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  1. PoE cameras are the way to go, amazon has a ton of them cheap. What price range are you looking at? Sometimes you can score used ones on ebay, if you're really trying to save money. We've been using Unifi at work, but its at least 130usd/camera usually. Setup is simple though with the cloud key gen2. All in for 10 cameras, cable, a cheap 10+ port PoE switch, and cloud controller nvr would be about 2000 probably. The g3 cameras are about 4W each, so most switches would be fine.
  2. I really hope NVIDIA didn't mount the new 12-pin vertically from the PCB as rumors put it...
  3. The old Intel retention pins don't always bite to apply enough pressure between the heat sink and IHS. That combined with the fact that a lot of people had trouble with actuating them can cause insufficient pressure leading to high temperatures. I would just get a new heat sink, like the Hyper 212 that is only about 30 bucks usually. Depending on the motherboard you have, there is a LOT you can still do with that older platform. A very cheap upgrade is to buy a Xeon X5650 or better, which will get you past i7-980X performance very easily with mild overclocking. They are going for under $20, or for very little more you could step up to a X5670 or X5680 - which is nearly identical stock for stock to the 980X, as is the Xeon W3680. Any of these upgrades will do wonders for that older system, and moving down to 32nm from 45nm will mean a cooler running CPU too. Doing that, you wouldn't be beating new high end systems. But you would be able to play modern games without much issue at 2K resolution. I do similar with a secondary PC of mine: a R9 290X, and an X5670 overclocked to 4.2 GHz daily.
  4. A lot of times it's the springs getting worn out on them, or corrosion in the hinge joints. If you want to be cheap/easy you can just take a piece of scrap wood and make a latch out of a screw and piece of wood, or get a sliding door latch. Either way you'd need a step stool to undo it though, but it'll keep the oogie boogies locked out
  5. Nice job, I was going to recommend adding the paste between the mating surfaces of the cooler but I saw near the end you did that! I'm not sure on the 970, but on other NVME drives they use foil stickers for optimal heat transfer, so efficiency loss should be minimal if at all.
  6. Here it is converted to jpeg, a universal format Unless I deliberately try to clean my desk, it looks worse than that any given day
  7. IMHO we are further into Moores Law for graphics than we are for LCD panels, so I feel like we'll be seeing this trend for a while. AMD and NVIDIA (and Intel) could quadruple their IC but the power draw would be incredible, as would die failures at the fabrication level for such big chips. Or they could do two+ ICs side by side as they have in the past on CPUs at least. It doesn't help that multi-GPU scaling is still poor and all involved are moving away from it.
  8. glad to see some old familiars returning, welcome back! I've got an xbox controller hooked up to my gaming pc, hooked up to the 4k tv so I can play from the recliner! Or swap to the monitor/desk. That paired with a wireless keyboard/mouse combo help a bit. I rarely have time for console let alone PC sadly. I didn't get any covid time off/bonus bux, bought my first home in November and it's a huge project lol.
  9. probably just the CPU multiplier, maybe add CPU voltage. Good luck
  10. 2079 pts Here's the best I can do right now on my older work&fun PC. My gaming PC will fair better, but this is pretty darn good for old x58 . I might try to push higher but IDK if I could ever reach the 7700K. I'll try the play pc later on Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon x5670 @ 4.5 GHz 1.36V 22x205 , could go a bit higher it's nice, stable, and cool here. Was running 4.2 GHz @ 1.27V for a while for better efficiency... Memory: 3x4GB RAM 9-11-9-27 ~2050 MHz, might try to push higher but IDK how much bandwidth I can utilize. Motherboard : Asus P6X58D-E
  11. Looks like it has 4gb soldered onto the motherboard, with one single slot expandable up to 8gb, for a total of 12gb maximum combined. If you search the web I'm sure you'll find videos of people doing RAM installs on similar models. Most have access panels under the bottom, or under the keyboard which can be more involved.
  12. It's just the botnet configuring and reaching out, I wouldn't worry about it...
  13. Might help us to know what the BSOD or error in event viewer is too. Good luck
  14. I think two triples or the nova would be good on a system like that, even with low fan speed / pressure. If your D5 isn't a variable speed one, it will be noticably louder than the fans and will drive you nuts. You can get 12v dimmers / potentiometers and dial it down, I've seen a few rated up to 60W like this - https://www.amazon.com/Volt-Dimmer-LED-Halogen-Incandescent/dp/B01C4UBMW8 Parallel flow is almost always better, that or have a radiator between the CPU and GPU; every degree counts Wow those are neat but so much $$, I have an old water fountain I'm going to try and make a chiller with for getting back to sub ambient. I still have a peltier that would work on the lower wattage CPUs.
  15. I picked it back up for a bit after this thread, still good times after letting it sit for months! Slow mode sniping is real fun. You can hit multiple people with one shot if it lines up properly too
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