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  1. I'm sure it wasn't a company decision...probably just an IT employee that thought he'd take it upon himself to load the software.
  2. Damn...too bad I don't have the player anymore. After I took the HDD out I went Office Space on it
  3. MacBooks are great machines and probably the most solidly built laptops I've ever used. It's not like you'd be stuck with OS X only since you can dual boot with Boot Camp or run XP in a VM. Also, by running OS X on a PC you don't get the OS/Hardware marriage that Apple machines are known for...if that matters to you.
  4. Could always share the printer off of another PC
  5. I've flashed about 5 different WRT54G routers. I've done the newer versions that have less RAM and don't come with the Linux firmware preinstalled....those take a few more steps but it's still very easy. If you're going to buy one, get the WRT54GL like everyone has said. The 54GL is the same as the older model 54G before they changed the firmware to non-linux. You will not find a consumer level router out there with more options...not to mention it's rock solid and the wireless never drops out.
  6. Personally, I think they should take all of their code and pitch it and start from the ground up. Screw backwards compatibility, that can be taken care of with virtualization technology now anyway. They just need to totally rethink the way they are doing things. I saw some demos of a new kernel they were working on and it looked like it was a good building block for a new OS...so hopefully Windows 7 will be what we expected Vista to be and more.
  7. I'm not touching Vista again, I'm waiting for the next OS to be released before I use another new MS OS. I can hardly see them killing off XP since practically 99% of the corporate world is still using XP because Vista really offers nothing that a corporate environment really really needs for the most part. I think they'll be forced to offer updates at least for a few more years until they actually put out an OS that is better than XP and not just a little better. There were many things in XP that should have been fixed in Vista that they just ignored.
  8. Adobe is offering a free online version of Photoshop called Photoshop Express. It's a really watered down version of Photoshop but they give you 2 gigs of storage to upload images, edit them and create online galleries. It's all flash based and pretty easy to use. https://www.photoshop.com/express/index.html
  9. I did a check and this is a legitimate deal, I saw it mentioned on MS's website. You can purchase Office 2k7 Ultimate for $60 if you meet the requirements: Must have an email address ending in .edu Must be enrolled with at least 1/2 course load Must be able to provide proof of enrollment status upon request by MS http://www.theultimatesteal.com/store/mssh...3-2-0-ARTICLE-0
  10. Just because it's sold on Ebay doesn't mean it's second hand though, many online shops also have online stores on Ebay. It's just another means of selling products. If you can get an invoice you should be fine though.
  11. I think I have some...possibly I'll PM you if I find them...I know I have 8/32
  12. Wowza, nice deal. It's amazing how much processing power you can purchase now compared to just 3 or 4 years ago.
  13. What about Joost? I haven't checked it out in awhile but I believe they have a lot of different shows.
  14. I checked it out and you can use a nested IF THEN or a SWITCH CASE statement in your AS...not sure if thats the solution you were looking for. Something like this I think... switch (linkClicked) { case "Home": scroller.text = home.text; break; case "Services": scroller.text = services.text; break; case "Sites": scroller.text = sites.text; break; case "Links": scroller.text = links.text; break; case "About": scroller.text = about.text; break; case "Contact": scroller.text = contact.text; break; case default: scroller.text = "Error 404. Please contact administrator."; } So basically you'd have a variable called 'linkClicked' that would have a value assigned to it based on which link the user clicked. Then the Switch statement would assign a variable to the scroller.text based on what the user clicked.
  15. You need some type of IF...Then...Else statement of a CASE SELECT statement. I've never used action script so I'm not sure if it supports IF..THENs or anything. I know PHP does though.
  16. ^^^ signs in and out of MSN about 50,000 times a day
  17. I made a somewhat updated avatar for Carl if he wants it...I was bored
  18. Ok, here is the update pack on my new host...the original is still uploading. www.farkthat.com/downloads/Reel_Wallpaper_Pack_Update_1.rar Edit: The original pack is now uploaded to my new host/domain. www.farkthat.com/downloads/Wallpaper.rar
  19. I'm pretty sure this will be shot down for the same reason mine was Electronics + Waters
  20. Keyboards in the dishwasher is front page material man
  21. I'm not arguing, just saying that I've done it many times with no ill effect. Sure hope I don't get banned over something that silly.
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