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  1. Yeah, not all older SD devices support SDHC. Check with the manufacturer for a possible firmware upgrade. You might be able to load Rockbox on it...I think that provides SDHC support for some devices.
  2. you mean hdmi is dvi with audio added
  3. SDHC is the high capacity chips...they go up to 16 gigs I believe
  4. Thats what I do also...just don't' suggest it to anyone else
  5. There, I made a survey using Branjo's criteria http://farkthat.com/limesurvey/index.php?sid=34163&lang=en
  6. I want to just because I'm curious...could be a front page article comparing how modest we are compared to the other noob forums :angel:
  7. 2 guys walk into a bar...the 3rd guys ducks Oldie but goody
  8. I work at a high school with about 2500 kids with nasty, snotty fingers using the keyboards....I wash my hands every time I go fix something.
  9. 1) Opening my browser 2) Clicking on this thread 3) Replying
  10. My gaming rig HTPC Moms PC Old P4 server Dell laptop I own all of them
  11. 49mb...how do I get that privilege? I could put a porno vid in my avatar
  12. Bear Grylls in a girly man, Les Stroud is king Les actually does go out alone and survives by himself...bear stays at hotels. lol
  13. Well, I'm really good in some areas but lacking in others so I just put high. When it comes to networking, building PCs, troubleshooting, etc I rock but I'm not that great with things like OCing, AV equip, modding, etc.
  14. http://www.buy.com/prod/evga-geforce-8800g.../204134693.html
  15. Firefly is the most amazing TV series I ever watched...I'm sad Brown coat fo life yo
  16. Age: 24 Gender: Male Tech Savy = High I'll be taking some crazy statistics stuff soon...I'm working on my BS in Computer Science. Lots of math I get a minor in Math just from the math classes I take.
  17. I think the first step towards space travel is having a platform on the moon that we can launch from...
  18. Yep, I really enjoy listening to him. He'd be a great college professor.
  19. Yeah, I should have specified manned space travel. They are pretty cool though...first time I saw one was the Deep Space1 mission.
  20. Ion engines have been around and used for quite some time...they accelerate much too slowly to do space travel. If you have a few years then they're fine but when you need to get somewhere in a hurry then you need something else.
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