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  1. Yep, you're actually going to pull more power than the machine uses since about 20% of the power is lost at full load due to heat and other inefficiencies. Thats why most say they are 80% efficient meaning they can turn 80% of the power they pull into usable juice for your PC.
  2. I'm saying don't use voice control...just be interfaced directly to your brain. Your brain can do more than any PC on earth...as of now at least.
  3. I look forward to the day that keyboards, mice and voice recognition are gone. Instead you'll use your brain to directly control your PC. When you're gaming you can just think of what you want to do and it does it, you can type a report by thinking it. No more of that "I can't put my thoughts into words." lol
  4. I think Office 2k7 will open .odt docs now.
  5. I agree that it's terribly slow...but it's so platform agnostic that it makes sense in a lot of cases for programmers to use. Have you tried using a different JRE? There are multiple companies out there that make JREs...you might try JRockit.
  6. Bills gates and his strongarm tactics are someday going to bite them in the butt...might be a long time but it's going to happen.
  7. momoceio

    C++ compiler

    You just looking for a C++ compiler or do you want an IDE also?
  8. What is it about Outlook that you like better than other mail clients? The main reason it's used at work is because we use an Exchange server so you need Outlook to take full advantage of Exchange and Calendar sharing and such. Also, I have to disagree with the argument that Java itself is dangerous...it's just that people don't pay attention to what Applets they run. Saying Java is dangerous would be like saying C#, Visual Basic, C++, etc are dangerous. They reason Java is so slow though is that it runs the code in a VM...you'll find that Java code that uses a JIT compiler runs much better since it converts the Java code to native code before the program actually runs. Then it caches it so the OS can run it without using the Java VM.
  9. It really sounds like you just have a problem with your wireless card or wireless router. First thing to try is updating your wireless drivers...I've had that fix a few wireless issues for me. From what I read, you aren't having any issue with networking your PC and Mac...just that your wireless on the PC craps out.
  10. The New OO 3.0 is going to be VERY nice when it comes out...I think later this year. It has a much updated interface and I think they are going to include an Outlook-like email client...from the screen shots I've seen it looks nice!
  11. Yeah, I switched to opera for about a week but I missed my FF addons too much.
  12. ROFL...maybe just to
  13. I'll go start up a free proboards forum and make Reel the admin
  14. http://www.farkthat.com/downloads/NPR_CHINA.mp3 I'm good :cool:
  15. http://www.farkthat.com/downloads/NPR_CHINA.mp3
  16. Gmail had one going to that would let you change the time the email was sent...
  17. It's a great card...I used the step-up on mine to the 8800GTS 512 since it was only another $30 but thats the only reason I don't have it anymore. For $120 it'd make a killer SLI setup with two of those bad boys.
  18. Rado and I both knew Who couldn't see this coming...lol
  19. If this were a corporate network then I'd agree but with it just being a home network he's not going to have any issues with broadcast traffic either way.
  20. There is no place like
  21. The ultimate geek Star Wars experience! Open up a command prompt and type "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl" This is really sweet...guys had a lot of time on their hands.
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