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    What Cpu Heatsink Should I Use???

    On my V2 I installed it on the board then installed the fan.Seems it gives a little more working room that way.But the bolt thru kit is the way to go in my opinion. It's definitely a good cooler,I'd rate it ahead of all the other coolers Iv'e used (Tt Big Typhoon w/120x38 Panaflo,Tt Silent Tower w/2x92mm push/pull,TR XP-120 w/Panaflo)Those are some good coolers too.
  2. Nice chip mine takes 1.375 in bios to hit 4.0ghz but 500x8 really rocks.12+ hour Prime 95 stable (3 times lol) With a Vendetta 2 my temps never hit 60c.I run it 24/7.Got it at Microcenter for 189.99 B:)
  3. Prospector

    Coolit Freezone...anyone Have One?

    I had the Coolit Systems Eliminator for over a year.Had to RMA it once as it quit cooling.Got it back then it got stuck on high no matter what the switch was set on.This was cooling a c2d. Now on my E8400 I used a Vendetta 2 w/ a bolt thru kit.The Eliminator is back in it's box lol I like the Vendetta 2 better
  4. Prospector


    As a DIY-er I'm glad to make the move here.I'm sure the combined knowledge of the members will be very helpful to everyone.
  5. Prospector

    OCZ Vendetta 2 Mini Review

    I thought about using a Tt backplate and H bracket,as I have a couple of coolers layin around,but went ahead and got the TR bolt-thru kit.
  6. Prospector

    OCZ Vendetta 2 Mini Review

  7. Prospector

    OCZ Vendetta 2 Mini Review

    On various builds Iv'e assembled Iv'e used a TR XP-120,TT Silent Tower, and TT Big Typhoon.So far this Vendetta 2 beats them all.:cool: Edit: Oh yeah my Coolit Systems Eliminator is back in it's box,I like the Vendetta 2 better.
  8. Prospector

    OCZ Vendetta 2 Mini Review

    I dislike the push pins so much I ordered a TR 775 bolt-thru kit and I'm glad I did.Works great.
  9. Prospector

    Clip on HS w/ no IHS

    Iv'e used an XP-120 on a naked 165.I sanded down the stubs on the bracket. You have to make sure you apply even downforce to avoid cracking the core. I also bought another unmodded bracket to use on cpus with ihs intact.
  10. Prospector

    E8400-Temps Air Only..

    I ended up replacing my Coolit Systems Eliminator with the OCZ Vendetta 2 And I'm glad I did. Cooler temps and less noise.4.0ghz 1.36v 55-57 load temps
  11. A newer bios perhaps? I ordered a pre flashed chip from Tmod with the 12/11 Beta and it's been good so far for the DFI Dark/965 chipset/E8400.Just a thought.
  12. Yeah the 965 chipset will run the E8400 mine sure does.My DFI Dark doesn't clock as high with 4 sticks of memory but they do run hot so I went back to 2x1gb sticks for now.
  13. Prospector

    E8400-Temps Air Only..

    I'm seriously considering going back to air as I had to rma this Eliminator once already.Now it's stuck on high no matter what position the control switch is in.Maybe A Swiftech Compact H2O-220? That should do the trick!
  14. Prospector

    E8400-Temps Air Only..

    I'm satisfied with my 8400 so far.445x9 1.31v in bios.It plays all my games great!! I got mine at the local Microcenter for 190.00 plus tax.
  15. Prospector

    Best RAM for Budget OC?

    I have the Tracer version of the Ballistix and they are great.
  16. I tried v2.00 and it didn't seem right? V2.01 seems better for me. I loaded it on a usb flash drive works great that way.
  17. Prospector

    Saved by Tmod

    Yeah,now time to burn the latest Tmod cd.I had one for my DFI NF4 rigs.Now I need one for my P965 boards. Edit: Just popped in an [email protected] Orthos load temps 55c
  18. Thanks to a new preprogrammed bios chip from Tmod I'm back up and running.I recommend Tmod to anyone who needs a new chip or a flash of their own chip. Thanks again Tmod.
  19. In another post i mentioned that my son's opty 165 gave up. Since i had my old gigabyte P965 S3 sitting on a shelf i went to Microcenter,picked up a 2160 and OCZ pc6400 2x1gb and it hit 3.0ghz on stock cooling and stock volts. He's a happy camper now.With a 7900 GTO and 1680x1050 monitor he plays CSS for hours.A very good deal for a "bang for the buck" cpu. 8 hours Orthos stable temps 55-57.
  20. Please PM me with cost payment method etc. Thanks.
  21. I was flashing my DFI Infinity P965-S to the latest bios in anticipation of installing an E8400 when during the flash my pc froze (no OC).Can you help? Thanks. Edit: On the chip it reads 49LF008A 33-4C-NHE 0650084-B
  22. Prospector

    DDR2 Recommendations.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146565 I have the Tracer version of this 3gb total 2x1GB+2x512mb. They email with rebate info too.
  23. Prospector

    Dual Core or Quad Core Model.

    My son's 165 Opty (my old rig) died today.I happened to have a Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 layin around collecting dust so I went to Microcenter and picked up an E2160 with some OCZ 2x1gb pc6400 mem.Bam! 334x9 stock cooler stock volts in an Antec 900.Great little chip for his gaming rig.
  24. Went ahead and got one.Yeah!