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    Elise will live again

    Yeah here's hoping you had a good vacation and the computer is going good now...
  2. RHKCommander959

    Need some help with Pentium G3258 OC

    could always snag something like i7 4770k for more power, getting load temps lower helps too when you are near the edge.
  3. RHKCommander959

    Elise will live again

    Happy to help! I know how that goes, I hope you have a good trip - let me know if you need further help!
  4. RHKCommander959

    Elise will live again

    glad to hear it's getting there, memory issues could be why it took days instead of several minutes. M.2 is sweet! The ram should work just fine with SPD settings, unless there is a defect. Sadly most motherboards don't have memtest but you could make a bootable USB and test it. There are some Linux based bootable tools you can use too. I would keep the windows usage to a minimum until you sort that, or you'll corrupt it sooner or later. https://www.memtest86.com/
  5. RHKCommander959

    Home media center project

    well your timing is spot on, they just launched rasberyy pi 4, sadly still no SATA but there are 2x usb 3 ports, so you can use those for increased throughput. Haven't heard of any sata hats that don't use some usb adapter either.
  6. RHKCommander959

    Elise will live again

    shouldnt take that long at all... Old drive? Did you format it?
  7. RHKCommander959

    Video editing/Gaming build - Budget (1000$ to 1500$) HELP!

    AMD is doing well and Intel is suffering from security holes and patches. What motherboard is your old system? 8350 is OK, 9590 is probably the highest for your socket but all in a new CPU would run laps around either of them. That GTX 760 is holding you back a bit too
  8. RHKCommander959

    3.3vRail Overvoltage Symptoms??

    Neat, I can't remember ever needing that much voltage back then lol. IF I ever dig up my s370 setup I'll try this if the memory can't handle the fsb - I assume this was primarily for SDR RAM? Starting with s462 I remember the BIOS being more generous. Then we were just modding CPU fingers, cutting and filling them.
  9. RHKCommander959

    Elise will live again

    Shouldn't be very slow, using USB for install or what? I haven't timed myself but half an hour or less seems about right
  10. RHKCommander959

    Choose between 2 SATA SSDs please

    Flip a coin, they are darned near identical in performance. I would probably go for what is cheaper myself.
  11. RHKCommander959

    Elise will live again

    Anytime lol, yeah this move was one of the more controversial ones - forcing W10. I can understand somewhat 7, but 8.X too? I use 7, 8.1, and 10 constantly... I prefer 7 for pretty much everything, I mostly use 10 for gaming only lol. You can setup 10's GUI to act similar to 7 in a lot of the ways at least
  12. RHKCommander959

    3.3vRail Overvoltage Symptoms??

    I initially thought they were doing fan voltage mod, bridging 5V & 3.3V for lower fan speeds, a trick from 'back in the day'. Perhaps they did it wrong, I have no clue why anyone would intentionally overvolt the 3.3V rail otherwise
  13. RHKCommander959

    Elise will live again

    Sounds like you have some sort of trouble then, Windows 7, 8.x, or 10?? If you are trying anything less than 10, MS didn't provide USB drivers at all so what you explained will happen unless you add a pcie to usb card. Installing older OS's on a z390 is possible but not supported and not pretty. Your motherboard could have some BIOS settings that aren't playing nice either. Do you have a spare system or a friend nearby, that you could install windows to the storage drive in another system? Then pop it back in and see if the problem keeps happening. --------- If you are using an older OS, you might be able to reuse the key with a 10 install, MS has the install media on their website.
  14. RHKCommander959

    Mowing on a hillside

    you betcha, let me know what you think. Here in Oregon we often have grass wetter and slicker than slip 'n slides, so I know how it feels
  15. RHKCommander959

    Elise will live again

    I've seen that issue as well. Reusing the other parts? This should be a pretty nice system once you're up and running!
  16. RHKCommander959

    Mowing on a hillside

    you can add traction to your boots with some snow/ice crampons addons, you'll want something aggressive to bite into the grass so I'd opt for the metal cleats and metal chains versus the little cleats and rubber body ones. I didn't look around for long but something like these but theyre under $15 if you shop around https://www.amazon.com/Traction-Crampons-Stainless-Climbing-Mountaineering/dp/B07H4BL4KL/
  17. Great pictures and content, thanks for posting!
  18. RHKCommander959

    Rate my build!

    Looks good to me, you can get a nice 750 for a few bucks more. For 100$ you could get an 850W gold/platinum PSU, but you don't need to go that fancy either
  19. RHKCommander959

    New Board New Build

    should be a real nice system, 2x8gb ddr4 3200 is about the best bang for the buck for performance/cost Why is your system down? A lot of times it's just a dead power supply...
  20. Well all of these speculative risks make me glad that my work PC is a gulftown xeon PC and my gaming-only is the 8700K! Obviously new CPUs smoke this older architecture, but I haven't had any issues with it yet. LGA1366 was surprisingly resilient if you set it up properly.
  21. RHKCommander959

    Sorta interesting build (Images)

    nice, clean, and simple. I like it. What is the goal of having dual pcs with KVM, one for work and one for play? Im assuming that since one is low power and one high
  22. RHKCommander959

    First new build since the c2q

    Looking good. It isn't too hard to pull fan impellers from the hub if you wanted to dye or paint them. Painting them *can* throw them off balance but its not too hard to rebalance them, and you were planning on swapping them anyway. Thought I would suggest that since you are budget motivated also you can use split wire loom if you want to hide the wires better without sleeving the whole thing.
  23. RHKCommander959

    someone tried to hack my Steam

    Looks legit I never understand why they don't try to pass it through a word processor, maybe have someone fluent proof read it? Regards, Our Company. There are a lot of hackers and the like in Belarus. Could be you are one of the victims in the many hacked databases and they used that info at steam, or you might have some malware, a trojan, or some other bad stuff on your end... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_data_breaches That is just a partial list, many others have been hacked too..
  24. Only for Prime. I can run cinebench all day at 1.275v LOL! Prime is tough on them that's for sure! 1.275v is much better
  25. RHKCommander959

    Water Cooling PETG Tubing need help

    Where did you get the tubing, and what does the rest of your setup look like?