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  1. These nForce IDE drivers version 9.31 may work, but the use it not recommended.The best Vista nForce IDE drivers for all nForce chipsets from NF4 up are v.9.98.
  2. The nForce chipset of your mainboard doesn't support AHCI. That is the reason why you should use the "normal"=non-AHCI nForce IDE drivers.
  3. That is why I suggested to read my guide. Nope, Intel ICH8R S-ATA RAID Controllers are fully supported by Vista. There is no need to load any Intel ICH8R textmode drivers while installing Vista.
  4. Here is a guide about how to get Vista installed onto an nForce RAID array.
  5. Another idea: Your issue might be realated to your RAM sticks/BIOS timings/power supply. This would explain, why you succeeded with the installation of Vista x86 and failed with the installation of Vista x64 (a 64bit OS is more sensitive with memory stability). Advices: 1. Check your RAM sticks. 2. Check the memory settings within your BIOS (no overclocking, maybe it is necessary to enhance the RAM voltage a little bit). 3. Check your PSU and the PSU-mainboard connectors.
  6. Either the used USB stick/floppy disks cannot be read by Vista or the driver package files are corrupt. My advice: Download the Vista x64 nForce IDE driver package again, unzip it and copy the SATA_IDE and SATARAID folder onto a different USB Stick or onto 2 different previously formatted floppy disks.
  7. Do you remember the name of the device driver, which wasn't found by Vista (example: device driver not found: 'OEMCD001')?Maybe Vista Setup couldn't get access to your USB stick and maybe not even to your floppy drive. My advice: 1. Try another USB stick (if necessary: borrow it from your friend). 2. Check your floppy cable and try another floppy disk.
  8. Are you sure, that you loaded the correct 64bit drivers and that you pointed to the correct driver package subfolder?
  9. What is a "diket" driver?I have never heard about that.
  10. Why not? Where is your problem? How?
  11. Why did you post the link again?It's the same as the one I had posted before.
  12. Here is the link to the last official nForce4 AMD chipset driver package v.15.0 for the 32bit version of Vista published by NVIDIA. But I do not recommend to use them. Look here for better drivers and further informations. CU Fernando
  13. Here is the link that may help you:http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/1-vt66299.html?start=0
  14. 1. How did you create a RAID without any hard disk drive? To be serious: Please add the hdds into your signature.2. Is it possible, that you don't have a Sil3114 RAID array? Your mainboard has also ATI SB450 SataRaid Controller chips.
  15. Look here: http://www.pro-networks.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=89922
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