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  1. Yeah, same here. I'll keep trying Ha...downloading at 10KB/s
  2. Yep, Trent has been openly against the record companies for a long while. At a concert a few years ago he got pissed that his records were being sold for $20 at the concert. So, during the concert he told all of the fans to go home and illegally download the album...lol Radiohead also released their album for free for several months before it finally hit stores.
  3. momoceio

    DV to DVD

    Hrmm, I use iMovie at work but it doesn't rip straight to DVD. I'm don't know how many apps will do that. Looks like this will do it...could give the Trial a go. http://www.xilisoft.com/dv-to-dvd-converter.html
  4. I'm never putting this much work into a FS thread again! lol
  5. Probably so, but at least someone is trying new ideas. I'm sure there are some applications where it would be ideal. If it proves to be reliable then I'd rather use that then a electric fan for a system that I just want to leave running 24/7 or for a real low power system.
  6. Pretty cool idea, never thought about using a stirling engine to cool your pc. Wonder how well it will work. http://global.msi.com.tw/index.php?func=newsdesc&news_no=591
  7. This guy does some crazy butt video edting...he has some really cool videos on Youtube.
  8. ^^ it appears he likes testicals --typo touche... -tdv
  9. The Toadies http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...riendID=1839615
  10. Star Wars - The Phantom Menace MOVIE You, you're ok. This one, real f**kin' ugly.
  11. ^^ Needs to visit a FA clinic (Folders Anonymous)
  12. Went out yesterday and took some photos...didn't get anything spectacular but the cloud pics are pretty neat.
  13. ^^ Murders people while wearing a gorilla suit
  14. Silverchair - Tomorrow Great song! SONG: Shut down the disease, brush it aside and stand up off your knees Tip the scales, spin me some horrible, beautiful tales
  15. http://www.geekleek.com/Wallpaper.rar Once it's finished uploading the link will work...until then you'll see my awesome 404 page.
  16. Just traded in the sebring for an 05 Ford Escape...I love it
  17. I'll host it up on my web host once I get it downloaded
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