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  1. On my V2 I installed it on the board then installed the fan.Seems it gives a little more working room that way.But the bolt thru kit is the way to go in my opinion. It's definitely a good cooler,I'd rate it ahead of all the other coolers Iv'e used (Tt Big Typhoon w/120x38 Panaflo,Tt Silent Tower w/2x92mm push/pull,TR XP-120 w/Panaflo)Those are some good coolers too.
  2. Nice chip mine takes 1.375 in bios to hit 4.0ghz but 500x8 really rocks.12+ hour Prime 95 stable (3 times lol) With a Vendetta 2 my temps never hit 60c.I run it 24/7.Got it at Microcenter for 189.99 B:)
  3. I had the Coolit Systems Eliminator for over a year.Had to RMA it once as it quit cooling.Got it back then it got stuck on high no matter what the switch was set on.This was cooling a c2d. Now on my E8400 I used a Vendetta 2 w/ a bolt thru kit.The Eliminator is back in it's box lol I like the Vendetta 2 better
  4. As a DIY-er I'm glad to make the move here.I'm sure the combined knowledge of the members will be very helpful to everyone.
  5. I thought about using a Tt backplate and H bracket,as I have a couple of coolers layin around,but went ahead and got the TR bolt-thru kit.
  6. http://www.jab-tech.com/Thermalright-LGA77...it-pr-3605.html
  7. On various builds Iv'e assembled Iv'e used a TR XP-120,TT Silent Tower, and TT Big Typhoon.So far this Vendetta 2 beats them all.:cool: Edit: Oh yeah my Coolit Systems Eliminator is back in it's box,I like the Vendetta 2 better.
  8. I dislike the push pins so much I ordered a TR 775 bolt-thru kit and I'm glad I did.Works great.
  9. Iv'e used an XP-120 on a naked 165.I sanded down the stubs on the bracket. You have to make sure you apply even downforce to avoid cracking the core. I also bought another unmodded bracket to use on cpus with ihs intact.
  10. I ended up replacing my Coolit Systems Eliminator with the OCZ Vendetta 2 And I'm glad I did. Cooler temps and less noise.4.0ghz 1.36v 55-57 load temps
  11. A newer bios perhaps? I ordered a pre flashed chip from Tmod with the 12/11 Beta and it's been good so far for the DFI Dark/965 chipset/E8400.Just a thought.
  12. Yeah the 965 chipset will run the E8400 mine sure does.My DFI Dark doesn't clock as high with 4 sticks of memory but they do run hot so I went back to 2x1gb sticks for now.
  13. I'm seriously considering going back to air as I had to rma this Eliminator once already.Now it's stuck on high no matter what position the control switch is in.Maybe A Swiftech Compact H2O-220? That should do the trick!
  14. I'm satisfied with my 8400 so far.445x9 1.31v in bios.It plays all my games great!! I got mine at the local Microcenter for 190.00 plus tax.
  15. I have the Tracer version of the Ballistix and they are great.
  16. I tried v2.00 and it didn't seem right? V2.01 seems better for me. I loaded it on a usb flash drive works great that way.
  17. Yeah,now time to burn the latest Tmod cd.I had one for my DFI NF4 rigs.Now I need one for my P965 boards. Edit: Just popped in an [email protected] Orthos load temps 55c
  18. Thanks to a new preprogrammed bios chip from Tmod I'm back up and running.I recommend Tmod to anyone who needs a new chip or a flash of their own chip. Thanks again Tmod.
  19. In another post i mentioned that my son's opty 165 gave up. Since i had my old gigabyte P965 S3 sitting on a shelf i went to Microcenter,picked up a 2160 and OCZ pc6400 2x1gb and it hit 3.0ghz on stock cooling and stock volts. He's a happy camper now.With a 7900 GTO and 1680x1050 monitor he plays CSS for hours.A very good deal for a "bang for the buck" cpu. 8 hours Orthos stable temps 55-57.
  20. Please PM me with cost payment method etc. Thanks.
  21. I was flashing my DFI Infinity P965-S to the latest bios in anticipation of installing an E8400 when during the flash my pc froze (no OC).Can you help? Thanks. Edit: On the chip it reads 49LF008A 33-4C-NHE 0650084-B
  22. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146565 I have the Tracer version of this 3gb total 2x1GB+2x512mb. They email with rebate info too.
  23. My son's 165 Opty (my old rig) died today.I happened to have a Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 layin around collecting dust so I went to Microcenter and picked up an E2160 with some OCZ 2x1gb pc6400 mem.Bam! 334x9 stock cooler stock volts in an Antec 900.Great little chip for his gaming rig.
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