render your videos, not to store them or your save files. Great looking build by the way, good luck on it!
  14. I will definitely consider Monoprice in my price hunting. Though I am leaning toward Amazon with small price differences because I feel they have the best return policy. Even though most, if not all, my monitors have come from online I'm leery of buying monitors and TVs online more so than any other product (minus clothes). Amazon has the best company policy of them all in this regard so even if its a $20-30 difference I will go probably go Amazon just to feel safer. If it is over $50 though than I gotta break my comfort zone. Nice thing about my 60Hz limit is so far I haven't come across anything less than 60Hz. That may be because in order for a monitor to meet my criteria it has to be fairly recent like a year or less. Now the question is just how much of a difference does it make going above 60Hz? The major review sites and regular shoppers (both that bought 144Hz monitors and those who looked but bought 60Hz) all said how surprised they were how much of a difference it made. But without seeing it myself (no place in town for me to check) I won't know till I see it for myself. Though it seems like those monitors with 144Hz refresh rate also have G-Sync and FreeSync so yah... Shame there isn't a 2k/4k IPS LED monitor from LG that also has G-Sync and a 144Hz refresh rate because I would buy it! That is a very nice monitor! I can't find it for sale anywhere though, not even through Asus. It ranks pretty high on my list though, pending price and availability. I'm trying to hold off on totally geeking-out and writing a giant wall of gibberish no one but me is interested in reading but the super quick response is I'm totally in love with great picture quality and accurate/vivid colors. Right now IPS is best tech to get that. I've tried TN and did not like it at all, even from major brands with high rep. I do not know much about VA panels at all to be completely honest so I don't know how much it matured. Last I read on VA panels the response time from Black-to-White was awesome but the response time from Dark-to-Dark was horrible. So bad that ghosting was a big problem. Their black rating and contrast are the big draw and color reproduction while not IPS quality is supposedly very good. But I really don't know the current deal with them and how much they bridged the gap on the Dark-to-Dark response time. Neither tech is perfect and all 3 have big drawbacks but it feels like IPS fits my wants best. If you have updated info and/or just know of some good VA panels please share. I will definitely consider them. I wasn't even considering the UW monitors till BP replied. Though I'm not too interested in 1080 Ultra Wides the 2k/4k UWs I am actually now considering. What, IVIY not saying "save your money dude!" Hey, 16:10 is a great aspect ratio! I'm with ya totally on the UW. I'm having a hard time with the increased width but lower height. I think one reviewer said it is 3" lower in height. That is significant. The 2560x1080 resolution looks really skinny to me, for lack of a better word. Now the 3440 x 1440 resolution looks really nice but wow you have to go big. It does look very good though! And yes, IPS is the worst for power draw. You should see my LCD IPS monitor and the heat it produces! I've melted candy bars leaving them next to it. lol Wrapped obviously but still... bad. My budget is below $1k. I would love to stay below $800 but if I see the right monitor I will make exceptions. It is going to be AT LEAST 5 years before I replace this monitor so I better be happy with it. And by replace I actually mean, it would move to my general all purpose machine so even though it wouldn't be my prime gaming monitor it would still be used. But yah, prime gaming monitor for at least 5 years which is why I definitely plan to move up from 1080. Speaking of Acer, that Acer Predator XB271HU is really catching my eye. Its got all the features I want ...but it's an Acer. If it was an LG or Dell I would just buy it. If I see it closer to $700 on Amazon (sold from Amazon vs marketplace) I think I would just buy it and take my chances. The reviews on it are very promising. But so far you are the only one saying you would take a chance on a Acer. The reviews on the Asus have so much contrast it is hard for me to get attached to it. The Dell is probably 2nd. Then come the LGs. If the LGs supported G-Sync they'd be in first outright as I feel so much better going LG than Acer. But I would also have to go UW as they don't have a standard 2k/4k monitor in my criteria range... well that isn't double the price of my budget range. So yah, still looking.
  15. I have not! Thanks for the suggestion! Looks like they have a big selection of IPS monitors. Sadly most are Ultra Wide and I'm not too keen on ultra-wide as it looks like you lose about 3" off the top. Also looking to step up from 1080p with this purchase since they next monitor purchase would be years away. But man the specs on those monitors look really good and LG usually has great screens. You definitely gave me some more options. I will be going Nvidia with my new build so G-Sync would actually benefit me more. Ahh the 279Q... I knew I saw a ASUS ROG monitor in IPS LED and those reviews look more like what I originally saw. Glad you fixed that as they may eventually up their quality control. This is just so I can find these later. LG 31MU97-B - 31", 4096x2160 ...$1400 tho! LG 34UC87C-B - 34", 3440x1440 UltraWide, only 60Hz, $800 (ppl report sub-$700 sales)
  16. So I need some advice. I know exactly what I want... Must Haves: IPS Panel (no exceptions) LED Response Time (6ms or less) Refresh Rate (nothing less than 60Hz) Great colors Good Black Rating Would Also Love to Have: Refresh Rate (144Hz or greater) << I almost put this in the above priority 2k or 4k (picture quality matters more than resolution to me) Thin bezel (really low priority) It appears what I want won't be cheap, soo... the question becomes has technology improved enough for me to buy what I want? I've waited for a monitor with these specs for over 5 years. Patience is waining. The tech is here but is it advanced for me to be satisfied? While the price tag will hurt I will pay for a really good monitor. Monitors that met my google search: Acer Predator XB271HU Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2715Q That doesn't mean that is my only choices. I'm making this topic so if someone knows of other monitors that fit my criteria they will clue me in. I used to use TFT Central for my monitor hunting but as good as his reviews are, his selection is very limited and his TFT Selector didn't find anything for me. I know nothing of Acer monitors so I'm not sure what to expect there. I'm leery though. Never had a Asus monitor either but I've heard good things about Asus monitors. While it looks awesome and checks every box... the reviews on the PG278Q are scary because quality control seems pretty bad. Dell monitors are almost always good so even though the P2715Q does not check all the boxes it does look like a solid monitor. I don't know if there are other (maybe newer) Dell monitors that check more boxes? While I don't want my selection to be between those 3 above, if it was limited to the 3 above which would you choose? Actually I somehow missed the ROG Swift was a TN panel. Found out reading the reviews for the Dell S2716DG. I might consider a TN ...if it is a seriously awesome TN panel that competes with IPS picture quality and colors, but IPS is still my #1 want.
  17. So I came to this topic wondering who won all the cool prizes during Christmas, BUT... ...for the first time in HISTORY folks Valentine's Day is going to mean something for guys! Yes that is a dirty reference above.
  18. Oh ya! That is exactly why I think it is a great movie. Flawless? Of course not but solid. The thing I liked about the original 3 Star Wars movies were they were more like Sci-Fi Fantasy than Science Fiction (which I love too). Which means, honestly, what does make sense? I mean one of the main characters is a walking carpet wearing an ammo strap and screams in-comprehensible obscenities at everyone. It's the craziness that makes you laugh and fall in love with it. They swing friggen light swords that any miscalculation means really bad stuff happens and let's face it, no one is perfect even Jedi. You can pick apart any Star Wars movie into oblivion. I'd rather sit back and enjoy the movie for what it is. And this movie doesn't make any glaring faults. The worst things you can say about this movie is that the formula is too much like the first 3 movies and it left you with more questions than you started with. First point is whatever. Sure it's over correcting from the previous trilogy's mistakes but its not as bad as some people make it out to be, especially when you start connecting some of the dots. Second point though... that I can see people having a valid issue with because some people need closure and it really bugs them when a movie doesn't wrap everything up nice and tidy like. But that is the nature of this. They want a continuing story line so they can create a Star Wars Universe (like the Marvell Universe) to create movies off of every year. Now that they introduced the characters and showed the hardcore Star Wars fans they are going back to the formula that won them over in the first place I expect the following movies to not mimic the previous movies so much. Obviously it will have to keep the base formula but these characters are a huge departure from the previous casts with different mindsets and motives. It will be fun watching them grow - both the good guys and the villains. I would recommend seeing it sooner than later because its a lot harder avoiding spoilers as time goes on, especially if you spend any time on the internet. edit: El_Capitan... you should flag your post as a spoiler just in case ccokeman hasn't read the first post.
  19. Ya I talked with one today who wasn't thrilled by it. He was hoping for more "reveals" because the latest book exposed everything the movie had so he wanted more. He did say it was a good movie but is waiting till the next movie before he truly passes judgement. He is also a little annoyed that Disney is dismissing any book written within the last 30yrs that deals with content after Episode VI. He reads all the books so I can see why he would be annoyed by that but I also see why Disney didn't want to try and keep 30yrs worth of books in line and write something that makes for a good movie. Everyone looks for something different. Regardless of what others think, I think it was a great movie and worthwhile sequel to the original trilogy. The last 3 movies (episodes I-III) were so horrible I have zero desire to see them again. Not even to keep the story straight. This review touches on a lot of what we discussed. This video explains the difference between the Sith and the new baddies, Knights of Ren (SPOILERS)
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    Skylake or...?

    @dr_bowtie Grats man! You got the DIYer in you so I know you'll do a good job fixing it up! @IVITH0S Right! Trust me, I did kick myself after. At the time I bought it I did so because I will still have many things running off my "storage" drive, including Steam so I wanted the speed. Are the SSDs still at the point where you try to keep half of it empty so performance doesn't degrade or has it matured since then? @onions Thanks man! Welcome back to you as well. Saw your posts in the lounge. Sorry to hear about your accident but glad you got a good job now and getting things in line. @ccokeman LOL - gonna hit you up after the year when I get back from vacation.
  21. Grats Onions! So that's how the forum admins got their job.
  22. Without spoiling any more of the story for people who haven't seen it but are still reading this topic... I disagree. I thought it was a great movie. In the three trilogies we have different factions within the same Empire. The empire was never defeated, just the faction in a much larger enemy that controls galaxies. Let that soak in a bit and think of all the ramifications of what happens when an Empire controls that much territory. Also why would the empire stop making their most powerful weapon - a planet destoyer? The United States can no longer drop nukes on anyone, if we obey the rules, but do we still make them? Oh you bet we do. And the Empire improved upon their design, quite significantly. If I was the empire I would continue making planet busters and just improve upon the design. They are clearly introducing new heroes so why would our new heroes be gimp and not know how to fight? Finn has genetics and training to be a fighter despite his mind being confused with him trying to figure out how he belongs in the world and going against his programming. Rey was introduced as someone who knows how to fight as she lives on her own in a very rough environment where knowing how to fight means getting food. The bad guys are NOT sith. Again, we have different factions within a very large empire. There were a lot similarities in the formula of this movie but I think you spent too much time looking for them and not enough time looking for the clues. Some were pretty obvious and you missed them. Makes me think you went in wanting to hate the movie. We had to sit next to a couple who sounded like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. All movie long... "OMG really???" "OMG that again!" "That would so not work!" "Worst movie ever!" Ya that got real old. Why people come to the theater to talk during the movie I don't know. But I point this out because they clearly did not have an open mind when they came in. It wasn't even 5min and they were already bad mouthing everything. There were similarities yes but to be fair it is a sequel in a large chain of movies. But there were also key differences in the heroes and the villains which I won't go into detail about as it would spoil the clues. And figuring out how they are going to progress each of these characters from those clues makes it a fun movie. But wth here are a few... - Why is Finn different? How did he brake his programming? - Why is Rey different? - How come Kylo Ren is so conflicted? One minute he is calm with exacting precision, next he is going off the deep end. - Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Why does he look so extremely different from everyone else? - We were told why Luke left and went into hiding but is that the full reason or will more be exposed? And there are far bigger questions which I'd rather not post. There is a story, it just wasn't handed to us on a silver platter. This movie was more about introducing the new heroes and villains and giving us familiarity so it felt like a Star Wars movie. After Episodes I-III it is a good tactic. This also why they went back to the fencing style light saber fights and disowned the Wu Shu fight style choreography. They had to bring back what the Star Wars fans originally fell in love with because Episodes I-III alienated most of their fan base. Most of their fans are not debating if this was a good movie or not. They are asking how it competes with Empire Strikes Back. Sorry but it is a good movie. No doubt many people will dislike the movie as you did, but this movie re-engaged Star Wars fans and re-ignited interest in Sci-Fi movies again.
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    Skylake or...?

    Oh damn! We can build together. I will sit on your Skylake and you can sit on mine. It will be glorious!
  24. Fogel

    Skylake or...?

    Ya I read those articles. Appears to be blown out of proportion like the whole phone bending thing. Investigating Reports Of Intel Skylake CPUs Damaged By CPU Coolers (Update 4)
  25. Fogel

    first build

    Looks like a solid build for the money. If gaming is the main purpose of this PC than upgrading the graphics card is indeed the best place to go. If gaming will be infrequent you can definitely hold out till you have some spending money at a later date.
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