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  1. MS offers "express" editions of the whole .net suite for free
  2. You can also enable root from the Users admin panel. Enabling and using the root account however is bypassing one of the major security principles of any *nix OS
  3. You'd probably see a performance LOSS by going to a 8600:) They absolutely suck.
  4. Yeah, the prices on the Corsairs seem to have gone up (at least on newegg). I bought mine for about $120 I think.
  5. While all of the PSUs recommended are great...do you necessarily need "the best" PSU? What are you planning on doing with your PC? The system you have now will run fine a mid grade 500 watt PSU. Now, if you plan on over clocking and running some 8800s in SLI then you might need to buy a higher end unit. I see no need for you to spend over $100 for a PSU that will suit your needs. I don't see the point of buying a 700 watt PSU will you will only use half of it...
  6. What a rip off...I have Charter in STL and pay $60/month for 10d 1u
  7. Well...f**k. One of my Yates is dead so I had to order another fan...while I was at it I ordered some of the PrimoChill anti-kink coils (only 3/4" ones I could find in UV Blue). I also noticed I had some flux/solder floating in my loop so I need to flush my rad again. So, back to the beginning...more to come once my stuff gets here.
  8. Well, the really depends on how may rails the PSU has. From what I can find on that PSU, it has a single 38amp rail. That PSU should be fine to run your system but I don't know the quality of Delta PSUs as they seem to make more industrial type products (probably means it's pretty good quality)
  9. You should re-code it in VB.NET instead of VB5
  10. Actually, spock understood it perfectly It comes from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and was spoken to stop the robot, Gort It's also the phrase from Army of Darkness spoken to destroy the book of the dead :tooth:
  11. Well, considering almost everything runs a form Linux (network switches, routers and many other devices) then I'm sure it does run under Linux. I still fail to see the use for a home user or even most businesses...it seems more of an industrial type chip that would be used in equipment. We can't even utilize 2 cores effectively as it is.
  12. There aren't any consumer level products that would support this processor and even if you had a motherboard that would run it what OS/Software are you going to use to actually take advantage of a 64 core CPU? This is meant more for CPU intensive applications such as large backbone routers, rendering farms, etc...
  13. We have quite a few members that have knowledge of HTML, PHP, ASP, etc... Just ask and who knows
  14. Thanks for the compliments I didn't think I would have the patience to take my time but this is hella fun. I found myself a new hobby
  15. Ok, I got some more work done over the weekend and I have some pics but it's late so I'll just upload some teasers. I've still got a lot of wires to clean up...what a classy lady. My Enzotech sink was a little too wide so I used my dremel to widen the mounting holes to get them closer together so it would mount to my SB. Nicely lapped from the factory... My Enzo NB sink... D-Tek backplate mounting kit... Before mounting the sinks on the MOSFETs, NB and SB... After... .... More to come...probably tomorrow. Now I sleep.
  16. What type of TV reception are you using? OTA, Dish or Cable?
  17. I like Word 07 for it's Works Cited abilities Makes it very simple to create a bibliography page :tooth:
  18. I've got a DIY project for you to try with your WII... http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~johnny/projects/wii/
  19. Eh, I really wish they would have put forth the effort to put both GPUs on one PCB. I'm more looking forward to the 3870 X2 card that should also be out soon, they're running everything on one PCB. Those GX2 cards are a classy lady for aftermarket cooling also...I hope they actually have good support for Quad SLI this time around.
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