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  1. I'm running it now because I plan on rebuilding soon. I did a SP2 3dmark06 and a SP3 3dmark06 and the SP3 was slightly faster by about 100 points. From all the benchies I've seen so far though SP3 does give a slight boost in speed although nothing you'll notice. Still plenty faster then Vista though
  2. You're confusing me. By having 8800g92 512mb it could be either the 8800GT or 8800GTS...who knows but by having 8800GTS 512 everyone will know that it's a 8800GTS 512 g92...
  3. both the 8800 gt and gts are g92... I would just put 8800GTS 512 because there is no confusing that with the 320 and 640 models
  4. Are you dipping the whole radiator in a pot of hot water? We're saying to just boil some water and pour it into the inlet, cap it, shake it around, drain and rinse.
  5. I guess, I'd rather just run a single card or CF than have a shoddy board that might work. I guess people have different priorities though. Too bad they don't let other manufacturers make sli boards, I guess they're afraid someone will make a better board then them and they'll have to actually put some effort forth.
  6. I don't get why people continue to buy the boards after all of the problems have been exposed with it though...
  7. mmm...that is sexy! Can't wait to get mine
  8. The link I posted was $70 but later I saw them for about $50 on amazon.
  9. If he wants something that will last a little longer technology wise then I found a Biostar board that uses DDR2 and has PCIe... http://www.outletpc.com/c3532.html
  10. I used the Rustoleum Pro Flat Black on my case...you get the rough texture from over spray. To get rid of it you need to sand it off (I used 400 grit) very lightly and then use a lightly damp rag to wipe down where you sanded to remove any loose paint. The most important thing is that you take your time.
  11. Depending on the GPU you cool...that is a lot to cool for a 220 RAD
  12. you bet...the tap is 8/32 though because I bought the wrong size socket head cap screws so I just tapped my rad to 8/32
  13. Thats what it looks like...have you tried running driver cleaner and starting fresh?
  14. Made a tiny bit of progress...I got the rad and fans mounted. I'm still waiting for my Fuzion block and a couple other bits to show up before I get much else done though...
  15. momoceio

    New Desk

    24" deep and looks really nice http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1134701147263
  16. Well I agree it doesn't offer much besides worse performance but if you were actually able to run a game with everything on high under DX10 and get playable frame rates then there is SOME difference in graphics although I certainly don't feel it justifies it's crappy frame rates for the few extra pretties that you get. Hell, when I'm playing a game I'm too busy looking for someone to kill instead of staring at the water or light coming through the leaves. I just mentioned that because some people get a warm fuzzy feeling playing under DX10... I'm looking forward to OpenGL 3.0 though...I've seen a few screen shots and it's just simply amazing. Oh yeah, they're creating it to take full advantage of the newer DX10 cards also...woot
  17. momoceio

    Fallout 3

    Wow...that looks sweet. Looks like it has the same kind of feel as Oblivion...at least how everything looks.
  18. You could do a dual boot to play the DX10 games but run everything else in XP...BTW there is a way to enable the "very high" settings under DX9 for Crysis. I think you just edit a file or something but supposedly it looks great and runs well also...
  19. The only thing I'm upset with AMD about is that they shipped processors that they new were faulty...other then that I like the route they are going and I thought the idea of having powerful on-board graphics was a cool idea. I don't know if they are still working on it but weren't they trying to get a total integrated solution where you would have the GPU right on the mobo? Maybe you should title your rants as "The Happy Phenom" or "The Angry Phenom" based on whether or not you're ripping the subject a new one..lol
  20. Just so happens to be my bday...which is the worse day for someone like me to have a bday since I'm not into partying or getting drunk. oh well...
  21. yeah, pretty slick looking case. If I were a big LanParty gamer I'd pick one of those up..
  22. It's DIY-Street now :0 Welcome back HAL errors are usually from the storage controller drivers being incorrect. I would suggest either a repair install or doing another fresh install. Have you had and weird issues with your hard drive?
  23. This is pretty sweet IMO...in my situation we have 600+ workstations at school. Say I want to upgrade a lab of PCs to be able to do some light CAD work. Now instead of having to buy a $200 video card for each PC I could throw in one of these $50 crossfire cards and get away with it. Another example would be all the customers that walk into best buy and spend $150 for a HD2600 and expect it to handle Crysis. Now they just buy one of these cards and they can game with decent frame rates without having to buy a $250 video card. I'm interested in what the power consumption of such an add in card would be. Thats another big issue since most cheap PCs have 250watt or 350watt PSUs which makes it impossible to run a high end graphics card without upgrading the PSU as well.
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