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  1. Was in the laptop for maybe 4 months...the laptop screen was busted so I just parted it out.
  2. Mix n Match of 80mm fans (1 90mm Sunon). Some of the LED fans don't light up. $10 for all + shipping 802.11b/g Prismiq IWR-5010 Commander wireless router. $20 + shipping Seagate 80gb 2.5" 4200 notebook hard drive. SOLD TO EBDORADZ IBM 36gb 10k 80pin SCSI drive (was given to me, was told it works but no way of testing) $20 + shipping Samsung SpinPoint 120gb 7200RPM drive. $45 + shipping 2 x Western Digital HDDs. 1 is 40gb and other is 20gb, both worked when pulled from PC. $20 + shipping for both Seagate 80gb 7200.7 IDE HDD, works great. $35 + shipping Razer Copperhead (Blue LED) gaming mouse. $35 + shipping
  3. Welcome ladies and gents. I have stuff! Joo buy it, yes?! Yes!!!! Paypal, MO, Cashiers Check accepted! Non-CC paypal preferred. Will ship USPS, UPS or FedEx. First item up for sale is a wonderful Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro. This beaut will make your ears cry tears of joy and you're gaming skills will increase 2000%! Guaranteed by Jesus himself! I'm looking for $80 + shipping PENDING Next up we have TRENDnet 2-port KVM switch with USB support. You know you've always wanted to type a term paper while shooting aliens at the same time! Now you can! $30 + shipping Well what do we have here? It's a brand new, still in the box, AMD 4600X2 65w CPU. This baby will make a perfect HTPC CPU. $70 + shipping So you've found yourself in a bit of a conundrum. You want to watch your favorite TV show but you also need to read all of this wonderful information on DIY-Street. Now you can do both...at the same time. No more CPS (couch potato syndrome), this ATI TV Wonder 200 TV Tuner will convert you into an OCP (office chair potato). Even includes a remote control to ease the transition. $15 + shipping Here we have two sets of gaming headsets. Both work great and are pretty comfy. First set is an Altec Lansing and the other set is a Logitech. AL set is $15 + shipping; Logitech set is $5 + shipping Altec Lansing set: Logitech set: Want to get your computer all wet? How about buying my super duper Black Ice Pro 240mm radiator. It's sure to cool things down. $25 + shipping (will include to Yate Loon med fans and 1/2" barbs) Here is the perfect accessory to go along with your new radiator (assuming you're smart and bought mine). Cool your CPU down with this nice DangerDen 775 TDX block. Just pulled and cleaned from my very own PC. Includes 1/2" barbs. $40 + shipping Need some old SD-RAM? Here is a whole pile of it ranging from 64mb - 256mb sticks (mostly 128 and 256). $20 for the whole lot + shipping If for some reason you need to plug in a molex device outside of your PC then I have just the remedy. Here's an external power bracket with 3 molex plugs. $3 + shipping Add some pizazz to that boring case of yours. How about some neon green CCFLs? Yeah, you know you want them. SOLD to Crazy Carl! Here's a 1gb kit (2 x 512)of notebook memory. It's DDR2 PC4200 that came out of my Dell XPS laptop...works great. $20 + shipping Don't need a gig? Lucky you, I also have a 512mb kit (2 x 256) of notebook memory. It's DDR2 PC4200 and came out of an Acer laptop. $10 + shipping Below are a bunch of fans to keep your PC nice and cool. 2 x ThermalTake 120mm fans (brand new) $8 + shipping 2 x SilenX Blue LED 120mm fans (1 new 1 used) SOLD to Crazy Carl! 3 x CoolerMaster 120mm fans (brand new) $15 + shipping 1 x Gigabyte Blue LED 120mm fan (slightly used) $6 + shipping 4 x Squirrel Cage blower fans from a server (used). These move A LOT of air and are quiet when ran on a fan controller $25 + shipping 2 x 40mm fans from server (used). These also move a lot of air for there size and are quiet when on a fan controller. Include metal mounting brackets. $7.50 + shipping 2 left...1 has been sold
  4. No, I've seen pictures of the 1200 before...it's a very fugly case. Look at the top of it...gross
  5. What exactly do you want to protect? Files, internet access or the entire OS (haha...thats a joke)?
  6. I've already got the Orange Box so I'm not going to enter :tooth:
  7. heh, all of the STL games are packed. 18k plus at almost every game although my boys are struggling right now.
  8. COD4 for me, too. I love the Multi Player and Single Player...havne't played for awhile since my PC has been a part. Level 55 though and loving it
  9. There are different types of RAM...Flash drives use NVRAM (Non Volatile) which means it does not lose it's data when power is cut. This is the same type of RAM that routers, switches, phones and many other devices use.
  10. momoceio


    Sounds like you have the Sasser worm... http://www.symantec.com/security_response/...-050114-1706-99
  11. That 1200 is one fugly case...lots of potential for modding though. I still think the Stacker 810 cases are larger and offer more flexibility.
  12. MS has a decent looking accounting app available now... http://www.ideawins.com/product.aspx They have a free express version too... http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/officeli...2036301033.aspx
  13. Yeah, boot into safe mode and replace the uxtheme.dll file in System32 with the patched file.
  14. You probably just need to reapply the UXTheme patch. Download the UXTheme patcher for XP SP3 RC1... http://www.withinwindows.com/uxthemes/
  15. I've never had a problem getting my XP reactivated by giving them a call. I even told them what I did and they didn't see to have a problem. Mobo died and I replaced with a new one and they reactivated me right away.
  16. That's probably not too far off...I saw an article where they hooked up meters to everything and an overclocked system with two 8800Ultras in SLI barely pulled over 500watts at full load...
  17. Thats what I'm going to school for...looks like a sweet job
  18. I wouldn't have gotten the Black Ice Stealth...it's a very restrictive rad
  19. That is a very vague question...there are several different 8800 series cards available. And no, two 8600's in SLI would not be better than any of the 8800 series cards. The best, cheap, dual card solution is two ATI 3850's crossfired. In my opinion anyway
  20. Free/Open Source: http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=55242 http://compendium.open.ac.uk/institute/download/download.htm http://mindraider.sourceforge.net/ Not Free: http://www.imindmap.com/ http://www.thebrain.com
  21. You snooze, you looze...what a novel idea http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/snuznluz.shtml
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