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  1. If it has SP2 on it...it should say on the CD. If it doesn't say anything...then it most likely has SP1a or nothing.
  2. Sounds like possibly a corrupt profile...
  3. They actually already released a patch that disables it.
  4. I'll buy one...probably an opaque one.
  5. http://news.com.com/Samsung+hybrid+hard+dr..._3-5683836.html
  6. http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/03/21/32gb_ssd_samsung/
  7. http://www.gadwin.com/printscreen/ I use that at work for making how-to's and stuff...
  8. I work at a high school...so I see this every single day of the school year. It's amazing how loud mouthed kids are...I mean..I was only in high school 4 years ago and it wasn't that bad. Kids behaviour just seems to get worse and worse as the years go by. I sure wish I could say something to these kids sometimes...but nowadays you gotta be worried about being sued or getting shot at. I'm quite scared of how our future society is going to turn out if things don't take a turn. Our country really seems to be going down hill from a moral stand point.
  9. If you only saw 1 OS in the drop down...then you only have 1 installed. Just change the timeout to 0.
  10. Easy way: Right click my computer, properties, advanced tab, Start up and Recovery settings. Now select the default OS from the drop down menu and uncheck "Time to display list of operating systems"
  11. Sadly...due to financial circumstances I have to sell my lovely laptop Here's the Specs: Dell XPS M140 Windows XP MCE Pentium M 1.73Ghz 1Gig (2x512) DDR2 533mhz 60 Gig HDD 5400RPM 14.1 True-Life LCD WXGA (glossy wide-screen) 8x DVD-RW XD/SD/ 10/100 NIC 56K Modem Intel Pro-Set wireless 802.11 B/G Trend Micro System Security Warranty: Has 2 years 3 months left on Accidental Warranty. This warranty covers pretty much ANY type of damage...spilled drinks, dropped, stepped on, fall of desk, etc. Accessories: MobileEdge Laptop Backpack (very well padded and confortable) http://www.mobileedge.com//items.asp?cid=3&scid=3&pid=48 Microsoft Wireless Laser Notebook Mouse 6000 http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/mouseand...ve_tab=overview I'd like to get $1300 just to pay it off....
  12. build an IPCop box http://ipcop.org/
  13. i've had a similar problem on my grandmas pc...somehow all her services mysteriously were disabled. Go through this guide...click on the service name at the bottom of the page to check whether it needs to be on or not and make sure it's configured accordingly. http://www.theeldergeek.com/services_guide.htm
  14. or just type services.msc in the run box...then turn on the print spooler service
  15. For sub 300...you might look at a kodak dx6490. It's got a pretty nice glass lense, takes very nice macros and has a 10x opti zoom. It's only 4mp but it's a nice little camera. They don't make them anymore...but you can still pick them up online at a few places including ebay....or you could buy mine I've replaced it with an Olympus Evolt e-500 dSLR....best dSLR for the price.
  16. AVG Free-Edition - works just as well as any thing else and is not a resource hog Linksys Router as firewall No Anti-Spyware software - just practice safe web browsing and you won't become infected with it. If I were to run one...I'd use windows defender or SpywareGuard from javacool.
  17. I work at a school as the computer tech and I use the CDBurnerXP Pro
  18. You're compressing compressed files...which more times than not actually results in a larger file size. You either need to lower the quality of the video some...or get a dual-layer DVD burner.
  19. I get that when my overclock settings fail...so I just turn my settings back a bit and all is well
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