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  1. http://compnetworking.about.com/od/windows...filesharing.htm There's a simple guide...go through that at make sure you're PCs are setup correctly then post if you need more help.
  2. Sorry...didn't mean to come accross as rude :tooth:
  3. DCHP just assigns all the addresses automatically...if you want to do port forwarding though you'll need to set it up manually. I'm not sure what ^^ he's talking about pinging 255.255.2555.0 for...you can't ping your subnet mask and no your subnet mask is NOT your default gateway. Your router needs to be your gateway. If you need me to help you...hit me up on MSN.
  4. then just disable DHCP on your router and give each PC it's own unique IP. I'd Give PC #1 and PC #2 192.1768.1.102. Both would need a mask of /24 (, use the router as the gateway.
  5. Run them at 3-4-4-8 @ 2.6volts...but if it still might not overclock past 262...you never know with RAM you might get a set that OC to 300...or a set that won't do 255.
  6. You must not be talking about Vcore then...
  7. Don't use IPX..not sure who told you that but it's outdated and is not the standard anymore. Besides...IPX doesn't use IP addresses...they're based on the MAC address. Uninstall IPX/SPX...just to help shorten the troubleshooting process 1. You need to make sure both PCs don't have any firewall enabled... 2. Both PC's need to be on the same network which DHCP will take care of, but you might wanna widen your DHCP pool just to be sure there are no problems 3. Make sure both PCs are pointing to the router as the gateway...the routers IP is usually and the default DHCP pool is 4. If you're using regular home cable or DSL then you're router will be assigned a IP and DNS address via DHCP from your ISP. 5.Make sure both PCs are in the same workgroup and that they have different names Once you have all this setup...try to ping one PC from the other by going to Start>Run and typing CMD. This will open up a command [email protected] the command prompt type "ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP of the other PC. If this is successful then you should be able to run a little LAN party. To share files you need to enable file sharing for at least 1 folder. You do this by going to the properties of any folder you want to share and then go to the sharing tab and enable file sharing.
  8. 3200 probably won't overclock too high...I could get my Gskill 3200 to about 217. With a 300fsb you need to run your divider at 133 probably, that should put your mem right at about 200mhz (stock speed)
  9. Well...I've got my GSkill HZ installed and running at 265 without tweaking anything yet. I'll work on that this weekend...my sempy is humming along nicely at 2120mhz but I know it'll go much further Tweak on!!! Thanks for the help everyone!
  10. AVG only...as long as you use safe browsing practices you won't get spyware. I've been spyware free for about 3 years...without using anti-spyware software and this is on a Windows box. I do use Spyware Blaster which just blocks stuff from installing in the first place...doesn't scan and remove.
  11. Windows updates through firefox can be done...use this site http://windowsupdate.62nds.com/
  12. Awesome...thanks for the replies. I'll have to pick up a set of those.
  13. I did a search...I was just looking to see if anyone had success with that specific RAM which I didn't find in a search. I've ready many of the stickies and articles already...just wanted to see if this RAM was even worth trying to fiddle with since my goal is pretty high. I had it up to 2ghz so far...I believe the RAM was at 222. Thanks for the recommendation of RAM though...i'll give it a look.
  14. First I'd like to introduce myself...I'm a new DFI owner and new to the forums. This looks to be a great resource for all things DFI. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck overclocking the G.Skill F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS sticks? Also...if these sticks aren't great for overclocking, could someone recommend some better RAM? I'd like to run 2 X 1GB...I'm wanting to get my sempy up to about 2.5 ghz. Thanks for any help...if you need more info just ask.
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