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  1. RHKCommander959

    New Board New Build

    should be a real nice system, 2x8gb ddr4 3200 is about the best bang for the buck for performance/cost Why is your system down? A lot of times it's just a dead power supply...
  2. Well all of these speculative risks make me glad that my work PC is a gulftown xeon PC and my gaming-only is the 8700K! Obviously new CPUs smoke this older architecture, but I haven't had any issues with it yet. LGA1366 was surprisingly resilient if you set it up properly.
  3. RHKCommander959

    Sorta interesting build (Images)

    nice, clean, and simple. I like it. What is the goal of having dual pcs with KVM, one for work and one for play? Im assuming that since one is low power and one high
  4. RHKCommander959

    First new build since the c2q

    Looking good. It isn't too hard to pull fan impellers from the hub if you wanted to dye or paint them. Painting them *can* throw them off balance but its not too hard to rebalance them, and you were planning on swapping them anyway. Thought I would suggest that since you are budget motivated also you can use split wire loom if you want to hide the wires better without sleeving the whole thing.
  5. RHKCommander959

    someone tried to hack my Steam

    Looks legit I never understand why they don't try to pass it through a word processor, maybe have someone fluent proof read it? Regards, Our Company. There are a lot of hackers and the like in Belarus. Could be you are one of the victims in the many hacked databases and they used that info at steam, or you might have some malware, a trojan, or some other bad stuff on your end... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_data_breaches That is just a partial list, many others have been hacked too..
  6. Only for Prime. I can run cinebench all day at 1.275v LOL! Prime is tough on them that's for sure! 1.275v is much better
  7. RHKCommander959

    Water Cooling PETG Tubing need help

    Where did you get the tubing, and what does the rest of your setup look like?
  8. Looks like you got a "Potato" chip... (an MSI joke about the voltage) Nice review Frank!
  9. neat, would like to see duck h unt and a laser gun though
  10. RHKCommander959

    Corsair 900d with 5 radiators

    Same boat as Waco, distilled and silver coils, but I used some swiftech mix i had laying around for UV green reactivity.
  11. RHKCommander959

    Corsair 900d with 5 radiators

    What are you cooling? Separate loops are good when you want to cool CPU and GPUs separately to reduce heat to each component. If the card or cards wont be water cooled then you will be way overkill with that many radiators, a thick 120mm or any dual rad can handle just a CPU. So in essence, we need more info
  12. looks like it would be great for case modders / windows, for people who don't go with full loops
  13. RHKCommander959

    How long should my Current Build Last?

    You should be able to pump the 8350 up to at least 4.6ghz for more performance. 5 if you really try, that sabertooth is a decent motherboard. That antec is decent, but a single 120mm rad will be pretty warm and limit your overclocking. Might want to look into a double AIO or build your own. I've done some pretty cheap water cooling in my past everything else is looking good. I'm still rocking LGA 1366 since about 2009 so longevity is possible with the right platform. Not that manufacturers are pushing for that anymore. And of course I chose to upgrade parts here and there. Generally it is the graphics card you will have to upgrade down the line
  14. Just don't remove it from the video card while it is on. Be careful not to bend/bump the video card while it is on too. Bigger cards have more problems with this. Some are already sagging from their weight.
  15. Would of liked to see a newer B&W game...