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  1. Just because it blocks a lot doesn't mean everything it blocks is bad. I've never used and have never had a single problem caused by internet browsing.
  2. I've never used NoScript...don't really see a need for it. I use this with IE7 though... http://www.ie7pro.com/
  3. Why not just buy a whole D510 from ebay...they sell for fairly cheap. Then either just pop his HDD into it or use it for parts.
  4. customhertz.com smokingsilicon.com screamingsilicon.com hott-boxx.net
  5. I never have Seagate drives go bad...I've only lost Maxtor and WD drives. We've got about 1500 machines at work and they all run Seagate drives. I might have 1 or 2 a year that need replaced. The 5 year warranty is great too and you don't have to go through a bunch of hoops to get your drive replaced.
  6. Why not just keep it if you already have some HD discs. I've got the HD-A3 and just picked up the Planet Earth set for $30 plus a few other movies. The movies are selling for cheap so I'm just gonna buy a bunch....just because the format is dead doesn't mean I still can't enjoy the movies that are out. I'll end up buying a Blue-Ray unit once prices drop some more though. Maybe this HD player will be worth some money someday..lol
  7. Pioneer is stopping production of their plasma sets...I bet they'll be dropping prices soon enough. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080307/tc_nm/...K776ZGtxg4E1vAI
  8. Well, using IETab is the same thing
  9. I use FF also...just posting the latest version of IE 8 since a lot of us like the bleeding edge.
  10. It's out and available for download. I'm gonna load it on my test box to see if it's any good. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...ess/Install.htm
  11. ^^^ Was about to double post until I decided to wreck his double posting party.
  12. Seriously, don't go back to her. She'll probably do the same . and make up the same retarded excuses. Go get yourself a new gal, you'll find a decent one eventually.
  13. Hey, that's part of dating. Almost everyone dates someone they regret, just take it as a growing and learning experience. Oh, the guy always wants to fark...she agreed to it.
  14. Life Experiences +1 You're on your way to being a super paladin. I'm sure she thought you were fooling around when you started talking to other women. Either way, she probably had her mind set to fark the other guy...hence the sudden need to take a break. Sorry bout that, not all women are trash. Best bet, find a chick that has lost like 50 lbs...they are all nice
  15. Thats not all you listen to in your head :tooth:
  16. Hey, I thought the Radiohead album was awesome. I paid $5 for that album too...worth it to me. I can agree with you on SOAD though, what kinda . is that I think when you buy albums from places like wal-fart and worst buy, the artists only sees a very small portion of that. It's not worth all the hassle when you can do it this way, if you make good music you know your fans will go to your concerts and pay for your album even if you do give it away for free.
  17. So thats the bastard I should blame for WoW. :tooth:
  18. Damn...mine is still creeping. Hurry up already
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