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  1. Yeah, they're hermetically sealed so a good chance water didn't get into the hdds.
  2. She looks like an amputee...her right arm is gone :tooth:
  3. Yeah, they're suing them for being accomplices to the end users...haha
  4. When we they realize that know one buys their PSUs because they suck... http://www.engadget.com/2008/04/13/ultra-s...pply-manufactu/
  5. Not sure what you're talking about...sounds like you have a different network issue. Vista doesn't have problems with IP addresses with the host portion over 10...
  6. momoceio

    Online storage

    There are lots of free servies but if you don't mind spending $6 a month then you can just buy a webhost. My webhost gives me 1.5 tb or storage. I use mine to host a gallery and other websites but you don't have to host anything if you don't want. Can just use it to ftp your files too. You can even set your ftp client to automatically sync files between your PC and host.
  7. Damn thing better please me in bed too!
  8. A teacher in a mathematics lecture asks a 3rd std class,” If there are 3 birds on a tree and u shoot one of them,how many birds would remain?? “.Johnny,the nuaghtiest of the lot, shoots up his hand. teacher: “ok johnny ,wats the answer?”. Johnny: “none,ma’am. teacher: “how?” Johnny:” after hearing the shot ,all the other birds will also fly away.” Teacher:”no johnny, the answer here is 2,but I like the way u r thinkin. now johnny has a doubt. Johhny: ” teacher can i ask u a question? Teacher: “sure” johnny:” there are three ladies havin ice cream at the parlour.the first one is eatin it,the second is lickin it while the third one is suckin on it.can u tell which one of the ladies is married??” teacher is terribly embaressed,but she puts on a brave face and answers. Teacher: “I….I……I guess the one which is suckin on the ice cream is married.” Johnny:” no ma’am,the one who has the wedding ring on her finger is married,BUT I LIKE THE WAY U R THINKIN.” !!!!!
  9. http://petrastechshop.com/pocaad.html
  10. Man, that stuff has an insane amount of sodium
  11. I've got Charter Cable's 10/1 service for $60 a month. They are about to switch over to DOCSIC 3.0 soon also and are supposed to offer a 16/2 service for the same price.
  12. Not a complaint thread...compliant
  13. Right on, seems like we have both come to a similar crossroads. I started going to school again a couple years back and I hate it but I know I'll feel good once it's done. I used to sit at home a lot and now I go out all the time...my life was boring and dull. lol
  14. I'm using the Sunbeam...the lights on the front are blinding but at least I know the damn thing is on
  15. Awesome! Congrats man...I started dieting a bit in September. I'm 5'11" and was 225...I'm now down to 195 and I just started jogging. I feel great, when I first started i could only go 30 mins on the treadmill but now I'm going 90 mins and 7 miles. I never thought I'd actually want to exercise Congrats on getting in shape...it's probably the best feeling in the world.
  16. LOL, man I'd need to watercool that biznatch!
  17. Try a different port on the router..
  18. http://marketing.openoffice.org/ooocon2007...dnesday_186.pdf
  19. Sounds good...the world is pretty effed. It could use a cleansing of our species...lol
  20. Easy enough just think "off" in your head...bam it's off
  21. Spam Tacos! I've never had spam in my life but I imagine this would taste decent. Spam (maybe mix in a little taco seasoning) Soft or Hard taco shells Onion Tomato Salso Cheese Sour Cream (if you like it) or whatever other taco toppings you like
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