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  1. I work at a school and before we had a tech budget the keyboards were run through a dishwasher...did this for many years. It's not like you're sticking a hair dryer in there...worst thing that happens is the keyboard doesn't work.
  2. Actually, wired keyboards in the DW work great if you just use water. Then let them dry out thoroughly. A wireless would most likely be hosed though.
  3. She's 17, make her buy a new one.
  4. If these companies were smart, they'd start hiring the hackers to write their copy protection
  5. Yeah, I heard the next step is a chip with about 100 cores but each core running at much slower speeds. Then each core would run a single process or bundle a few cores together to run more intensive tasks.
  6. www.geekleek.com/Reel_Wallpaper_Pack_Update_1.rar
  7. Anyone else heard of the Intel 6 core Dunnington chip with 16mb of L3 cache? Could be a monster chip for video editors, graphics designers, etc http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...e=NLT_AM&nlid=1
  8. I know a lot of you use Hamachi for LAN gaming so I figured I'd post this for the Linux users around here. http://penguinbyte.com/software/ghamachi/
  9. Saitek Eclipse Logitech MX518 Big freaking mouse pad
  10. I have the CD, I can make an ISO for you. On a side note, it almost seems like the school would just be better off replacing the laptops instead of dumping money into them.
  11. Yep, OEM licensing lives and dies with the machine.
  12. Yep, no issue with connecting a switch. I would buy an extra cable though because most switches I've bought recently don't come with a patch cable. We've bought a bunch of these at work...nice little switch. http://www.cdwg.com/shop/products/default.aspx?EDC=1040295
  13. Try disabling the firewalls anyway, just to test.
  14. Do you have any firewalls running on your PC? What port is the web server running on? When you try to access it from another PC on your lan, what address are you using to access it?
  15. What type of connection are you hosting it on? I wouldn't host it on your home connection, have them buy a hosting service. There are many available for about $5 or $6 a month.
  16. He's still under the laws of the US...
  17. You bet it does, just because he's over in Iraq doesn't make it any less of a crime or stupid.
  18. They sell hand held air cannons on thinkgeek.com...
  19. Couldn't you just copy the files off of the laptop if thats what she really wanted?
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