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  1. That's generally what I'd been hearing. Couple questions if you have a minute (or to anybody else familiar with the board): Did you have any problems with the board? What BIOS did it come with and/or did you flash it to? The forums seem to complain about problems with the integrated lan and sound, did you run into either of those and if so what did you do to fix it? (I'm unsure how much of this is user error ;/) Thanks. With regards to the GT, they're $130-140 AR so they arn't too bad (could probably get half that for them after or maybe try evga's step-up, but I'm not sure they'd let you or what their prices would be). Probably see how my 7800gtx runs conan before I get one if I do. Also not sure if I can A: Get the new cards (even if they come out on time) or B: Will pay the huge scalping upcharge likely to happen.
  2. I actually flipped to the ASUS P5E-VM HDMI (G35 mATX) because for whatever reason there seemed to be many reports of it having a very generous FSB. I ended up switching to G.Skill ram because it was reasonably cheap at $90/2x2gb kit for ddr-1000, of course it dropped to 75 the next day (costing me $30) but such is the price of computer shopping. My Build is currently slated to be (as in, on the way) CPU: Q9450 CPU Sink: Xigmatek-1283 (price/performance, possibly the only play logic wins out) NB Sink: Thermaltake CL-C0034 MOBO: ASUS P5E-VM HDMI RAM: G.SKILL 2x2g ddr1000 cas5 F2-8000CL5D-4GBPQ x2 HDDS: 3x WD6400AAKS 1x OS/Programs 2x Raid 1 Storage PSU: PCP&C 750W (black) GPU: Flipflopping between using my very dated (and crappy) 7800gtx for another month and buying one of the new 9900-type gpus or buying a cheap reference 8800gt 512 to use for a while until the prices come down (or is actually available) on the 9900s. Case: Flipflopping between LL PC-A77, PC-P80 (with neon delete modifications), TT Armor+ Alum (wtb black aluminum pst)
  3. Ask yourself the following questions so it can be narrowed: Do you want SLI (and are willing to pay an extra $100 or so for just the capability)? If yes, you can only use Nvidia chipsets. Do you want crossfire (and are willing to pay more for it)? If yes, you can use the x38/x48 and I think the nvidia chipsets too (not sure, don't shoot the messenger, or at least you can run 1) Do you want on-board Raid? Do you want firewire/e-sata? (was like extra $40 on the non-sli/non-crossfire raid gigabyte boards (ds3r-ds4-ds3p)) Are you planning on using a quad or dual core? If dual, E8400 or similar (45mn) If quad, price-performance (and usually a good OCer) = Q6600 (65nm) ~$200 If quad and you want 45nm (seems to be a ~10% improvement clock for clock over the q6600 - i read this somewhere, might be wrong ect.) then you should grab a Q9450 ~300 at microcenter if they still have them 45 or 65nm?
  4. Ok let me preface this with "I've been out of the loop mostly since my last build (mid 05 I think)" but I'm having some trouble with my Ultra-d (and pretty fed up with it). So I've only been researching the past two days (very, long days), so if I'm blatantly wrong or something it isn't my intention to be ignorant or uninformed, there's just so much I can read in a day. Firewire might be convenient, but it's not worth much (all I would use it for would be external hdds, which I don't even have atm). So I'm going to do with the DS3R (abit has a new pro revision coming out supposedly, and the p45s are also coming out soon supposedly but I want something now, and it's cheap so what the hell). I would be OCing purely for stable performance, not for competition so I'm honestly debating on whether or not the aftermarket HS (~55 for the thermaltake 120 extreme or something whatever the one is that's supposed to be good) and whatever else for the fan, and possibly another 70-140 on ram is going to give me appreciable real-world gains, or if I should just buy one of the 512 gts or gts's. How crappy is the stock HS on the 9450 (and I thought it ran somewhat cooler anyway)? It seems like you can get like 3.8 on it on high end air if you get very lucky and know what you're doing (8x multi). I wouldn't expect more than 3.6 on air (and I'm not going water), so I might wait and see what I can get with the stock HS and see if it's worth the extra $55-70 for the hs/fan. This kind of locks me into the ram though. If I were to get 3.6 to run 1:1 (which seems to be what most people are doing, it might be stupid, I don't know) 3600/8=ddr900, which I'm kind of presuming I can clock any non value ram to without much effort (might not still be viable now that they are binning the 1066 chips more heavily though). If I wind up at 3.2 I can run 1:1 stock. There is also a pretty decent price descrepency between the 1066s and the 800s atm, I can pick up a standard 2x2gb 5-5-5-16 or similar (crappy reapers) for ~$60 after rebate on the OCZ 5-4-4-15 plats for $65 AR 4-4-4-15 reapers or titanium for $85-87 AR (reapers cheaper for some reason). I kind of want to believe that the reapers are binned better, or that their stupid fins will lend them to oc higher but I kind of doubt it (at least relative to the plats). The 1066 reapers (5-5-5-18) were $115 AR but they're out of stock atm and I don't see them comming back before the 16th. The other AR set is a GEIL (heard bad things from reading about them ;/) at like 125 and the rest are 150ish and up. So basically I can get 8 gigs of the 800 for 120-170. I realize the general consensus is that you won't usually use more than 4 but I have a propensity to have a lot of things loaded (often multiple instances of one or more games) and can feel the burn of 2 gigs under xp when I alt tab and other occasional times as well. Anyway I probably rambled on enough, but after spending $400+ on 2 gigs it's pretty hard to talk myself out of 4 gigs for $80 tops (like I probably screwed the pooch on the price-performance for the q9450 of the 6600) although if I can get away with a decent clock on the stock 9450 it will come out pretty evenly. Other people tend to have discounted the "real world" values of moving to 1066 so I was erring on the side of caution (but am open to input) on the price-performance ratio. The only thing I'd really need the "speed" of the RAM for is gaming, and it seems like from a practical standpoint it wouldn't do much. This is also a sort of tide-me-over system until nehalem gets potential problems ironed out and becomes reasonably affordable with ddr3 ect.
  5. So I bought a Q9450 this morning from Microcenter (300, was hard to pass up), even though I probably could have gotten away with an E8400 or a Q6600. My requirements for a motherboard are: Onboard support for raid 0/1 Don't need SLI Don't need Xfire Don't want to pay extra for pcie 2.0 Don't want to pay extra for DDR3 support I've primarily been looking at the Gigabyte boards, and it seems that I would fall under the P35-DS3R or P35-DS4 (possibly, has been reccommended a few times over the p35 on the forums, though I'm not sure why) boards nicely. The DS4 has esata, firewire, and an extra pcie slot (that I don't plan on using, unless somebody has a suggestion for it). Does it have anything else of functional value? How does the passive pipe thing work? Is it compatible with an aftermarket HS? Additionally, there is the quite well reviewed (better here) Abit p35 pro, which seems to offer a similar feature set to the DS4. I guess what it comes down to is whether it's worth it to spend an extra $30 or so on a "better" motherboard, another $55-60sh on a better HS, or a combination of the two. From the review of the "power saving thing" on the DS4 it showed the x48s at a lower temperature anyway though. Is the dual-boot problem prevalent in all the p35 boards or has that been fixed (or is it reasonably easy to fix)? Is the "recycling" problem that some people are complaining about on the Gigabytes reasonably rare (given the number of them around) or are they reasonably prevalent? Newegg has some really good ($25-35) MIRs on OCZ ram (which I'll probably go with since I've had good enough luck with their stuff in the past), but I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out what the differences are between them. for example the: ReaperX 800s are $40 more than the 1000s AR although they have better timings EPP 4-4-3-15 vs 5-5-5-18, i guess if you loosen the timings you can probably get 500mhz out of them (and possibly stock?) I understand that Crucial has the new micro chips in their newer ballistix, but (at least on newegg) there seems to be a lot of complaining about them failing memtest and dieing quickly (although how much can you trust newegg). Do any of the boards that I suggested have problems with 4 sticks of ram? Will any of them have any problem fitting in 4 sticks of "stupid" OCZ ram with their sinks if I convince myself to waste money for something that I might decide looks good? EDIT: From OCZ forums you can't put them beside eachother, so 4gig cap on those. And how much trouble am I going to be in if I wind up with a p35 that needs to be flashed and 2.1v memory? I think I'm safe on the flashing front with the E-whatever from gigabyte, but I'm not sure if I'm equally safe on the A-Bit side. Finally, what luck are people having ocing their DDR800 ram to without loosening (or significantly loosening) the timings? Thanks for whatever help you can provide. Edit: Since the 9450 only has an 8x multi, it seems like some of the "stupid" overclocks on the 6600 might be out of reach (although seems like they still OC decently). Since they run significantly cooler to begin with, what kind of advantage would I really see going with an aftermarket HS?
  6. Basic CMOS reset (jumpers up for ~30mins then back down) didn't work, gave me cmos checksum error (but loaded through). Both PS/2 and USB (only keyboard for each), same flashing thing. Most recent attempt didn't give me the checksum error though. In other, perhaps more helpful news, while it gave me the error it paused on the bios screen so the bios version is 11/14/05. Would reflashing the bios (possibly to a new one) potentially fix the problem, or would it just make it worse (from what I've read flashing the bios on a board with problems is a big no-no)? Must have wiggled the front panel wire loose, or something to do with the bios is making it not work. Will try the longer reset later today. Also, if anybody is aware, what is the logic behind being locked out of the bios but it running windows is fine (isn't the bios kind of a pre-requisite?) also sticking this up on the "other forums," not because I think they will be more helpful but just so that if I do end up needing to rma it I can refer it to them.
  7. I am aware this is no longer the official Dfi support forum, but hopefully somebody still remembers or will be able to assist me with this. So for some unknown (to me) reason, I cannot get into the bios. When I hit delete, it goes to a black screen, with the flashing _ (Like dos, without the text/prompts). This happens with both USB and PS/2 keyboards (1 of each), and it will sit there and hang for at least 15 minutes (at which point I finished making/eating dinner and manually restarted it). I am unsure of which bios version I am currently running because the DFI-Splash screen is comming up (and to my knowledge I have to disable it in the bios), if it preceeds the DFI-Splash, I don't see it (must load before video card does). Sorry for this inconvenience. My reason for doing this is because I wish to set up a new raid array (ideally both a raid 0 for os/apps/ect. and a raid 1 for storage/valuable data - the raids would have different size disks), if anybody has any advice beyond angry's guide to setting up a raid array (I did it several years ago and had a hell of a time). I hopefully purchased the drives through the affiliate link ;p I am completely baffled as to why I can't get into the bios though, as the computer is otherwise reasonably stable (in usage, not testing programs). I purchased the board somewhat over a year ago, so I'm not sure exactly what the warranty is on them or if they would be likely to RMA it. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. From first post: (I can get prompts for both (IFF I turn my RAID array on, and enable SATA 1 and 2) ie: Press F10 to enter RAID Config and Press F6 if you plan on using....) Ex. I can get the "Press f10 to set up RAID" when I enable it, but nothing happens. I'm 99.9999% sure the RAM is fine since its' running bone stock, and the computer runs just fine in every other way Finally, the keyboard is USB, however I just tried another one (also USB) and that didn't work either.. Again, my keyboard works to enter-edit bios, and all through the windows installer (save for F6 and F2 during initioal set-up. But not really at any dos promt in between.
  9. PC Overview CPU AMD Athlon 4400+ Heatsink Stock Motherboard DFI LanParty nF4 SLI-DR BIOS Version 06/23/2005-NF-CK804-6A61FD49C-00 Memory (Yellow DIMMs) 2x1gb PC-4000 OCZ Gold (OCZ5002048ELGE-K) Video (PCIE1) XFX OC 7800GTX Sound (PCI2) Audigy 2 ZS Power Supply OCZ Powerstream 520w IDE 1 Master NEC 3540A DVD/RW HDD 2x80gb Hitatchi SATA 3.0Gb/s RAID 0<--- Going to be Floppy Mitsumi Case P180 *Notes* The Karajan Audio module is installed The Front-X Diagnostic LEDs are connected to the Motherboard Standard CMOS Features ► Primary IDE Master None ► Primary IDE Slave None ► Secondary IDE Master _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A ► Secondary IDE Slave None ► Internal Phy SATA 3 None ► Internal Phy SATA 4 None ► Internal Phy SATA 1 HDS728080PLA380 ► Internal Phy SATA 2 HDS728080PLA380 Drive A 1.44M, 3.5 in. Drive B None Halt On All , But Keyboard Base Memory 640K Extended Memory 2095104K Total Memory 20966128K Advanced BIOS Features ► Removable Device Priority * 1. Floppy Disks ► Hard Disk Boot Priority * 1 Ch4 M. : HDS728080PLA380 * 2 Ch5 M. : HDS728080PLA380 * 3 Bootable Add-in Cards ► CD-ROM Boot Priority * 1 Ch0 M. : _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A ► Network Boot Priority * 1 Legacy Lan Cards CPU Internal Cache Enabled External Cache Enabled Quick Power On Self Test Enabled First Boot Device Removable Second Boot Device Hard Disk Third Boot Device CDROM Boot Other Device Enabled Swap Floppy Drive Disabled Boot Up Floppy Seek Disabled Boot Up NumLock Status On Typematic Rate Setting Enabled Typematic Rate (Chars/Sec) 30 Typematic Delay (Msec) 250 Security Option Setup APIC Mode Enabled MPS Version Control For OS 1.4 OS Select For DRAM > 64MB Non-OS2 HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability Disabled Delay For HDD (Secs) 0 Full Screen LOGO Show Disabled Advanced Chipset Features Errata 94 Enhancement Disabled Errata 123 Enhancement Auto CPU Spread Spectrum Disabled SATA Spread Spectrum Disabled PCIE Spread Spectrum Disabled SSE/SSE2 Instructions Enabled CPU Thermal Throttling 50.00% Memory Hole for PCI MMIO Disabled System BIOS Cacheable Disabled CPI SRAT Enabled SLI Broadcast Aperture Disabled Integrated Peripherals ► IDE Function Setup OnChip IDE Channel0 Enabled Primary Master PIO Auto Primary Slave PIO Auto Primary Master UDMA Auto Primary Slave UDMA Auto OnChip IDE Channel1 Enabled Secondary Master PIO Auto Secondary Slave PIO Auto Secondary Master UDMA Auto Secondary Slave UDMA Auto IDE DMA transfer access Enabled IDE Prefetch Mode Enabled IDE HDD Block Mode Enabled ► RAID Config RAID Enable Disabled x IDE Primary Master RAID Disabled x IDE Primary Slave RAID Disabled x IDE Secondary Master RAID Disabled x IDE Secondary Slave RAID Disabled x Internal Phy SATA 3 RAID Disabled x Internal Phy SATA 4 RAID Disabled x Internal Phy SATA 1 RAID Disabled x Internal Phy SATA 2 RAID Disabled OnChip USB V1.1+V2.0 USB Memory Type SHADOW USB Keyboard Support Disabled USB Mouse Support Disabled USB Park Mode Disabled USB TD Reads ISO Queue USB Periodic Data Reads ISO Queue USB Asyn Data Reads non-ISO Queue AC97 Audio Auto x Power on By Button Enabled Power on By Mouse Disabled Power on By Keyboard Disabled KB Power ON Password Enter Hot Key Power ON Ctrl-F1 OnBoard FDC Controller Enabled OnBoard Serial Port 1 3F8/IRQ4 OnBoard IrDA Select Auto IR Mode Select IrDA UR2 Duplex Mode Half Power Management Setup ACPI function Enabled ACPI Suspend Type S1&S3 Power Management User Define Video Off Method DPMS Support HDD Power Down Disabled HDD Down In Suspend Disabled Soft-Off by PBTN Instant-Off WOL(PME#) From Soft-Off Disabled WOL(RI#) From Soft-Off Disabled MAC Resume from S4/S5 Enabled Power-On by Alarm Disabled x Day of Month Alarm 0 x Time (hh:mm:ss) Alarm 0 : 0 : 0 PWRON After PWR-Fail Off PnP/PCI Configuration Init Display First PCI Slot Rest Configuration Data Disabled Resources Controlled By Auto(ESCD) x IRQ Resources Press Enter PCI/VGA Palette Snoop Disabled ** PCI Express relative items ** Maximum Payload Size 4096 PC Health Status Shutdown Temperature Disabled CPUFan Fully ON If CPUTemp > 50 °C CPUFan Turn OFF If CPUTemp < 25 °C FAN 2 Fully ON If PWMTemp > 35 °C FAN 2 Turn OFF If PWMTemp < 25 °C NB Fan Fully ON If NB Temp > 55 °C NB Fan Turn OFF If NB Temp < 25 °C ATX +3.3V Voltage 3.3 ATX +5.0V Voltage 4.99 ATX +12V Voltage 12.09 ATX +5VSB Voltage 5.08 Battery Voltage 3.09 CPU CORE Temperature 40 PWM AREA Temperature 54 CHIP SET Temperature 52 CPU FAN Fan Speed 1339 FAN 2 Fan Speed 0 CHIP SET Fan Speed 4963 Also potentially of interest, the lower GENIE Bios: PCI eXpress Configuration X2 X1 X16 X1 Dual 6600GT Card Support Disabled MAC Lan Auto MAC Media Interface Pin Strap Machine MAC(NV) Address Disabled X MAC(NV) Address Input Press Enter MAC Lan Boot, ROM Disabled Internal Phy SATA 1/2 Enabled Internal Phy SATA 3/4 Enabled SiIS-ATA RAID Control SATA RAID 0,1,0+1,5 VIA 1394 Control Enabled MARVELL Giga LAN Control Enabled
  10. First and formost: I cannot, for the life of me, get my harddrives into a RAID configuration. I've read both of Angry's guides, but I seem to have different bios options, and hitting F6 during windows installation, OR F10 to try to load RAID Configuration _DO NOT WORK_ (I can get prompts for both (IFF I turn my RAID array on, and enable SATA 1 and 2) ie: Press F10 to enter RAID Config and Press F6 if you plan on using....) Other problems: * I Installed windows XP SP2 (64 if you care) on one harddrive. I shut it down, and tried to re-set up the RAID. This appears to have wiped my harddrive. However, whenever I try to boot with windows under the optimized settings, I get sent to a "We're sorry for the inconveinence, windows was not properly shut down..." Please select a mode... (safe mode, regular ect.) Here's the thing, my keyboard is unresponsive at this point, so the countdown goes to zero (supposedly to start windows normally), and nothing happens (I left it over a half hour). My keyboard is also unresponsive in ESC -> Boot Setup thing My keyboard _IS_ responsive during the windows installer, but apparently not the F6 or F2 options. Finally, when booting without the RAID enabled, (and possibly with it enabled), I get a message to use CTRL+S or F4 to enter RAID Menu or somesuch (from the SiI controller, but neither of those do anything either. My full bios will follow in the next post
  11. Could you explain, in a step-by-step method, of how you set up your RAID? (I cant help with your problem as I'm having the same one atm), but maybe you could help me with the RAID ;p Or atleast, how you would set it up with 2 drives (Raid 0). Everybody seems to suggest to wait until after windows is installed...
  12. My boot sequence goes: nothing, Video driver, DFI, and something about press something to enter something to do with RAID and then it automatically goes through some random crap and ends up listing "Verifying DMI Pool Data" at the bottom. There appears to be a banner at the top, but its' off the screen. There's also various information about the drives above the Verifying: Serial ATA 1 = Master Disk LBA,ATA 133, 82gb Serial ATA 2 = Master Disk LBA,ATA 133, 82gb Serial ATA 1 = Master Disk H.D.D. S.M.A.R.T. capability ... disabled and so on. It also lists a PCI Device Listing. As an aside note, if it matters, I aborted the windows installation where it wanted me to partition the drives. (or choose one)
  13. So I'm attempting to set up RAID and install windows on my computer (see sig). This all worked fine until I aborted a windows install. Now, every time my computer boots up, it hangs at "Verifying DMI Pool Data .............................. " Anybody know how I can fix this?
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