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  1. Hey Reel...I'll host that on my web host if you want
  2. I looked it up...I think you just killed this thread Congrats ...gotta stop you spammers somehow. -TDV
  3. I doubt most spammers actually have an inbox...usually just script an email server to shoot email out all day.
  4. Tool - Vicarious MOVIE: Ain't logical. Cuttin' on his own face, rapin' and murdering - Hell, I'll kill a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight, or if he bothers me, or if there's a woman, or if I'm gettin' paid - mostly only when I'm gettin' paid. But these Reavers... last ten years they show up like the bogeyman from stories. Eating people alive? Where's that get fun?
  5. No googling damnit! Is your quote from Shooter?
  6. AC/DC - TNT SONG It was so real, Like I woke up in Wonderland. All sorta terrifying I don't wanna be all alone While I tell this story. And can anyone tell me why Y'all sound like Peanuts parents? Will I ever be coming down?
  7. I use these and they sound pretty darn good http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/JVC-Marshma...roductDetail.do
  8. I'm pretty sure ATI isn't making the AIO cards anymore...instead they are just selling the Tuners separately.
  9. Another reason I bought the iRiver Clix...up to 24 hour of battery life I've yet see any decent MP3 player do that.
  10. Man, I know I've said it before but you have awesome skills I hope to be that good eventually.
  11. I had a Rio Karma...it was an awesome player but it got hosed. Wouldn't boot and wouldn't let me reflash the firmware...so i took the 20 gig IDE drive out...lol
  12. I use the iRiver Clix Gen2...brilliant MP3 player and the best sounding I've ever used too. I have an iPod Nano and I'd take the iRiver over it any day. The iPod is a nice MP3 player though....just bugs me that I can't play WMA on it.
  13. My MSN can be had from my profile Don't put your actual email...spammers will get it
  14. To serve me! muahahah I backup files to it and RDP into from work if I need access to any of my files.
  15. 100% of all funds will be donated to a good cause! Mainly, feeding my stomach
  16. Yeah...I need some speaker stands
  17. Maybe he was frying electronics to mask the smell of the mary jane
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